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Ben Judd, BJ King, is the best.

Posted by Fitzgerald

For a second I thought they were gonna skip over the Destiny/Dinklage talk, but their assessment of how bad that situation is spot on.

"It can't be. It's the Hive."

Oh Dinklage...

Posted by AMyggen

@fitzgerald: For me it seems to be more a result of bad direction than anything else. Like, where are they going with that VO?

Posted by furiouscabbage

Oh my, yes.

Posted by oppai2

I am not sure anybody will get the SEKUHARA reference.


Posted by eulogize_my_baked_goods

Jesus Christ, what is that thing in the intro picture?! I'll not sleep soundly tonight!

Posted by AMyggen

Really great episode, loved the Destiny discussion especially.

Posted by Spoonman671

The comments on flatworms leads me to believe that the 8-4 crew has discovered penis fencing.

Posted by Hassun

Looks like 8-4 has discovered Chuggo.

Posted by SomeJerk

How could you even imagine that piece of voice acting was not a placeholder if you work in the industry? With E3 2014 material and all other voices being not-raw-like that?

On the other hand, Tales of Xillia.

Posted by KJ869

What in earth are they drinking? Im from Finland and I have no idea how the name they said is typed.

Posted by guanophobic

What tune is that in the intro?

Posted by BisonHero

@guanophobic said:

What tune is that in the intro?

It's stage music from Shovel Knight, and holy shit is it ever good.