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"on SAGAt"

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RE:What should Nintendo do?

So, the successor to the Wii was the Wii U; an asymmetrical gameplay experience via a tablet controller. The fact that the console has 1 tablet for 1 player means that Nintendo is okay with prioritizing the experience for 1 user (notable party games aside). Let me reiterate: They made a console for 1 person, and (imo) that's okay.

Where they messed up: The tablet itself is large, clunky, and intimidatingly complex for the "lowest common denominator" of users ie small children, senior citizens, and parents. The experience it offers does not compensate for this added complexity; it's just a second screen or a tablet, which iPad/Tablet users have already seen before.

What they should've done instead: In line with their push for 3D, like they did with the 3DS, the Wii U should've been more like THIS thing:


And offered a truly 3d, cost-effective (no special TV required, already compatible with existing technology) immersive and NEW experience for 1 person. Sort of like the Oculus Rift, it is just the "you gotta check this out" kind of technology that Nintendo needs to get everyone--users of any age range--on board. The console would simply come with a head band or the pair of glasses like the creator is wearing the video. Yes, it's an experience for 1 person, but for that 1 person it's an incredible experience... and it's not like the current Wii U is being used for party-experiences anyway. Nobody is playing the Wii U. Better this experience than no experience.

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Who cares about Candy Crush???? That's yesterdays news! The only thing people care about today is which face looks the best: OLD LARA OR NEW LARA!?!? I highly recommend a poll for unprofessional friday / ????????

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@fitzgerald: While that video still is awesome, the VR head tracking wouldn't solve the asymmetrical issue. Honestly, Nintendo's problem is much more simple than all this. The WiiU is too in the middle. Too iterative. It doesn't have the graphics to compete with Sony and Microsoft and is in fact so underpowered that developers wouldn't be able to easily port from XBOne/PS4/PC once PS3/360 are out to pasture, making development for WiiU an extra liability. A tablet carries no novelty for people in the age of iPads, and it's objectively a rather bad tablet compared to what's available, even for the price.

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so excited,

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I like hearing about inside translation baseball way more than hearing another set of video game opinions and news items.

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Really great episode!

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Oh god, the Vagrant Story opening music brought on such a wave of nostalgia.

Also, who had a problem with Arma 2 when it came out? BIS's stuff has always been about the simulation over anything else.

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Oh wow, this is a definite must listen.

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A fantastic episode that really digs into the work of translation and localization. Very informative look into the processes and factors that go into that work.

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Love listening to people talk about their areas of expertise

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Going to spend my Sunday listening to this as I recover from a night out with my work colleagues where I gave it my all at karaoke after a lot of beers

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I'm digging the big band Kirby song at the end. Nice touch.

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Really awesome episode. Learned a lot.

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Did they seriously all just agree that Arma 2 is a "horrible game"? What the fuck.

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Don't usually listen to the show, but I listened to this one on a whim and really enjoyed the "inside baseball". I'll probably check out next weeks episode as well.

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Did they seriously all just agree that Arma 2 is a "horrible game"? What the fuck.

tbh though ... Arma 2 is "horrible" if you are not a specific kind of person, at least I can understand why someone would call it "horrible" ... It's just too bad that a lot of people don't grasp the concept of: "Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean its bad."

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@2headedninja: They aren't PC gamers anyway so I'm sure they just heard it kinda off hand and most haven't played it.

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@graf1k: I'm contending that asymmetrical isn't an issue, they just went about it the wrong way.

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Nearly did a spit take when they decided Arma was horrible, as if any of them have ever played it

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I know I am late to the party, but I wanted to let the 8-4 crew know I enjoyed the inside baseball on translating and the challenges that comes with it. Hope you will do more in the future/postmortems on projects/etc.

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Just started listening to this podcast.

Thanks for the Vagrant Story intro!

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I really enjoyed the localization talk. Hearing reasons for why the Anime subs and dubs can be what they are (repeating the characters name over and over again) was really interesting.

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still in the middle of the episode and i love the inside baseball, learning stuff like that is never boring mark!

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Behind on 8-4 and just got to "Arma 2 is a horrible game." I like these guys, but you can tell they live in a little Japan bubble consisting of only What They Already Like where their only other information is, like, fourth-or-fifth-hand. I know several people with the same issue.