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I don't think they mentioned Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze being delayed during the Nintendo Direct wrapup section. I can't be the only one that cares about that game, can I? Especially when the Wii U is pretty desperate for games? ESPECIALLY during the holiday season?

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Yay, I"m about sick of hearing about GTA

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Ha, that title is great!

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I am so glad that there's no GTA talk. 8-4 comes through again.

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right up front guys, cause i know you guys check the comments,

fantastic work on the updates for the mighty no 9 kickstarter, i mean i was going to buy the game day one when its released in 2015 because hell, inafune making a spiritual successor to mega man = day one.,

but then i saw that you guys and ben judd were in charge of the updates and consulting on the game and then sincerely i was like fuck it im in now. so again, great work on the updates and on the mighty no 9 podcast.

also you guys should make ben judd a regular permanent part of the podcast. you guys got great chemistry going, you're able to flow well.

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"Pretty much no gta talk". As someone who doesn't play the game. I hope it's not sarcasm.

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@doe3879: 40 minutes in and no mention of GTA V

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What the hell is that picture?

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Awesome, I have no interest in GTAV, but I am interested in hearing about Japan, games, and japanese games!

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Oh, 8-4 y u no fact check?!

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Am I allowed to say Japanese marriages are a little weird?

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I dunno if Tony Loiseleur is still working at 8-4, I am a few episodes behind :(

But VTJ 3 is tonight from Ota City and I am super stoke for it. Megumi Fujii's retirement fight!?!? GOD DAMN. I'm sure Tony will be there tonight.

Anyway big shout out to Tony and Megumi for always keeping it real

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The death of Windows begins next year. You heard it here first, folks.

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Lewd thumbnail I'm pulling my pants back up.

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Peter Gabriel intro... Dis gun be gewd.

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8-4 Play delivers yet again, I'm especially sick of GTA talk because I can't play it with my PS3 still being shipped from the UK to Japan. Want to go in as fresh as possible outside of the hype machine

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I appreciate the Phantom of the Paradise reference.

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Good podcast as always you guys.

By the way, the guitar player you were thinking of that played in Mr. Big is Paul Gilbert. I think he stayed in Japan for a bit, married a Japanese women that now plays the keyboard in his band and moved back to the States or something. Check out his solo stuff, he's awesome.

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Yamauchi had a touch for that. I'd certainly rather have him blasely never game yet have a great batting average instead of all of those metrics-whores and focus group-diviners in boardrooms.

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@justicejanitor: I think Mark was actually referring to the vocal from Mr Big (who released an album full of Japanese covers). I didn't know Paul Gilbert lived in Japan for a while too though. Japan is like the Ft. Lauderdale for 80s shredders. Somewhere out in Shinjuku Yngwie Malmsteen is wrecking a ferrari.

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Can someone explain Doritos it?

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Can someone explain Doritos it?

In-joke about Google it.

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@jennibelle said:

Can someone explain Doritos it?

In-joke about Google it.

Which came from the whole Geff Keighley Doritos and Mountain Dew debacle.