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Fuck yeah, 8-4! Now I have something to listen to while I pump iron!

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great show

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YES YES will check this out tomorrow morning.

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Good listen. I wasn't familiar with Scott Popular until today's episode, but I like his vibrant personality.

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Scott seems insufferable.

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I don't want to alarm anyone, but I think this Scott person...MIGHT be Black.

Anyway, awesome show. Love that fighting game discussion!

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Here's a new clip of Cheapy and Scott checking out old vidya games.

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Great show, CheapyD and Scott Popular are some great guests. This show moved quickly and was really upbeat. That story about the dude crying during a lap dance and tequila shots was just Wahjah, had some douche chills while he told it.

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This was one of my favourite 8-4 podcasts. Scott and Cheapy were a great foil to Mark and all his quirks.

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In which Mark Macdonald's massive superiority complex meets it match against real motherfuckers.

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@chalkcharmer said:

In which Mark Macdonald's massive superiority complex meets it match against real motherfuckers.

Haha, this is making for an interesting podcast. Has Mark met his match? Is this set of guests the Last Supper of Gaming Jesus?

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I liked hearing the voice command hype around an hour in because that's what the PS2 EyeToy long ago was demonstrated doing in stuff like SingStar, even recognizing thick Engrish accents. It's ancient and nothing to be hyped up about, instead it's something to *expect*.

Still, I dig Scott.

(MC acts like he's an Applefan when Siri was presented)

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Oh God! The more I heard Scott talk, the more I disliked him.

Guy's just kind of a chest-out posturing jerk.

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I really liked Scott, so +1 for guests

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Good episode guys! I'd love to hear Scott on more often. He's a cool guy. :D

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Scotty is good for pod casts guys. keep him on hand if you can!

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They mentioned this Smash Bros series on youtube. Very well made and a must watch if you ever played the game.

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DAMN, Scott! How'd you get so POPULAR?!....by being awesome, I bet.

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One of my favorite 8-4 episodes. Great week for podcasts on GB!

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Great podcast. I loved both Scott and Cheapy!

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Good show, Scott nails it (and highlights Mark's insanity) by highlighting that you buy a console when it has the games you want and not a game to justify buying a console at launch.

You'd have to be in the industry or an idiot to buy consoles at launch unless you somehow REALLY want to play one of the launch games.

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They should get Scott back more often, that guy is really fun to listen to.

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This was a great episode. Thank you!

All the love in the world to JJ

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I liked Scott right away, but when he started talking about fighting games, I was completely interested in the podcast. I love hearing about the gaming scene outside the living room, and the fighting game community is truly unique and great. I miss the arcade days. Please have Scott on more often!

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All of this talk about letting your kids game on an ipad because its "good enough" was breaking my heart. If you are a gamer, then you owe it to your kids to supply them with good games to play. Cheapy gets to game on his gaming rig, while his kid is slumming with some free-to-play garbage. Plus he won't even buy unlocks for him. It makes me happy that my parents bought me and NES and GameBoy when I was a kid.

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Scott Popular seems like a super cool guy. Great guest. I would start taking fighting games seriously and go to tournaments if he hosted them with drinks and strippers.

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Great episode and 8-4 keeps bringing on good guests. I really liked listening to CheapyD and Scott Popular.

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great guests and cast!

also the horse in jojo's looks amazing