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Posted by SoloSkywalker

Happy to hear Jeremy Parish is on the podcast. Can't wait to listen.

Posted by switters

Happy to hear Shane Bettenhausen is on. This is going to be good!

Posted by TN04

Awesome I used to listen to Matt and Jeremy on 1up's games dammit.

Posted by shawnlreed

Very nice image for this weeks podcast.

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Posted by EXTomar

A cavalcade of guests!

Posted by Warfare

@switters said:

Happy to hear Shane Bettenhausen is on. This is going to be good!


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Posted by Gaff

T-Frog! Latt Meone! Mangod! 1Up Reunion!

Posted by masterpaperlink

God i miss old 1up

Posted by Anwar

I've got burned too many times concerning Dark Souls 2, there were at least two times where it was in the podcast description, but they barely talked about it at all. 1-2 minutes max.

Posted by eccentrix

Flags at half-mast. Nice!

Posted by SomeJerk

About the HDMI HDCP thing..
..if people get that uppity about it, how the hell haven't they managed to google up that it's a $20 to $50 fix to remove HDCP from the signals?

PS4 HDCP on games will be turned off not at launch, but a future firmware patch, something like that. Hooray for me, one of the few people on the planet able to afford this $50 solution. I hope people quit crying and google and get shopping and get covering the initial PS4 release when it comes. I will have no problem calling media, youtubers, anybody continuing that whining an idiot for not googling and finding out that it's such a cheap solution.

Posted by Vance_Helsing

I don't normally listen to 8-4 Play but that lineup of talking heads is STACKED. Think I have to download this one.

Posted by BoZZ0

Shane Bettenhausen Fuck yeah ! this is gonna be a awesome 8-4

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Whoa, whoa, whoa here, MANGOD? Which eldritch seal was broken at Sony to get him loose to podcast again?

@DS2: That and Miyazaki's musings back in summer of '12 makes me think they were proofing themselves that "Ease And Comfort == Progress And Better" was the horseshit it is.

And about SF3&4, they didn't sound like they made DS2 slow as molasses and fundamentally broken at a resource level. :P

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RIGHT?!?! what that heck is going on!!!!!

Posted by EPGPX

omg! shane bettenhausen .

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Ricarrdi's mic sounded real blown out later in the show.

but other than that badass job with the podcast fellas,

and also great job with the mighty no 9 kickstarter

(for folks watching this comment, they do another mini podcast for mighty no 9 thats real good. )

i do hope you guys do talk about yamauchi on the next podcast, that dude led a super interesting life, and talk was that he was involved with the yakuza as well.

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How are those McElroys so good at podcasting?!

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Great guests and casts this week, enjoyed it immensely. Although I was at TGS on Saturday and was quite dissappointed at the lack of Japanese games, most of the stuff I played was from the west

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For someone who really wants to play Persona 4 Golden, but wants to play it on a television, Vita TV was practically made for me. I would definitely miss the lack of Tearaway though; the only other game that remotely interests me on the platform.

As for Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi, I feel badly that I haven't heard about him before. Sounds like he definitely shaped the way we do gaming as a whole. Cheers to him.

Posted by Praise_the_sun

That's a pretty epic lineup

Posted by Bartman3010

In Sonic Lost World, theres a run button mapped to ZL. Surely at the booth they had some sort of diagram on how to play the game.

That said, I think games with a run button (Sonic included) is kind of redundant.

Also, kind of funny that Shane prefers actual online multiplayer over Miiverse, yet thinks Wii Sports' online multiplayer is useless. Should probably make up your mind there, Mangod. =P

Posted by xanavi

Mangod returneth.

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Are any of the runs through Dark Souls you guys did archived anywhere?

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Finally, an excuse to post my Shane gif:

Posted by DM

Damn this podcast brought me back to the 1up days. Great stuff.