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Posted by Anwar

So you're working 8 to 4 instead of 9 to 5, right? Maybe I'm wrong, but whatever.

Posted by Unilad

Yes! Love this podcast more than my wife.

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8-4 is slowly becoming my favorite gaming podcast. Keep it up, guys.

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I'd love to hear more about the translation work you guys do. I just finished Tales of Xillia (knowning from the start you guys translated it), and found myself wondering at multiple points through the game just what the thought process was in how you guys do it. That, and I'd just love to know just what the hell was going on when you translated Golden Gaffe in Fire Emblem Awakening. I haven't laughed at a game so much in a really long time, and I figure there's no way the script was like that in the original Japanese.

Posted by billmcneal

Just a little gripe, and you all can do what you want, but can you start putting the dates on these 8-4 podcasts again? Sometimes I don't remember if this is the week with a podcast or if it's the off week

Posted by mrfluke

@sprsk i appreciate the time you took to be on the podcast :D

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Yes, your fans do know what Sexy Commando is. Oh boy do I know what that is.

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I have been eagerly anticipating the next, greatest 8-4 play podcast and it didn't let me down

Posted by NEOnuts

8-4!!! yes!

Posted by clumsyninja1

Been playing Tales of Xillia and I love the translation. However, I still wonder what are BAZOONGAS?!

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What does Dorito It mean!?

Posted by KevinLarrabee

Hope you guys enjoy the retro segment. Hope you get to check out the BackinmyPlay podcast: http://backinmyplay.com

Posted by zombiesatemycereal

@anwar said:

So you're working 8 to 4 instead of 9 to 5, right? Maybe I'm wrong, but whatever.

If you're referring to their name, it's based off of the last level of super mario bros: 8-4

Posted by FaceWas

This is the first time listening to the 8-4 podcast and I have to say - I'm totally into it.

Is it worth going back and listening to all the episodes?

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@facewas: For sure. I started listening just before E3 and have loved every podcast since. Yes, you know what they're talking about because it's old news, but it'd still be worth listening to.

Posted by Unilad

@hassun: She is a potato.

She understands.