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"Where is Bucky? And what has he HAD?"

Uncle Dolemite to the rescue.

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Wait a second. It's actually Tuesday where I'm at. It's never Tuesday, or if it is, it's never this early. Wow.

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Have to say that I agree with their take on Nintendo "going mobile". I doubt it's gonna impact the core part of what they do much, and teaming up with one of the biggest players in that space while doing most of the actual developing yourself seems like the best way to handle it.

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Gotta love it when they get into those hot fast food debates

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Taco Bell is great!!!!!

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@atomicoldman said:

I think Brad is mistaken about previous Souls games always having rechargeable healing items. The blood vials in Bloodborne are exactly like the clumps of moon grass in Demon's. I don't think that game had any form of healing tied to checkpoints like the Dark games.

Indeed. The Estus Flask was only introduced in the first Dark Souls. Although grass was pretty plentiful in Demon's Souls, dropping frequently and not being too expensive to buy. It eventually got to the point where it wasn't a concern at all.

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There are options, a handheld on its own. A separately purchased or bundled chrome cast style dongle that can stream the stuff out to the TV for couch multiplayer. Talks to existing Wii Controllers for couch multi, So the handheld can be less expensive and people can opt for one dongle and multiple handhelds for Crystal Chronicles style stuff. For my money that would make the most sense.

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Pretty sure at the end when Brad Brett says "What has he had" he was referencing this movie. The Disco Godfather.

Putcho weight on it.

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I feel so bad for Jeff's eyes man, that stable 3D is fantastic for me.

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Great episode. Thanks guys. I get Bloodborne in around five and a half hours here and I got a 512gb Samsung SSD in my PS4. I can report back on load times if anyone cares then.

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I liked the way Sleeping Dogs handled its tailing missions. No stupid distance meter, just follow them and drive normally. (Don't crash into shit, stay in the correct lanes, etc).

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Lost it at Bret.

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Email: "Aren't you afraid of the coming purge?"


ROFL! Creepy Gertsmann is the best Gertsmann...

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Brad's intro is getting into some ASMR territory.

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Another excellent Bombcast duders!

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Uh, anyone else immediately think "well I can't listen to this bombcast if they go over Bloodborne with excruciating detail?" I mean that's half the draw of the Souls games, having no clue what the hell you're doing, and when you finally do get stuck going to the internet and joining the zeitgeist.

I ended up listening to it because I was really bored this morning at work, but still... I think a lot of people want to both enjoy the podcast and go into Bloodborne blind, which, in my humble opinion, is the best way to enjoy them (as opposed to going on wikis and such).

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The beefy cheddar crunchwrap slider is the apex of Taco Bell. They should just remove everything else from the menu.

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I gotta say, I think not counting Super Mario 3D World as a mainline Mario game, in *exactly* the same vein as Mario 64/Mario Galaxy, is the height of madness.

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"Vegetables belong in the Garbage"

I worry about Jeff sometimes.

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In which Dan defends a game that Monster Hunter has untold amounts in common with, but that's shitty.

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In which Dan defends a game that Monster Hunter has untold amounts in common with, but that's shitty.

Dark Souls 2?

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Obviously the next Nintendo console should be called Wii Nu.

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@indieslaw said:

I gotta say, I think not counting Super Mario 3D World as a mainline Mario game, in *exactly* the same vein as Mario 64/Mario Galaxy, is the height of madness.

Yeah, for sure, Dan is an idiot. Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World are both mainline Mario games. If somebody is sitting there thinking "Boy, they haven't made a main Mario game since 2010, they must really be cooking up something crazy", you're out of your damn mind. They've made 2 major Mario games since 2010.

3D Land was kinda the prototype of the idea, then they refined it for consoles with 3D World. Similar to how Mario Kart DS informed Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Kart 7 very directly informed Mario Kart 8.

The non-canon, who-gives-a-shit Mario games (that I'm sure they assign a bunch of junior designers to), are the New Super Mario Bros. games. They kinda just pump those out whenever, they're barely different from each other, and you really only need to play one of them ever.

I mean, sure, 3D Land/3D World don't have that ONE bullet point on the box to differentiate them from Mario 64, in the way that Sunshine had "FLUDD!" and Galaxy had "weird spherical levels!" 3D Land and 3D World are kinda just safe Marios that mess around with the powerups and camera angle/presentation/structure a little bit, but they're very much the two marquee Mario games following Galaxy 2.

My concern is that Mario Maker is just Nintendo at the end of their rope with the NSMB series, so they're just saying "fuck it, we'll make the levels tools user friendly and let you do it, because we're out of ideas to innovate on", similar to how Nintendo made WarioWare D.I.Y. when the WarioWare series was kinda on its last legs.

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@bisonhero: Do you consider 3D Land a "mainline" Mario game? I've seen mixed opinions on that, since it's a handheld game. What people consider mainline Mario games tend to be the big console games.

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Did Brad just call the Welsh English?

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@amyggen said:

@bisonhero: Do you consider 3D Land a "mainline" Mario game? I've seen mixed opinions on that, since it's a handheld game. What people consider mainline Mario games tend to be the big console games.

Most of the time that's true about it only being big console game, but A) I really don't think any of the NSMB games, console or otherwise, are mainline Mario games, and B) they put way more original design work into Super Mario 3D Land than normal for a handheld game.

Like, for example, Super Mario Land for the Game Boy was basically just Super Mario Bros. 1 with a weird fucking setting and Daisy. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is pretty much the structure of Super Mario World with the mechanics of Super Mario Bros. 3. Link's Awakening is very much just "here's as much of Link to the Past as we could replicate on Game Boy hardware".

But with Super Mario 3D Land, the handheld game actually set the precedent for once, and Super Mario 3D World is the quick-ish turnaround sequel where they took kinda the same concept and barely added much to it aside from multiplayer and some different suits. 3D World is like Galaxy 2 in terms of just polishing an idea that was started in another game, and I almost feel like Super Mario 3D Land is more of a mainline Mario than 3D World because at least 3D Land pioneered that particular style of level.

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@bisonhero: I guess. Personally I consider 3D World mainline and 3D Land not, but I realise that that's pretty arbitrary and racist against handhelds. I also agree that the NSMB games are sideshows. There's no hard definition of what constitutes a "mainline" entry into a series like that though. I've definitely seen others fall into the trap Dan probably fell into with this though: You don't consider 3D Land a mainline entry because it's on a handheld, and because 3D World is so similar to 3D Land you dismiss that too in the "canon" of Mario.

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@amyggen: You handheld racist.

But yeah, I'm sure people like Dan think that 3D World is just a spinoff of a handheld game so it's not a main Mario entry, but I feel like that's shortsighted. Nintendo is increasingly aligning the design of their handheld/console teams, between the last 4 Mario Karts being almost just 2 games split across console/handheld, and 3D Land/3D World, and Smash Bros being literally the same game design on both platforms.

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Hating on the Phantom Pain tease/reveal? Confirmed: Jeff and Brad hate fun.

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999 is the last game I can think of that really used dual screens to its advantage. It's probably the single best use of it, honestly (and you should really play the game to find out why).

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Gerstmann 2016: "I'm not gonna cut your hose, I'm gonna cut your throat."

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Where's Drew?! I need my Drew fix.

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fuckin' Brett

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Sorry, I came in to make a quick statement.



Please carry on.

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Chicken Fries?!

The type of fries I like have Turkeys and Cheese

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in the original dark souls your health bar fills up completely every time you die

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@lurkero said:

Nintendo's new announcement doesn't mean a thing to me unless Nintendo is going to establish a universal Nintendo account that can better handle digital management.

Totally agree. The fact that my purchases aren't tied my account in 2015 is freaking insane.

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Wait maybe I'm understanding this wrong but MGS needs to do something else because people(Brad and Jeff) that where never interested in the series are tired of it? Why should franchise go out of their way to cater to people who aren't interested in their way of doing things. I don't care for Monster Hunter or the Souls game but I don't feel like they should change to cater to me. There are thousands of games out there and they don't all have to be tailored to my likes.

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What's up with the User Community Showcase section on the podcast page? It's been the same for what seems like years, and to be completely honest I'm just sick and tired of the words 'Turkey Basters' catching my eye every time I scroll through here each week. It's not a pleasant combination of words. wtf pleasant is spelt with an A, I thought it was an E. Must be the early onset of dementia, I'm usually good at spelling. I'm going back to bed.

The podcast just started playing again because VLC is set to repeat, so I must inform you that no I'm not feeling calmer because my whole train of thought was derailed to catastrophic proportions because you pronounced the gosh darn L in calm. How can I feel calm when my brain is forced to register a query about why it just heard the letter L in a place it never usually hears it. I can't be expected to casually take in anything said after that. I need some time to decompress from the mental trauma that's been inflicted upon me. I'm going back to bed.

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David Lee Roth is not the only one who's done Iaido training!!!


Cool! I used to do Iaido when I was younger. It's really fun and you feel like a badass samurai. It's based off old sword techniques for defending yourself against attackers in specific scenarios. As such it obviously completely impractical today. The modern sport is just competition based on how precise your form is. Great compliment to Kendo, too.

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I did not expect some @brad ASMR in my Bombcast.

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Monochrome Game Boy games looks great on a TV... I'd rather play every single game ever on a big screen, regardless of what it looks like...

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Dan, your taste in Mexican food is offensive and borderline racist.

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Regarding "Dural" vs. "Katana"...

If I remember it, both were internal codenames at Sega for dueling follow-ups to the Saturn. Katana eventually won and became the Dreamcast.

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Bret is the new GB East hire.

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With the fast food talk I remembered that at one point McDonald's had a size larger than Super Sized, it was called BUCKET FRIES. I got those all the time. I feel ashamed of myself.