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@flamingeyebrows: I honestly can't believe how much I've been defending Dan in these comments, as he and I are as different as two straight Midwestern-born white dudes can be.

So you're totally the same.

On behalf of all straight Midwestern-born white dudes, I must respond to that with an emphatic "Fuck no!" Fuck no! We are not all like Dan Ryckert, no no no. Even those of us who are fundamentalist Christians are more reasonable than Dan. Even those of us who grew up in a town with a population of 56 and whose best friends were cattle are more open to new experiences than Dan. Even those of us who are currently strangling puppies while on meth (sorry Rorie!) have better taste in movies than Dan. Please do not use Dan as your template for straight Midwestern-born white dude. We are not all like him. #NotAllStraightMidwesternBornWhiteDudes

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Good to know that we have ultra-nationalist apologists in the GB community.

You have no idea what you're talking about, nice to hear that. Poland was part of the Soviet Union. Commies. They were left-leaning or so they claimed at least. Guess what you are when you are against that shitty government? You guessed _right_.

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And what about Mass Effect 1? That never showed up on Sony's platforms, because it was published by MS, right? MS publishing Tomb Raider is non-news. Sorry, you can try to spin it however you want it still comes off as some stupid counterweight to Sony's exclusive with Capcom. Desperate is what that is. Did not see any kind of defense like that for Sony when Dead Rising 3 got announced, you know why? Because it's unnecessary and again, not news-worthy to mention which game is published by whom.

Mass Effect was a new game that had no prior connection to any platform (and If I remember right it showed up on PS3 at some point). Dead Rising has always been a xbox game and only showed up on PC other than that.

Nobody is saying anything when a new Uncharted doesn't show up on the xbox because that is a game that only ever has been on the playstation.

Tomb Raider is a different beast. All of those game have always been on multiple platforms and this new one is not on playstation. So it's not non-news, it's a non trivial change in behaviour Square Enix.

It's at least interesting to know why this happend. Did MS just plain "buy" the game? Would the game not have been made without MS?

Yes, let's compare DR and TR with Uncharted, the fuck? It's like saying' why is no Halo game on playstation?' and not what you said. DR 2 is playable on a PS3, so are the other Tomb Raider games.

MS is just publishing, that doesn't mean funding it or that it wouldn't have been made without them. And MS themselves ALREADY said that this deal is not forever. They outright said that they did not buy the Tomb Raider franchise.

"(and If I remember right it showed up on PS3 at some point)"

BTW I was mentioning Mass Effect, because it has been said that it would not appear on any Sony platform, because Mass Effect 1 was published by MS. See how that turned out.

Dead Rising 2 was multi-platform and 3 isn't anymore and that deal is far stronger than the Tomb Raider thing. Dunno why it matters who published TR, but whatever.

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@darkbeatdk: nuts to the Incredibles, Ratatouille is where it's at! Personally find it the most mature and nuanced Pixar movie, and it's so damn inspiring. But Incredibles is entertaining too, and i think he may get a kick out of it if he tried it.