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Episode Notes

Hey, now there's a place to put show notes or something!

There's a pretty major spoiler for act one of Broken Age at 56:50. It's a year-old spoiler, but anyway YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

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Posted by DasUberOgre

I miss the quest system.

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Posted by tuxfool

Almost 4 hours long geez....

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Posted by ghostchant

Giant Bomb United!

Posted by FLStyle

I can't wait to listen to this tomorrow and then start watching BLLSL straight after!

Posted by Nightriff

Let's do this motherfuckers

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Nice and early!

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Posted by nujabes

vinny on the cast and its almost 4 hours? color me tickled

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Damn this is a long bombcast! Just like I like em :)

Posted by Libb

Show notes?!?!

What's next, you guys actually preparing for a podcast? /s

Posted by Elvenstein

An almost 4 hours podcast with Vinny on it? Christmas came early this year.

Posted by baka_shinji17

The Bomb Squad has arrived!

Posted by Chicken008

Woah, updates!

Posted by Dezinus

It's been too long!

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Ohhhhh yeah! Let the sweet sounds of Vinny wash over me.

I sure hope this was recorded after Valve cancelled paid mode. Or this will just feel like old news.

Posted by superdomino

GBeast need to get that Vinnternet. I hear it's alot nicer than the other one.

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@libb said:

Show notes?!?!

What's next, you guys actually preparing for a podcast? /s

Fact checking confirmed for 2016.

Posted by OnionKnight14

Holy show notes Batman!

Posted by AjayRaz

Oh my lordness, nearly four hour GBeastcast??

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Omg yes yes yes yes.

I am so excited. And I just can't hide it.

And I am super looking forward to Dan bouncing off Alex and Vinny this week.

EDIT: 8 minutes in and I am already dying of laughter.

Posted by Naoiko

Woohoo! Bombcast with GBE!!!! Also sweet on the new notes feature! Great job ya'll!!!

Posted by firewater

Outstanding! Double podcasts!

Posted by cheddartyme

about what time does the broken age spoliers end

Posted by jackburtonme

It's gonna to take half a day to listen to this thing!

Posted by Ghost_Cat

NOTES. I like this.

Posted by Entreri10

Yay Bombcast!! I really like the episode notes section.

Posted by Castiel

Fuck I haven't played Broken Age because I was waiting for the PS4 release and now I don't know if I should listen to this.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

Almost 4 hours ... f u c k ... y e a h!

Posted by Castiel

about what time does the broken age spoliers end

I would like to know this too.

Posted by conmulligan

Vinny! Show notes! What a day.

Posted by kango234

This honestly feels like Christmas.

Posted by Devildoll

yay, The last thing i needed to before going to bed !

Posted by Libb
@libb said:

Show notes?!?!

What's next, you guys actually preparing for a podcast? /s

Fact checking confirmed for 2016.

Another podcast ruined.

Posted by Mub

"Fluoride cant melt steel beams"

-brad 2015

Posted by Benmo316

You could say this episode is a...

Posted by Nephrahim

I know this is a bit silly but can anyone say if this was recorded before or after the Valve thing ended? I'm going to listen to it either way obviously, but I'd be much more interested if it was recorded after.

Posted by Yesiamaduck

3:43 oooooolahlah

Posted by GuardianKnux

Show notes have been noted!

Posted by tromboneman

Funnily enough, health officials actually are recommending less fluoride in drinking water, as of yesterday.

Posted by nomtank

Welp, Vinny ensured I don't play Broken Age on Vita. That's a bummer.

Posted by Hassun

Odds on Brad being the one to tell the spoiler?

Posted by SolidOcelot

Nearly four hours of goodness.