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Brad praised this to high heaven, it better be good!

Posted by HammondofTexas

Holy Earlycast! Happy Thanksgiving Duders!

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Posted by emthebrave


Posted by internetpizza

dat earlycast tho

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I love me an early Bombcast!

Posted by Flavbot

Oh boy let's do this. *puts on the bombcast pants*

Posted by spidoman

I listen to podcasts at 200x speed. I can confirm, best in the last 3 years.

Crazy about the new GB office in Florida.

Posted by Rawmee

3 hour podcast hot damn

Posted by ripelivejam


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Posted by shiny_llama

Yeah! A rare opportunity for me to listen on a Tuesday, plus 3+ hours! Yeah!

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(Eddie Murphy - Bombcast In Your Butt)

Posted by paulmako

The earliest cast! And over three hours! Praise Lord Gamblor!

Posted by Kalor

A nice early podcast and I can listen to it nearly all of it on Tuesday.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette


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Posted by jiggajoe14

Oh energy drinks. I was a Vault man in college. Got me through so many all-nighters my freshman year.

Posted by the_kempire

It's Tuesday! Love the early casts

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Very Excite! I've been nursing a case of Surge for a couple weeks.

Posted by Phili151


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Early Bombcast, Fuck Yeah!

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Both pages are still showing last week's podcasts for me after clearing cache, can someone link me to the premium one? Or is it ad free this week?

Edit: nevermind, the url is predictable so I was able to guess it. http://www.giantbomb.com/podcasts/giant-bombcast-11-25-2014-premium/1600-1080/

Posted by JRock3x8

I thought the XBone's "cloud cloud cloud cloud" based server architecture was supposed to make these types of clusterf*cks a thing of the past?

Posted by PoorTommy


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They brought back the taste testing! How long until a certain train rolls into the station?

Posted by ShaggE


Taste... test!?

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Surge is delicious.

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I like energy drinks though cant tell them apart. All very similar. I always think "ill have an energy drink and ill get a bunch of work done" but I just get hyper active and play phone games

I like the ads

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Early Bombcast! Better than anything on Premium.

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I would buy a hundred years worth of Giant Bomb, but you know, death and so on.

Also, Surge is totally some kinda off-brand ghetto version of:

Urge: Proudly Norwegian, Since 1996.

Posted by umhyuk

Wait, (s)Urge is an energy drink? I know of the "Urge Intense" being one, but regular (s)Urge is no more energy drink than a Coke or Fanta.

Posted by FlipShark

This is my favourite episode of Arrow Pointing Down.

Posted by dr_mantas

I guess it's time to emerge.

Posted by Adderall_Admiral

Not even four hours sigh.

Posted by Monkeyman04
Posted by baka_shinji17

I want to see Serj Tankian try Surge.

Posted by broletariat

Hooray, earlycast! I would buy any Smash Brothers game with Low-G Man in it, fuck

Posted by ADAMWD

I picked up some of those Surges last week. Good price, good taste, good form factor, good shipping. Right on Amazon!

Posted by Salxis

Oh god! The bit about uncomfortable feelings in regards to things like Popsicle sticks...

I get the exact same feeling but it is especially pronounced with green beans - peas in a pod. That squeaking noise they make when they rub against your teeth - THATS my nails on a chalkboard.

Posted by Alphazero

BirdoCast 2015

Posted by Epidehl

I still maintain that having a Mega Man-esque (like, having him have NES-style animation) Simon Belmont in Smash Bros. would have been pretty cool, just to have like, one character from all the huge Japanese publishers. I mean having Snake means Konami would possibly not be totally opposed to the idea?

I would also still really want Isaac from Golden Sun and it's a bummer it seems he's not even an assist trophy anymore. Then again, they would probably react to that the same way as Shulk.

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I want dnL back

Posted by Shinoadr


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RC Cola

Just in case it wasn't posted yet: RC Celebrates 10th Purchase

Posted by Mortified_cow

I just bought some surge off amazon. oh and BOMBCAST!!

Posted by HammondEdgar

I need that green. That hocus pocus focus juice

Dont need no fo or a deuce.Just need that surge to help me get loose

Posted by sublime90

my favorite Surge moment was in 1998. my uncle took me to a WCW Monday Nitro in Hartford CT and before the show there was a Surge truck outside just handing cans to everyone who walked by....as many as you wanted, they were encouraging us to "fill our bags" and we did. that was the last time i drank a surge but this revival, rebirth gives me hope! i will be ordering some soon.

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Isn't all cereal candy cereals? It's just marketing it to adults that you don't think it's full of a shit load of sugar and crap.

*** I totally remember Crystal Pepsi tasting exactly like Pepsi, it was crazy! Maybe I just told myself it tasted like Pepsi because that's what I thought it was. Pretty sure it was that though and these guys are wrong.

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@drewbert It might have a more specific name but I know it as "mirror neurons" in which viewing a stimilus or thinking about it can elicit the same reaction as if you yourself experienced the stimilus.

Like seeing a man getting hit in the gonads makes any man cringe in pain, or thinking about sour candy evokes a sour taste in your mouth.


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