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Whoooooo, can't wait!!

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TIme to tuesday all over again

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Best day of the week

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My favourite part of the week!

Here we go Bombcast!

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Ah the sweet tones of Jeff!

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Ah the sweet tones of Jeff!

Jeff really has been missed, by me at least.

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Great to have Jeff back.

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I may just be crazy but I find the near perfect placement of the right cassette wheel with respect to the doughnut, extremely satisfying.

Anyways, god I love this podcast. I swear, without it and the other content of this site I would fall asleep most work days. Which may say more than I admit to myself, but all the same. YAH!

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Welcome back Jeff, we all missed you.

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how do americans eat donut holes. how do you eat the hole of the donut thats the bit thats missing

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how do americans eat donut holes. how do you eat the hole of the donut thats the bit thats missing

Fry the thing we cut out to make donuts and then eat that too.

Respect every part of the donut.

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I had a dream I had donuts. How did Brad know?

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i want donut. doughnut. dohnuht.

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wait this is a podcast....about video games.....what is this crazyness

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\mm/ UMPHREY'S McGEE \mm/

Posted by RuthLoose

HOT Krispy Kreme donut REVIEWS, Y'ALL!

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I hope they talk about or mention The Vanishing of Ethan Carter this week. Probably not but I assume they'll get around to it.

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I hope they talk about or mention The Vanishing of Ethan Carter this week. Probably not but I assume they'll get around to it.

Man, they didn't market that game at all, did they?

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Krispy Kreme is the anti-Nature Box. They should be a sponsor.

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10 minutes in and I fucking love this episode! :D I have no idea how Dan is still alive though. I was infamous for vomiting early in the evening at parties in highschool (or college, it's called Gymnasium in Denmark), but still I've maybe puked 50 times tops during my years of drinking. Out of those I have only vomited like 5 times in the morning and IT'S THE FUCKING WORST! When your drunk you just keep going, one beer after and the aftertaste is gone and you're ready for more. You can't really do that in the morning so it just keeps getting worse and worse during the day.

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Giant Doughnutcast!

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Only downside to the Bombcast is making me look like a snickering crazy person while walking down the street.

Also El Jeffe!

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So glad w're still due to see shennanigans.

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"Looks like Monolith's back on the menu boys!"

Add that to the ever-growing list of "Great references Drew makes that no one ever gets/acknowledges". But when half the panel hates Lord of the Rings I guess that's to be expected.

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Just for a correction Sony is also putting out SingStar and LittleBigPlanet 3 in terms of big first party exclusives along with Driveclub.

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Oh god please let the video be a trip to Barkerville.

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I bought an Xbox One for Forza and Halo thats about it,

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@psych0naut said:\mm/ UMPHREY'S McGEE \mm/

Where did that come from? Do they mention them in the Bombcast? Haven't listened to it yet. Now I have to stay up and listen to it. Screw work.

UM is my favorite band. Been listening and following them live for 10 years now. Shocked to see them in a GB comment. You a fan?

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like 99% of the time i bite my tongue on these things; but i do admit i am taking SOME issue with gollum being primarily a comic relief character in the movie. personally think he's incredible in many ways; he has some of the most memorable lines and dialogue, and he's the first all CGI character i was totally invested in. serkis is the fucking man. he has some funny bits but most of the time they play him 100% straight.

Posted by Flappy

Those are some tasty-lookin' donuts.

Posted by sethshandor

@civid: gotta say the "sooo drunk" stories and booze talk pretty much bores the hell out of me anymore. Getting real bored of the boozin' on UPF too.

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Ag and Industry are the biggest water users. They're not far off from each other. Household uses account for the smallest chunk of water use.

Desalination is EXPENSIVE, Dan. It also requires a lot of electricity and you know what power plants use a lot of? Fresh water. The vast majority of the blue on the globe is not fresh.

Posted by Shaanyboi

There was a girl I had a huge crush on in junior high, but she had no interest in me. I mean she wasn't super bitchy or anything, and we would talk and hang out once in a while, but she had zero interest in any kind of romantic/physical level. Anyways, didn't talk to/see her at all in high school. In university, I see her on the bus heading towards our neighborhood. I don't really say anything, and don't think at this point she noticed me. Didn't really care or feel that there was anything I wanted to say, even after like 4 years since our last exchange. Anyways, she suddenly gets up, walks towards the front of the bus, grabs the bus driver's little trash bin and just pukes in it. She steps off the bus, tosses the garbage bag out, gets back on, and walks back to the back of the bus. At this point she shares a look with me, smiles, and sits down.

...Yeahhh. That was... yeah.

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