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Fuck yes

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Sweet! Finally and thanks!

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Freakin' Sweet!

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Im not sick but im not well

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hope you guys get will soon

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I started watching Akira waiting for this, thank god I can stop that!

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Now I can get some sleep!
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@Snapstacle said:


Dont steal bikes bro...... lmao
a youtube comment said:
 Who the hell carries around a bike helmet when he's out to steal bikes? Sort of like carrying around a sack of limes when you're planning to jack tequila from the liquor store. On the other hand, I guess you can't blame the guy for putting safety first. 

p.s bombcast boooooooooooooooooom!
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Bombcast is GO!!!!

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I actually know the kid in the pig picture (its really old btw that guy is older than me now)

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I think I got the PAX Flu. :(

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not digging that pic

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Hooray! Bombcast falls on my Birthday!

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Yes! the wait is over!
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@DanielJW: Happy B'Day. E3  Microsoft conference fell on mine
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Yeah the boom guy totally was in the shot

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not on front page, wtf!!!!

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Finally it's up.
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@chililili: If he's older than you now, doesn't it mean he was older than you then too? ;)
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I hope that beta-key selling asshole gets what he deserves, what a jerk. 
Great bombcast guys, got me excited for all the vids coming this week.

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Hope you guys will get better soon.

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holy shit, if we ever see/play as/play alongside/fight chicago ted, that would kick ass.
i gotta say though, i'm starting to think they should make him like a sort of gordon freeman in the l4d world, where you're always playing as the equivalent to the 'rebels'. ahhhh, then they could make a single player hl-esque game where you're chicago ted!

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i gladly would have been a contestant just to meet these guys and get a handshake or something. That contestant was a jerk

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Great bombcast. It had good, serious discussions and a lot of laughs, especially the last 10 minutes or so. That whole 5 sense discussion had me laughing so hard my brothers came in my room to see what was going on.
I think there's a whole episode of House about a kid with no sense of feel.

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Diablolical = demon lulz.

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Awesome music/music game discussion guys. I am also having a hard time thinking of any other groups that would have that kind of story to tell through the game. U2 I think is a good an idea as any, even if I'd rather see REM. It would span so many bands, and never get off the ground due to licensing...but Eric Clapton maybe? 
also..PAX East! yay!

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Oliver..... not cool, man.

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Man, i was going crazy listening to that bomcast. I think there are still some great bands left to make band games for. How about Rock Band: Queen. Or rock band: Bowie? a queen rockband game would be bad ass.

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hope that asshole gets fucking run over by a car you guys dont deserve to get played like that

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Oh god, the senses discussion is now one of my favourite bombcast moments of all time. Laughing so much.

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also, im totally buying sonic & knuckles as soon as it shows up on xbla. Im totally going to let them do that to me. :P

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@Supermarius:  Cobra commander was mine
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Half beard. :( Why would you do that?

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lovely jubley. :)

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Wait were they shitting on The W? I liked that hotel...

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Where's the huge Freespace 1 + 2 Bombcast Dave promised us?

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@Dany said:
" Half beard. :( Why would you do that? "
No, half-beard came second. They wanted him to write in so they could get HIM the beta, so Oliver is getting shut down for being a jerk.
Disappointing stuff, really. Glad to know that his dumbass actions were the only blemish on the panel, though. Can't wait for the rest of it to go up on the site!
Awesome Bombcast.