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This is up early.

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woah waaaaaaaay early its still Tuesday in England!

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wow that early of a podcast! SWEET!

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Congrats on 1 year anniversary, also next week is 100 podcast, well thats what itunes says.

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Sweet, super early!

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Woot! Pod is up!

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Happy birthday Brad!
Happy birthday Giant Bomb!

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yay b-cast time

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Bombcast yes.

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Yay, the high point of Tuesday is already here. It's all downhill from now.

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Man, that's some early ass bombcast timing.

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wow it up now

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Wow, super early!! Thanks guys.

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Nice!  An early podcast!

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Awesome. Thanks for crankin' this one out early you guys!

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Awesome! Bombcast time!

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SWEET! Love the Bombcast! Nice and early, I wont have to stay awake till 3 am like I usually do!

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@Ineedaname said:
" This is up early. "

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wow... really early :P

and that's great!!

EDIT: my name is Rocky (nickname atleast) and I AM OFFENDED!!!
kidding, really funny voice
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What on earth? I have never seen a bombcast be up before around 6. This is surprising.

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Sweet, gonna listen to this when going to bed! :3

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I wasn't expecting to be listening to this tonight. Booooooooooooooom!!!!!!!!!!

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Aw sweet! Now I don't have to download it using the slow ass public wi-fi at work!

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@NickM said:
" SWEET! Love the Bombcast! Nice and early, I wont have to stay awake till 3 am like I usually do! "
You said it!

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Damn that's early.  Hopefully Shoemaker didn't have to make an early exit to get his bus this time.

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This will make a late work night much easier.

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Bat Outta Hell 2: Logan's Quest.

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Wow, i am shocked. it's so early. I like listening to it as i am going to bed though, but i will just listen while i am playing something

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Nice to see it up early. I am addicted to the bombcast like the bum outside Albertons is to crack! Happy bday guys!

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Early Bombcast? YAY! :D

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Yay!!!  This is by far my favorite podcast.  It's up early too!!!

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Nice.  I get to listen to this at work on Tuesday :)

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You guys need a little cartoon head of Dave poking out from behind Jeff's shoulder.

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Is it up early, or are you just happy to see me?

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I'm glad most of the content on Giant Bomb is being posted up earlier and earlier.

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Wow, super early bombcast. I can't wait to listen.

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wow this is fucking early, im curious now what are they planning i mean  giantbomb turns a year old 2day

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For once it is actually Tuesady when this is posted. Sweet!

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Earliest. Bombcast. Ever.

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@Happy said:
" You guys need a little cartoon head of Dave poking out from behind Jeff's shoulder. "
omg, I can just see it now. it's PERFECT
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Early= Happy

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shit... jeff u convinced me to try out wii sport resort..... gonna have to tell my dad to buy it then i shall drive to his house and borrow his wii....

my dads wife doesn't use the wii, and neither does my dad. There dogs just use the wiimotes at toys. The edges are like chewed the fuck up last time i saw it.

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i think if i try wii sport resort i am gonna duct tape the wii mote to my katana :P then it will be amazing unless i accidentally stab my tv >_>

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sweet bombcast time.......

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I have a picture in my head - Vinny is sitting on a fridge with night vision goggles :D:D