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Just what I needed!

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I need this.

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Gonna be a nice breakfast when I get up in the morning. I'm in the UK here, so gotta go to bed. But Chocolate Coated Sugar Puffs with Bombcast is gonna be awesome!

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Bombcast is up! YES!

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Thanks for posting it early.

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Go Go gadget Bombcast!

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I'll listen to this tomorrow (3am as I write this) but.. MOnkey island on the bombcast? Awesomeeee.

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WOO!  Bombcast time!

Also: "INFINITE BEARDS" Needs to find it's way onto a T-Shirt.

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w00t, I wanted to listen to this while working on some algebra tonight - nothing like being annoyed while being entertained.

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Bombcast > Megazord

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wooot wooot its the B-cast homie !

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Podcast 100! Woot!

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Bombcast time!

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Woo, Daveisode! But no Vinny. :(

You should get another mic so you can have an episode with Vinny AND Dave.

EDIT: There's Vinny!

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Woot ! Dave is in the mother fuckin house!

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Epic times indeed!

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bombcast is go!

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Woo! Thanks for posting it, have just enough time to download and get it on my iPod so I can listen to it at the gym this morning and the next! Chyeaaaa

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woooo new bombcast!!!

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Great, Thanks from Australia

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a chapman stick?!  a chapman stick was at california extreme?

i geek out over that instrument.
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Better than sex.

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More LIVE Gaintbomb!

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People pay for moving boxes? What the hell?

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Matt Rorie Box of Boxes!

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sweet bombcast

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An Amazing amount of padding has to be done on a slow news week but you guys certainly do a good job at it.

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rawrrrrrr........ dats my growl. thanks ryan for getting it up!

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going to be tired tomorrow

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"Box of Boxes"

REALLY?!?! lol that actually made me laugh hard

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im going camping tomorrow and will listen to this while in the car!

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Ryan: The weird 10-string bass lookin' thing is called a Warr guitar, google it if you're interested. Great podcast though, that Cali Extreme sounded like a good time.

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Great podcast!

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Holy shit everyone.  The tuesday bombcast is up, on tuesday!

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Dang I don't like it when Vinny is gone.  :(

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The Giantbomb cast makes me happy down there.