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yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bombcast time!!!

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early woot

Posted by NickL

awesome, now i got something to listen to while i die alot in l4d!

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Bitches primed

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Sweet it's early! Too bad it's not on iTunes yet.

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Love the early bombcasts!!!

Posted by GBH

Bombcast oh yeah big up from the UK

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I'm gonna rock out with my cock out.

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Woo!  Love me some Bombcastin'!

Posted by ky326

my first Bombcast post

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It's happy time!

Posted by DBZ_Fanatic

why do people care if its on itunes or not, just download it here and put it on itunes as a podcast

Posted by Dany

Hmm, im not seeing an icon next to the description

Posted by babz

just watched jef and ryan eat hot dogs!
side note look at jefs face at the end when they are about to make more!
lol dam thats what you call a sparkle in his eye.
p.s  im hungry......................

Posted by PhilSebben

derp derp bombcast

Posted by sfighter21

craziness...I shall NOT procrastinate!

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"Not gorilla, guerilla. Huge difference. HUGE!"

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Whoooaaa!! It's time for some Bombcast, then comments on the bombcast.

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Whoo bombcast on my birthday.

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Wooooo Bombcast! oh and Happy Birthday  TripMasterMunky!

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It's here!

Posted by MjHealy

Oh I have never seen it go live before also didn't know it goes up 7pm PST. Will wait 'til the morning though, I am tired at 3 am.

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Sweet, early Bombcast!!!!!!!!

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Dave is on it so it is a win even before I listen to it.

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Whenever snide's on I expect awesome new site features to be announced. DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME SNIDE.

Posted by buzz_clik

I had never heard of KenKen before. Buh-bye productivity! It's your fault when I get fired, Jeff.

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Oh god I come to the Bombcast for Natal masturbation jokes

Posted by momentarylogic

OMFG you all should do Komrade Korner with Snide reviewing the russian games! That would totally rock.

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Christ, I actually FORGOT about this, shame on me :(

Posted by buzz_clik
Vinny is Awesome #247: "Did you just throw something at me?"
Posted by Dethfish
@buzz_clik: We're only up to 247? I thought it would be close to 800.
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Lol that gorilla with the knife happened in my city zoo a week ago (calgary). FINALLY CALGARY HAS MADE IT BIG!

Posted by wosifat

Guerilla reminds me of that song "Gurillas in Tha Mist" by Da Lench Mob.
Now I'm really upset that I don't have my 360 right now.  Didn't even know that Garou was coming to Live Arcade.  I have the Dreamcast version, but the disc hasn't works for years, so I'm looking forward to getting to play it again!

Posted by buzz_clik
@Dethfish77: Oh, that's just my personal list. I'm sure collectively it's through the roof.

Also doesn't count his time at AmespotGay.
Posted by CaptainTightPants

You guys always give me somthing to think about.... I never noticed the Guerrilla thing till now

Posted by VisariLoyalist

god, don't let fox news listen to these podcasts!!!

Posted by fillmoejoe

The biggity biggity O!

Posted by Turambar

If you're wondering why people play DW, to put it simply, good doesn't equate fun.  The reverse is of course also true.  Hence, while DW aren't good, to those who find it fun, they'll play it.  And while some games are critically acclaimed, those that don't find it fun personal reasons won't play it either.

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They may not be interested, but PD on XBLA will be MY CRACK!!

I played at LEAST 100-200 hours of multiplayer against bots back in the day when there WAS NOTHING ELSE. I cannot WAIT for this game. Oh my goodness!!! I used to dream of console online multiplayer for this game!
Posted by BigDre

The Van Damme movie with Lance Hendrickson that took place in New Orleans was Hard Target directed by John Woo.  He was in a movie called Sudden Death that took place during a hockey playoff game.  John Voight was never in a movie with him.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

lol at the "What do you do?" part.

Posted by Mus

oh yer :)

Posted by Cramsy

Woo! That was my ''what do you do'' question :)

Thanks for the answer guys


WoOt great podcast guys....

Posted by xDot

"And i'm brainless which means i'm headless like Ichabod Crane is
Or foreplayless sex is, which makes me saneless
With no neck left to hang the chain with
Which makes me necklace less like a necklace theft
And I ain't used my headress yet"

Lupe Fiasco totally uses the whole necklace less line in 'Dumb it down'

Posted by atheistium

Only started to obsessivly listen to the bombcast last few months. Really enjoying it :-) Now my main podcast to listen to.