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Woo! Time for some more bombcast! 

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huraa its up lets all go enjoy everyone

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Bombcast!!! Pumped!!

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Oh F*CK!!!!!!!

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Fuck yeah

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Whoa! It's up!

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yeee boi

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about time!

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Bleh; should I listen to it tonight, or wait until tomorrow?
Decisions... decisions....

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enjoy everyone

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BAHHHH foiled again itunes is still waiting on it

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it's not on itunes :(

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WOOOOO YES its that time again
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lets do this.

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I will now cease touching myself, and commence touching myself.

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iTunes just started working for me a moment ago. 
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Wooooo Bombcast!!!

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ice wine is mad expensive
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I'm a little excited if you can't tell.

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I went with a PSP 2000 God of War model shortly after the Go came out. Because my older PSP (Despite the fact that its a 1000 model and the D-pad is kinda mashed in) I cant upgrade the firmware on it for uh, specific reasons. But I had to get my Persona on, along with the PSN games that I can get now.  I paid $170 for it used, but I still feel that its a better value than the Go, because I've got over a dozen UMDs, and I'd rather be able to have both options for software available.
So I do. Good for me then.
Edit: Also, theres no excuse that PSP game downloads are the same price as retail downloads. None.

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ya new bombcast

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Damn October already....

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Monster is owned by Hansen I believe. Blue and Import (which comes with an amazing tab) are my favorite.

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god its times like this i hate living in Canada....October alreadY!?!? Winter is going ta suck! alas good when i gotta bombcast to listen to though =)

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I'm about to throw this bombcast ON THE GROUND!...joking, i love el bombcast

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@khatru420 said:
" god its times like this i hate living in Canada....October alreadY!?!? Winter is going ta suck! alas good when i gotta bombcast to listen to though =) "
i feel you brother i live in MN. winter is coming back in BIG way
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This bombcast not showing up on iTunes?

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Vinny sounds odd today. o.O

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straight into drinking right off the bat... lol
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Ahh i see, tis the bombcast :)  I'm nice and 'appy.

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Awesome bombcast, but I really hope you guys don't put a cost on the trophy support for the site in the future.