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Yay early Bombcast!

Posted by Gaff

Holy crap, really early Bombcast!

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Very Early Bombcast indeed but there is a lot to talk about these next 2 weeks. So many releases :D

Posted by Arceion

Thanks !! :)

Posted by BBQBram

Hot damn bombcast so soon...ok!

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The earliest of casts!

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Early bombcast is here !

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Ah! What?! No! IT'S TOO EARLY! My whole day is spiraling down a time warp! SAVE ME SMALL BUSINESSMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ultra early! Wow!

Edit: Super Mario Sunshine is a great game.

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YAYY!!!!! Early Bombcast !

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Saved by the Bomb!

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Unfathomably early. Love the Bomb!

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Woah that was really early. Good job!

Hunter X Hunter is preeetttyy great.

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Yay, something to listen to while hunting down treasure in Unity

Posted by Soapy86

Holy shit! Earliest Bombcast ever?

Posted by Y2Ken

Let's go Bombcast!

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@soapy86 said:

Holy shit! Earliest Bombcast ever?

No, there's been much earlier ones.

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Early bombcast. So exciting!

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Rap game Deion Sandals.

Something to listen to while downloading that 20 GB Halo MCC file, I suppose.

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This is too early for a bombcast. I'm not even really awake yet.

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Early Bombcast is the best way to honor our veterans.

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I actually get to listen on a Tuesday?

Posted by GiantLizardKing

But I can't bombcast this early

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A wild Bombcast appears.

Posted by ripelivejam

are we sure it isn't monday or something? dayum.

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Wow This is early!

Posted by SgtSphynx

Holy shit, earlycast!

Posted by HammondofTexas

Tuesday comes early!

Posted by Jachin

This is perfect! I have the day off and am procrastinating writing a research paper. This will certainly aid in my procrastination.

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A regular Bombcast is pretty great, but an early Bombcast is something special indeed...

Thanks guys!

Posted by whitegreyblack

Wowzers! I did NOT expect such an early bombcast. I expect they have a LOT to say about today's new releases.

Posted by bhizzy

A Bombcast for my Tuesday post-work commute?! Epic.

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Damn, that is one early cast.

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Early Cast

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Woo! Early 'cast!

Posted by kubqo

what? this was supposed to be up when i woke up, not before i got to sleep :( now i won’t fall asleep...

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E-early cast?

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holy early bombcast, batman!

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Hey, it's actually Tuesday!

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Super early-cast!

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An earlycast!?

Colonel, what's an early Bombcast doing here?

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I love an early cast. For once I actually listen to this on Tuesday.

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I remember when the Bombcast had cool sponsors like Squarespace, not these big corporate Goliath's like Cards Against Humanity!

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Earliest it's been in a while?

Posted by tumblinghippo

Ubisoft asked Giant Bomb to hold off their podcast posting until noon on Wednesday, but they defiantly posted it a day early.

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Anime ad!