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Let's go!

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Yes :D

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Hurray! Day two!

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Here we go

Destiny for most disappointing probably

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Uh-oh. Most disappointing game category? That discussion is going to be a doozy.

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Hold on to your butts

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Destiny will be somewhere on most dissapointing. CALLING IT!

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what a year it has been

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MOST DISAPPOINTING! My most anticipated discussion!

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my ears are ready!

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Most disappointing starts at 1:11:15, if you want to avoid the other categories for spoilers.

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@autumn_thunder: Is first hour best story then? Wow. thanks for the info bud

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day *counts for a few seconds* TWO!

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Perfect for my Saturday evening.

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This is going to be great.

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@alo81 said:

@autumn_thunder: Is first hour best story then? Wow. thanks for the info bud

Oh, wait, best music comes before that. Best story ends at 54:20.

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Jump to 54:20 to skip Best Story

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When I go to 54:20 they're still talking about best story ...?

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Pausing and resuming playback is sending me back a minute or two...

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Any kind fellow out there willing to list down the games they actually spoil in the Best Story deliberations? Wanna know if it's worth skipping over for now or just listening to it.

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See I saw Kevin spaceys turn as a result of his sons death, he was saying all kinds of shit because of how the us military was so inefficient and his sons death was meaningless.

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@josephknows: The Fall, Danganronpa (1), Broken Age, CoD:AW, MGS5 Ground Zeroes are the ones they went into biggest spoilers with, I think. There's stuff like Valiant Hearts and Bannger Saga that they talk about but don't exactly go into much detail. I might have missed something, if anyone wants to add to this list.

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Aw damn I've been holding out for the inevitable Phantom Pain/Ground Zeroes package, and The Fall really intrigues me, but yeah, it's just the first episode.

Will just listen to it anyway!

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it does make me sad that they couldn't bring up Kentucky Route Zero. Act 3 man, so good

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They start to play music super loud.

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I'm sorry but the GB discussion of Tropical Freeze's music legitimately pissed me off and not in a good way.

TF was seriously robbed.

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I dont know why "gross sexual shit" is a slight against MG:GZ.

Not trying to argue it deserves even to be on the list for best story, but I thought it was an effective way to establish that your antagonist in that game/games is going to be a truly evil heinous piece of shit.

The game is set on an off the books military prison, and in case you arent up on your really recent history, such things happen there, not only that but they are practiced by American interrogators. I cant help but think that maybe that factored into Kojima's writing, given his previous proclivity to shining a light on the unseemly antics of the American military machine.

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David Wise just can't get any love. *plays mournful saxophone tune*

Thank you for your efforts trying to promote it, @danryckert. I'm really liking your input on the GotY discussions so far.

Luftrausers has a great theme and KOZILEK knows his goddamn stuff but they're really selling some extremely good soundtracks short with those crummy audio snippets.

I can't believe anyone ever had high expectations of Watch_Dogs either. From the get-go that game never looked even remotely interesting to me. I still remember that fucking QR code trailer and making those bollards rise up with your phone. Looked like the definition of a mediocre Ubisoft game to me.

Nothing compares with Destiny when it comes to sheer, unfiltered disappointment. That game is on another planet compared to Watch_Dogs. (Not a pun about how the game doesn't have enough planets.)

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They seem to favor story twists at the end. If one of them had gotten to the end of Ethan Carter they would have rated it higher. But the fact that none of them got to the end of a short (4 hour) game is also telling.

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wow, those top 10 dkc tracks were atrocious. where the FUCK was busted bayou/snowmads theme

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The best moment when they're deliberating is when Dan is trying to prove DKCTF has good music.

So funny.

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None of the TellTale games are better for being episodic. They are best when played all together. Splitting them into episodes is really only beneficial for the developers. It never has any benefit to the consumer.

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Really happy to hear Danganronpa and The Fall get some recognition.

The Fall is a feast to analyze like a piece of text. It's just so great. The way that gameplay makes commentary on certain issues is masterful.

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I can't believe Hotline Miami 2 got shafted for best music just because it isn't released and doesn't have an official soundtrack yet.

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Destiny is the Diablo 3 of this year, the majority of people blew it up so far out of proportion that it would be impossible to meet their expectations. It's a fun game and Bungie has made it pretty clear they understand some of the problems and are looking to fix it.

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@xchairmandrekx said:

I'm sorry but the GB discussion of Tropical Freeze's music legitimately pissed me off and not in a good way.

TF was seriously robbed.

Unfortunately DKC seems to be one of those series that Jeff has some kind of weird hatred for (joining the proud company of Yoshi's Island and Majora's Mask), so expect any mention of Tropical Freeze to be sneeringly dismissed like that. It's unfortunate because the game (and the music) were legitimately good.

The reason randomly skipping around in 5 second bursts didn't work is because Tropical Freeze's soundtrack is all about momentum and buildup and release. Any five second clip is just going to sound like a generic drum beat, but the songs are really memorable as whole tracks, which is why so many of the crew were saying that they remembered the soundtrack being really good.

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@dragooncody: Exactly it's not the type of music that works in 5 second bursts, it starts up slow and builds.

And I would have been fine if they didn't include it because no one took the time to play the game and properly listen to the music as it was meant to, not in short sporadic bursts off a cell phone speaker. But Jeff in particular was damning the soundtrack just from what very, very little he heard of a 4 hour long OST.

It's honestly pretty disrespectful to David Wise and the work he did on that game.

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Man, Patrick is really bringing it this year with being right on like...everything.

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Kinda hit in the feels during Patrick's segment. Fuck man