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Posted by Niccoles

Just when all hope was lost. Bombcast is here!

Posted by Pacinamac

Stay up late has been soooo worth it!

Posted by Dryker


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Posted by Green_Incarnate

Yes, finally.

Posted by jarryd

finally, thanks for persevering ryan

Posted by chickendoughnut

YES! waited soooo long

Posted by Dryker

What happened!? Where'd it go?

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Posted by goodwood

sweet. fucking hotel internet.

Posted by Timdj84

fuckin a

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Posted by litlike

Thanks Guys!

Posted by Niccoles

Yes! It's already on Itunes! Thanks Ryan!

Posted by Dryker

Someone, anyone know how to download the file using Internet Explorer 8? Right Click, Save as, no longer works.

Posted by Steve_Ramirez

oh yes, Lemon in the house

Posted by GioVANNI

DUDE!  What is up with the awesome intro? 

Posted by Llama

sweet! cool intro :D

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Posted by pwr905

I drank most of my beer supply waiting for this; was it worth it? Will I drink the rest listening to it? Only time will tell.

Posted by ez123

Fucken finally!

Posted by DukesT3

Thank god! I thought they wouldnt put it up... always count on the BOMBCAST!

Posted by Feanor

people can now stop freaking out.

Posted by Linkyshinks

WoOT!... been waiting.

Posted by Dryker

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  Installed Firefox and still can't download a 'file' I can move to any device I want. Firefox has some weird seperate "downloads" window without the option to "move" the file elsewhere. Anyone have any idea how I can just get the bombcast "file" to transfer to a jump drive?

Posted by Link2312

YAHOO!! damn hotel internet bein dodgey lol thanks for persisting guys! can't wait to listen!

Posted by Sticky_Pennies
@Dryker: Tools -> Options -> Always ask me where to save files. (:
Posted by Dryker

Ok, finally figured it out. If anyone else needs to transfer a Firefox download to another device, you need to "open folder" in the Firefox "Downloads Window" and then you'll be able to do whatever you want with the file. F.Y.I. I can calm down now. Hwwooo.

Posted by wotan187

"Cooaboonga!"  Knew they'd come through all along. Jeff's gotta rub a few noses in some Crackdown 2! 

Posted by FinalDasa

chewiest episode evar!!!

Posted by bonzodog

kinda seems like you guys forgot you were making a podcast here... the sound of chewing and people yelling from across the room kinda ruined the first half of this.

Posted by Light_Bahamut

Dudes, seriously, don't let people talk on the podcast if they don't have a microphone. It's annoying as hell to try and understand the muffled conversation.

Posted by FlappyHands

*does a merry jig*

Posted by Ossi

Peggle + Bombcast = Win.

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Next time you make a podcast, please don't eat. The chewing noises are so disgusting. Or if you have to take a bite, turn your head away from the mic.

Posted by Kowbrainz

Really digging the intro guys. =]

Posted by beliefs22

well no I don't mind not being able to sleep

Posted by ICF_19XX

Goddammit! It's 3AM and now I crave PIZZA! Thanks alot, Giant Bomb!


Posted by LordKorax

Brainstorm on Halo: Reach! You were jokingly saying "Everyone's a Spartan." I'm calling it as a first- or third-person squad-based game where you and up to three others play the role of a Spartan squad during the attack on Reach. See? Everyone's gonna be able to be a Spartan!

Posted by Porridgelad

left 4 dead : pray harder

Posted by chavafx

is not on i tunes yet

Posted by pwr905

Not to be a troll or anything, but does it really matter if they eat or not? I mean, these are folks who are doing a discussion of the day for your benefit, and probably haven't sat down for awhile. When they are late on a deadline, people complain; when they eat, people complain. Do you e-mail Microsoft because one of their presenters smacked their lips or flubbed a line? I hope not. So, give these guys a break, cut them some slack, and just enjoy what content they do create for your enjoyment.

I'm not saying it can't be annoying at times, but (I presume) they are busting their ass to make something you might enjoy.  Let's just enjoy it, then.

Posted by GingerBear16

i guess i should be going to school right now :/

Never mind, i can revise in my own time.
Bombcast is waaaay more important :P

Posted by Mus

cool, some Bombcast. Looking forward to this. :)

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

I got 99 problems but the bitch ain't one.

Posted by samuelmbrown

"And Darth Vader built Raidan when he was just a boy!!"

Ossum ossum.

Posted by chogi

you know where you are?!! your in e3 beybe!


Posted by CallMeRotten

Hah the Milo recap is killing me, also Jeff's LeChuck impression was awesome.

Posted by Ozeki

Can't believe you guys forgot the Brutal Legend stuff at EA.

Posted by Lilarcor

Completely digging the new intro music.