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Love the podcast, can't wait to give this one a listen!

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Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  Time to listen!

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nice, a little early this week.

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Hey, love the notice on top so i don't have to click if their isn't a new one!
Love the podcast, go for 100!

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Oh Mexican vanilla soda! This podcast has aroused me...

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wowwwwwww nice and early, good job Ryan, and its up in itunes.
i guess all your tinkering rely did work. what would they do without you.
last week it was well late!!! Glad to have you back running the ship.
cus Jeff almost sunk it last week..... lol, joking.

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Thanks, early again. Keep up the great work! Time for bed...

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sweet early bombcast

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Does not work for me, neither here or on iTunes. :(

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woah... earlybirds! cool.

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Releases earlier every week = gets awesomer every week.

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Love the podcast. Keep up the great work everyone at Giantbomb.

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Early and unexpected. Thanks! 1 am-ish as a far more reasonable time.

:O same music! YES!

It's a little echoey in spots, egg crates still there?

High Altitude Warfare eXcellent!

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nice, thanks for the early podcast :)

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wow, this is early

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Nice play.

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Ok, is it just me or does Jeff's voice echo?

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That's right, I wrote about myself in the third person. What's up!

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Nice and early, just the way I like them.

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And excellently done sir.

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Thanks dudes.

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Instant iTunes FTW!

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Happy Happy Joy Joy- This is when the show should come out. Or earlier. Recorded on Tuesdays still.

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sweet podcast, i missed ryan.

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It's up! cool!

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Thank god it's up early, I was getting desperate haha.

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gah my itunes feed is still broken, can anyone help me or is this a problem everyone has

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Cool, can't wait to listen. 2 hours! Might have to break it up and listen over 2 days. :)

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Wtf, the podcast is only 1 hour for me, is this a bug?

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Ok, its fixed.  That was really weird, it only loaded an hour of the podcast for me.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeird.

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Listening and yes - Jeff ECHO the Dolphin ^^

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Mexican Soda is the best because it's made with pure sugar cane.  I now only buy the Mexican Coca-Cola in the glass bottle, because it's the  kind of sweet.

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Yeah, Jeff's voice is echoing at some parts.

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You guys really fucked up Army of Two. I could totally nerd off and correct each and every detail ya got wrong, but i'm not gunna!

But i shall say, that the tampon mini-game was taken out to improve the overall flow of the game, people said that doing that over and over again after someone "died" was annoying, it would of almost been Too Humans Valkyrie problem.

Totally Spies: Totally Terrible is probably more like it.

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Awesome job guys!

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Won't load up in iTunes. : ( Invalid URL.

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hmmmm its not coming up in itunes on my itouch but ill keep on hitting that refresh button!

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I was hoping you were talking about the Bobby Brown from the Cherry Pie video. :(

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So, did they hint that this the last episode of the Persona 4 speed run is tomorrow?

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public void Happiness()

{ if(podcast = available)
System.out.println("FUCK YEA");
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Just in time for my lunch :D Cheers guys!
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The string of FFVII spin-off releases was called..."Compilation of Final Fantasy VII"

Brilliant Squenix

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You didn't like Seinfeld?!

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will be listening to this 2morrow......sleep time for me lol