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I'm still awake! Thank you!

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Yaaaay Giant Bomb... Good way to end the day.

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Yay ... have been waiting.

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Finally my Tuesday is complete.
Posted by Death_Burnout

Gimme all ya got!

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@Death_Burnout said:
" Boosh!  Gimme all ya got! "
*Hits you in the nose* Oh wait, you meant the bombcast!? My bad. :P
Posted by jonsnow007

hmmm think i might wait till the morning to listen now lol

Posted by buzz_killington

Nice and early guys. Awesome.
Posted by Six
@zzZBibboZzz said:
" first  "

sure you were.
Posted by JellyFish_Gsus

Sweet ill download this in the morning

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Cause she got a........ GRRREAT ASS!

Posted by ColinRyan

YAY! It's early today so I can listen to it before I go to bed. But what will I do tomorrow?

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Listening.... Now!

Posted by Mordi
@zzZBibboZzz said:
" i am a douchebag "  
Don't be so hard on yourself.
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Alright! Another Hotspot/Bombcast that talks about Heat. This must be at least the 5th one.

Posted by Th3_James

i still can't get the scientific pursuits achievment, it's glitched on me like 3 differant games

Posted by MattBodega

Aha! Is this our chance?

Posted by NoK

twenty second.........

Posted by CleverLoginName

So apparently we'll never get a block on Flower at 6th.

Posted by SgtReznor

Sweet! My day off, and it's up nice and early - what a nice way to start the day :)

Posted by DerekDanahy

Rejoice, for it is Tuesday.

Posted by JJOR64

Time to listen!  Also, there is going to be a Bombcast on my birthday next week.  Best present ever.  :)

Posted by Ottosmann
@Mordi said:
" @zzZBibboZzz said:
" i am a douchebag "  
Don't be so hard on yourself. "

@Mordi: Well done, I see what you did thar.
Posted by spiceninja
@JJOR64 said:
" Time to listen!  Also, there is going to be a Bombcast on my birthday next week.  Best present ever.  :) "
My birthday is this Friday and I get no bombcast. Damn you for being born a few days later!
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...Great ass!

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Looking at the thumbnail for this bombcast there is only 1 thing to say.

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lol, late night wiki reading... i found myself reading wiki pages for 3 hours late last night, just lying in my bed reading on my iphone. I realized i was fucked when my lady gaga alarm on my phone went off, and it was 8am

Posted by hyperslug

Sweet, one to fall asleep to :)
its 3:21 here

Posted by Vankya_Karamazov

Early today, I'm busy in school and still haven't finished last weeks bombcast. Regardless, these  things are pretty much getting me through school right now.

Posted by starfox_of_the_damned

so early the. ohio thanks you.

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What Vinny says about the Matrix also applies to Men In Black. The first movie has an everyman that you're learning the ropes with. The second one has no real surprises, so you're left having to rely solely on a good story... oops.

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o nice!  Somehow I always forget the bombcast is tuesday, so I'm always surprised when it goes up on the site.

Posted by Chewii101

Plz put it up on iTunes quick :)

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Whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Bombcast!

Posted by mustachioeugene

Bombcast is go!
Love Pacino's delivery in that scene.
"'Cause she's got a great ass!"

Posted by Dynamitekyle

Hooray for the Bombcast!

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Nahhh, you do the inFamous movie like Sliding Doors!

Posted by idiotic_genius1

Love that movie
Posted by Jimbo7676

What about Quest for Glory? Those were my favorite Sierra adventure games.

Posted by InFamous91

Another great bombcast

Posted by LordKorax

I played a little 1 vs 100 over the weekend, too, and experienced some more idiocy from Cashman. He was reading e-mails live, and someone wanted to express their love of Horde mode to Cliffy. Once again he showed that he really had no idea what was going on by responding with something along the lines of "Yeah, it's great, isn't it? You can do it stealthy or go in gun blazing!" I know it's not entirely his fault, but he did some gymnastics to pull that out of whatever Dark Corners press release he was given.

Posted by megalowho

Jeff. I respect your opinion on many aspects of gaming and all that, but the fact that you're totally cool with tossing Activision 350+ bucks for two games is gross. What they're trying to pull this holiday season with these bundles of cheap crap, whatever it takes to raise the price, is just ugly. Not to mention Band Hero, Guitar Hero 5 bundles.. I know you know it deep down as well. don't do it man..