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Posted by JJOR64


Posted by deathfury

Hooray! the world is saved!

Posted by elektrixx

Hell yeah. Thanks for the heads up on Twitter, Ryan.

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Posted by vegetashonor

YYYEEEAAAHHH!!! Alright!!! Now were up and runnin!!! Thanks guys. I'm gonna be so tired for work tomorrow, but I HAD to get my bombcast fix!!! Lol.


Posted by Elk

Yay thanks Ryan!

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Posted by Qorious

Yay! The wait is over!!!

Posted by stenchlord

As per usual, can't wait to listen to this weeks Bomb Cast, keeps me entertained during work :D

Posted by Hector

ahhh peace!

Posted by Elk

I'm suprised you didn't find that Ginger Beer hotter, I guess it grows on you.

Posted by procrasturbate

About time...it's 1:33 am. You guys don't know how much i look  forward to this!
Thanks for all the hard work!

Posted by TheJadeAngel

Ahh time to sit back chillax with my beer ... serious comments later . Cheers to you guys in USA for your thingy day.

Posted by Terrellism

Oh God. They're talking about Fable 2 right away! Dont remind me please. That buggy ass game won't load my characters save any more and just freezes up. My entire character GONE! Or at least until they patch their game. Which will likely be a while seeing theyre working on worthless DLC like Knothole Island. Which reminds me....10 bucks for 3 lousy missions?

Posted by megalowho

You guys need to jailbreak your iPhones and put ScummVM on it. I played through Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle completely on my Touch, every game from that era runs on it. You won't regret it!

Posted by Cramsy

Wednesday 3:00PM ish is a good time for me. Its bombcast time in Australia

Posted by IshimuraD

Finallllly! Been waiting for this all night....12:41AM here...

Posted by Hawk456

With SF4 coming soon I want to hear about arcade sticks - which ones are worth the money?  I want the experience from back in the day - MK v DC is killing my wrists and thumbs on the game pad.

Posted by JJOR64

Awesome podcast.  Now it's bed time.

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Oh, god dammit. I knew I should've changed the wording in my e-mail. I was basically asking what Jeff thought about the concept behind free-skate activities. Fuckin' eh. My avatar explains my feelings, once again.

Posted by onenar

oblivion game of the year edition - $30 at walmart

Posted by TheJadeAngel

I'm having fun at dinner !  Great show guys , and LPB rulez .   Sony = LISTEN TO YOUR FAN BASE you over brewed beer barrel.  How many coins did it take for me to beat Sagat on SF i don't remember but i know some of they older guys i worked with wondered why i never had fuel for the Ute .  What will Hideo Kojima come up with next .
Time for another beer and some pondering !

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You guys should get job's as wine taster's! that would be hilarious to watch the real wine taster's get all upperty and stuffy about your analysis of the wines they're drinking too lol!

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UK Drink Tests!! Awesome!

But i can't stress enough once again, Gatorade is sold in the UK and has been sold for ages, and i preferred it over lucozade...before they changed the drink and consistency entirely, it now officially sucks here.

Oh and you're right, i would like to see Kurt-Snake fuckin' Plissken-Russell on that Kojima last a little more.

Also, I'm fairly sure Brad is correct about GTA IV, and i also think GTA Tokyo is a dumb idea, also.

Thankfully i grew up in the age of 2D Fighting games.

Posted by banana_joe

Omg...that were bit with the old pc stuff...so funny!!!! I stille see config.sys in my worst nightmares.

Posted by viewtifulmom

Giant Bombcast blowin' up every Wednesday morning for East coasters.

Posted by chunky_lover53

theres a butcher shop in my town that sells lucazade and idris fiery ginger beer. sweet bombcast guys!

Posted by Jfour

billy mays AND vince (shamwow) references in this. awesome.

Posted by Blind_Evil

I can't believe half you guys don't like ginger ale.  Not surprised Brad likes it though, they grow us right here in NC.

....Brad's from NC, right?

Posted by NickNorman

Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy are back.



Posted by Trilogy

Hey giant bomb crew, have fun at dinner. And awesome podcast as usual.

Posted by WholeFunShow

Maniac Mansion is IN Day of the Tentacle, it doesn't work ingame like it's meant to on modern computers (at least mine when I tryed 5ish years ago) but just dig through the folders. I couldn't get used to it, I know, blasphemy...

Posted by djblack70

You didn't mention the other sucky aspect of the Gamestop/Kill Zone 2 debacle. At least at my gamestop, if you get anything (including a demo) for a pre-order and decide not to buy the game after the fact, they will NOT give you a cash refund. They will only give you a Gamestop gift card in the amount of the pre-sell!

Posted by BloodStaindWings

Great Comment as always guys

Posted by Varone

Old Jamaica has the biggest kick of Ginger Beer that I've tasted. Good twist on the Moscow Mule too if you want to add some Vodka.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

I own a PS3 and my favorite genre of games is FPS and I'm gonna be completely honest: I had no idea when Killzone 2 was scheduled to be released.

That means there is a serious problem with the marketing push!

Posted by Stevokenevo

Lucozade mixes well with Vodka, although i dont know how dangerous it is......

Posted by kyok

Some basics on what differences between Guile and Ryu. Guile's sonic boom attack recovers much faster than Ryu's hadoken, so while Ryu's attack will leave him vulnerable in alot of scenarios Guile is safe (or alot safer). Also, the sonic boom projectile often travels slower allowing Guile to walk towards his opponent and start another attack (throw etc). Lastly, many charge characters have safer moves (Honda's headbutt, Blanka's ball attack) compared to motion characters.

Posted by SinGulaR

Great Podcast

Posted by RHCPfan24

Excellent podcast guys.

Posted by liquidfkinfire

For the part about ryu vs guile projectiles, the balance is after throwing a sonic boom, guile is able to move faster than ryu/ken can after throwing a hadoken, if anyone actually wanted to know.

Edited by Rayfield

Looking forward to full review of Skate 2. Since Jeff's ONLY description of playing it was basically a list of niggling little game design features that seem to have very little bearing on the actual gameplay and no actual description of the actual game, I'll wait for that. I mean, if you went by the Bombcast, Skate 2 is a colossal disaster full of bugs and glitches.

Come to think of it, Jeff's bombcast description of Fallout 3 was much the same.

Posted by XaiaX

Charge moves tend to have shorter recovery time, in exchange for their requirement of buildup/planning. Examples include the previously referenced Guile Sonic Boom, which has much faster recovery time which leads into his classic re-dizzy combos. Also, they are mechanically simpler than the rolling motions, so they are easier to perform, in exchange for the same requirement.

One way to demonstrate this is to dig up SF2 on the SNES with a Super Game Genie (or the emu equivalent) and enter the code that removes charge time on charge moves. The charge characters become godlike.  A similar thing happens with a code that removes recovery time for rolling motion moves. Ryu with no delay on fireball recovery is essentially invincible. You cannot jump over the fireball to close the gap, because he can counter any attempt.

This is the premise behind essentially all balance in Street Fighter. Dhalsim has range, but is slow. Zangief has limited range, but very powerful attacks. Ken/Ryu's moves have minimal initiation time, but long periods of vulnerability. Guile's moves are fast and powerful, but require charging, same as Balrog/Bison. Blanka/Chun Li/Honda have the "flail" moves, but they more or less root you in place.

This is why some moves like Chun Li's original spinning bird kick were useless. Charge time to start, slow execution, not likely to hit, not powerful. This is why they were changed for Remix.

But for the specific Guile/Ryu question, compare not just the Sonic Boom vs. Hadouken, but also Dragon Punch vs. Flash Kick.  So Ryu can toss the fireball quickly, but has recovery, and can instant uppercut after recovery or in the case of a fake fireball.  Guile instead has really quick recovery time from the Sonic Boom, but can't charge a Flash Kick in that time, so jumping over the Sonic Boom is safer than if the Flash Kick were instant. Instead of a game of timing the jump over Ryu's fireball such that he's completely vulnerable, it becomes a game of guessing the Guile player's next move, as you don't have complete advantage over him.  Likewise, if both launch a projectile at the same time, Guile is reward by recovering before Ryu, and thus having the advantage over him, especially if at close range, where he can perform a Fierce that can hit Ryu before Ryu recovers. However, obviously, only if he can plan for the event such that they launch at the same time. If the Guile player doesn't, and blocks, they are concurrently charging for the Sonic Boom. Ryu's recovery time is such that he can't advance after a fireball with impunity, and if the player follows up with another fireball, Guile may have had time to charge the Sonic Boom, which would then give the Guile player the advantage. That leaves the Ryu player a choice of whether to follow up with some other move, such as the hurricane kick, which goes over the Sonic Boom and if timed appropriately will hit Guile before he recovers. Likewise, if the Guile player can predict that, they can use Ryu's long move execution to duck and deliver an uppercut, etc.


I started out when it was "Street Fighter". When 2 came out I thought it was weird how they made it look like Final Fight, and was apparently a freak of nature since I knew, vaguely, that fireballs, dragon punches and the hurricane kick were possible. Let me tell you, after starting with SF1, the forgiveness of the SF2 inputs was fantastic.
Edited by crusnchill

I've got a feeling that the weird killzone 2 demo thing (ie: releasing the demo worldwide AFTER the release.) might, and I quote "MIGHT"  be a success in terms of hardcore/normal-core gamer's buying it. Since it makes sense that you'll definitely want something MORE when you can't get it. Had they done like a load of advertising this would have been really awesome for Sony and the killzone 2 publisher's.

I mean if they'd of  truly wanted this game to be like one of those games that you remember and asociate  with the PS3 when you look back at some of the better console's of the past in 20 year's, THIS game could and would of done it with other expected game's such MGS4 etc....

I don't have a PS3 but I do have a 360 and the funny thing is I've allways wanted a PS3 more, allways, even since before the 360 came out. The only reason I never got one is because it simply cost's too damn much.

Now, hopefully with the new price-cut for the PS3 in April (more like september lol.) I'll probably finally be able to go and get it. Good luck for anybody out there who wants one also.

Posted by TestamentUK

So, Godfather 2 is just GTA: Vice City Stories? I'm sure it's not, but the descriptions given from various gaming media sure makes it sound the same.

Posted by Gre

I just bought the Oblivion/Shivering Isles Game of the Year disc from Best Buy for 19.99!  It was on the shelf for 39.99, but when I got to checkout, they only charged me twenty bucks!  That's a lot of RPG for your money.

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Radical show guys.  Can't wait till next week's! 

Posted by bretts31344

I loved all the old PC talk. Another great bombcast, thanks.

Posted by t67443

Why does everyone hate T Hawk?

Posted by Wright

I love when Ryan said "they did it for the lulz" it just sounded so awesome.

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