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4:42 am and im GONE!

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....now to wait for it upload onto iTunes...
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yes! finally!

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im surprised jeff was able to get this all up and posted on his own

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HELLS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

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in the words of ric flair, wwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Now, the wait for iTunes to update.

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btw saskatoon is a city in sasckatchewan, which is a canadian province where old people live

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Hey Fifty! The podcast is up!, you wanna listen, oh, ok, I'll just download it yor ya, ok Fifty?

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Boycott we want Ryan...................... oooooooooooo who am i kidding, forget it.
Nice work Jeff.

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Podcast time, bitches.

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Man... Saskatoon? That's like Canada's boring-est city... so i'm sure that this'll be good lol.

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Hey dudes, we're experiencing a caching issue on the servers that feed out the Bombcast's RSS feed. This means that even though the iTunes/RSS feed has already been updated, it may take some time before the new file shows up for you. If you aren't getting it right now, please be patient and keep trying.

Dave and Andy have a fix in mind for this that should be ready before next week's show.
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good stuff

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Yay bombcast. Yay Dave.

FYI, Saskatchewan is a horrible province. Its where fun goes to die.

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Saskatoon + Space Bugs(2) = Podcast without Ryan. You see what you did, Ryan!?!

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Saskatoon is named after the berries, which were named by First Nations, so...yeah.

And it is a pretty boring city.

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Oops. Spoke too soon.

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cpt. soup is correct

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I will, tonight, fall into the category of east coast listeners heading to bed to listen to the podcast. Hopefully there will be no demonic noises in this one.

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I'm from Saskatoon.  You're not missing much (It's kinda dull.).  Better than Manitoba though.

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Saskatoon eh? I might be moving there in a few years depending on Alberta Govt. continually fucking over the oil industry.

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Wow, you guys are gonna get SOOOO much hatemail for the comparisons of Games Workshop to Blizzard.

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Is it just me or is iTunes still not updating?

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Make a Shirt with the art from this page, I'd buy it.

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ahh so thats the problem..thanks for the info jeff

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Saskatoon sucks, Regina FTW.

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Finally that Space Hulk i was waiting for!

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Saskatoon, like the rest of Saskatchewan, has a lot of overzealous and obnoxious football fans.

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Dang, Jeff's getting me all interested in a new way to experience the bombcast.

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Quit with all the Saskatchewan hating.  It's not any more crappy then whatever State/Province you're from.  If you live outside of the US or Canada feel free to bash whoever you want though.

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This new Bombcast page makes me so very happy.

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I'm liking the music you threw in.


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god damit camon itunes!!

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Saskatoon 2 hours away from a Max Federal Prison in Canada LOL North .. near PA (Prince Albert)  middle of no where ....  escape where you gonna go  Saskatoon LOL gates open you can come back when you are bored LOL   J/K   I'm From Edmonton

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Okay...so why is it that this always takes way longer to get on itunes? I prefer listening to this on itunes or my ipod rather than window media player.  Oh well guess this is all I can expect if I want to listen to it Tuesday night.

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Ha! A god damn Neo Geo icon? Is that the official Bombcast logo of bad news?

The Neo Geo was possibly one of the worst models for a home console I can think of - Based on my memory of UK console prices, you were talking £200 - £250 for the home hardware (at a time when everything else cost circa £100, so roughly the equivalent of a £500-£600 machine today). And the the cartridges themselves were around £100 a pop also. I'm not sure if that was your common or garden robdog game importer rates, or official pricing. That is some expensive ass gaming either way. At this stage, broadly speaking we were at a time when the first generation of game players were all in their teens or early 20s. They were a toy for spoiled rich kids and guys who'd just started working, but still lived at home.

The payoff for the high price tag was that it boasted ARCADE QUALITY GRAPHICS (in the time when the megadrive/SNES (pc engine?) were roughly comprable to arcade quality graphics anyway.

Then there was it's killer feature: a slot in the front of the machine, into which you placed a card where you could save your game.

But wait, that is not all:

Then you could take your game save (from the cart you payed £100 for, at a time when playing in the Arcades cost you either 10p of 20p a go), and actually go to the arcades, put the card in then pay to play the game you had at home anyway from from say Level 3. Wow. So it was harder sooner, and you got less game time for the money you put in the machine, but gad daym that would impress those other kids in the arcade.

That's if your local venue had bothered to stump up for the arcade cabinets that had the slot in them of course...

It was just a cartoonishly bad idea, no?

And after all that, were there even any really good games? Was Metal Slug one of it's titles? And possibly the King of Fighter Series? Was there a golf game?  It's by and large the same set of titles that were running on the Neo Geo Pocket a little way down the line anyway wasn't it?


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Boooo Saskatchewan, so THAT'S what happens without Ryan.

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Metal Gear Solid had a helicopter for a boss........

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It is now 1:40 AM on Wednesday, and I have no Giant Bombcast in my iTunes.  This is unacceptable.  If it doesn't arrive soon I will be forced to continue playing Killzone 2.  My eyes HURT from the constant blurring in that damn game.  I need a break.  Hurry up, iTunes, hurry!!

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Hurry up god damn itunes man historyyyyy is gonna be rough tommorow morning.

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great show