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Posted by PEDRAM


Posted by Mr_Bauer


Been looking forward to this all day

Posted by MattBodega


Posted by VACkillers

Woot one of the first ones to post! lol

cant wait to hear this.... nice1 guys!

Posted by Daveyo520

why the hell would anyone play GH as a pro?

Posted by Lies


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Dennis..

Posted by AndrewB

There are too many good podcasts that release on tuesdays. The fact that this releases so late means I usually don't get to listen to it until the next day.

Posted by Terrell

yes the Bombcast is up!


Yes, I was born the same day that Bill Clinton was born.
Also, apparently now I'm born the same day that Too Human came out.

But yeah, I'm 24 years old now... WhooHoo?

Posted by AnEternalEnigma

Ban the "First" idiots, like PEDRAM.

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Yay Bombcast!

*tunes in*

Posted by Hef

Bombcast and hotspot are both up early. Now which to listen to first

Posted by CrazyOrangutang

another wonderful bombcast!

Posted by j_meyer_13

umm...13th, maybe?  DL'ing now! :D

Posted by bizsumpark182

Listening right now. Another drink segment, I love these. :)

Posted by mrfluke

yesssssss giantbomb for the win

but im curious why they fired that intern josh?

Posted by Kontrapunkt

Ah yes.... my new favourite time of week :D

Posted by Alphazero

I dunno about downplaying the future of Professional Gaming. I had my doubts, but then I watched the StarCraft finals in the World Cyber Games, and thought it was pretty awesome. Later I hear a co-worker with a PhD and a big fat brain discussing the best way to get to Level 70 in World of Warcraft.

People care about these things. Hell, if Brad were on TV playing Geometry Wars I'd watch it.

Anyway. Awesome BombCast. Let me know if you need a live studio audience sometime.

Posted by AttackedCamo

Downloading it right now.

Posted by Daanienator

I'm going to Leipzig so I hoped the bombcast was up before I left, now I have something to listen in the train. plus, I my Zen has all the good old hotspots on it!!!

Posted by austinmiller

Can't wait to listen to this.  I am getting my copy of too human tomorrow

Posted by MayorMcCheese

Awesome, i can go to bed now while listening to the GiantBombcast, i was playing Braid while waiting for the podcast and my brain was about to implode.

There is one thing you should add to The BombCast, the most important member is missing.

Posted by Daveyo520

You guys so need to film your panel at PAX. WE need to see Rich.

Posted by Shortyz

Yeh Giant Bomb rules!!!!!

Posted by SamChamploo
Favorite quote from the show: "If your happy in High School then your part of the problem"
Posted by CleverLoginName

"I hope they die in a fire" hmm, tell me how you really feel.

Posted by Cube


Posted by jNerd

I'm super interested in all the Denis interviews could you please add sources?
K Thnx Bai!

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

I really don't see gaming as a sport...even though I'm what some might call a "hardcore gamer"....

Posted by Midgar

Chick-fil-a is awesome!

Posted by SuperJoe

"You talkin' mess about The Reflex?"  ROFL

Posted by Derios


Posted by Scratch

love the music! can't wait for next week.

Posted by xruntime

Professional gaming probably won't take off anytime soon. Personally I think the idea is rather lame.

Posted by Karnage

Great podcost, can't wait for the next.
Posted by Berkie

Thanks for the show dudes!

Posted by Raven_Sword

Huh, they forgot to mention the PSn update in their DL update thing.

Posted by Lukeweizer

What's the email address? bombcast@giantbomb.com?  

Posted by SinGulaR

I didn't listen to the podcast yet so i don't know why you aren't at Leipzig. Hope you come to cologne next year. See you guys there :)

Posted by verbatim101

The part about Street Fighter 4. It's in Houston not Austin.   Got to play it the other night at Planet Zero.  And it's glorious!  :D

Posted by youstolemykill

Great podcast! But I am unable to listen to the archives, it just plays the newest one.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Great bombcast guys!

Posted by wrecks

Where's this weeks?!?!? oh yeah... it's monday. Damn mojito mix.

Posted by Lukeweizer

They tell you to send e-mail, don't provide an email address on the page or in the podcast.  

Edited by Max_Hydrogen

"If you're happy in high school, you're part of the problem"

I seldom cheer and applaud when alone at home... And that is why you are the fucking man Jeff Gerstmann!

Posted by Pie
@SinGulaR said:
" I didn't listen to the podcast yet so i don't know why you aren't at Leipzig. Hope you come to cologne next year. See you guys there :) "
Posted by Pie
@Scratch: Me too
Posted by scarace360


Posted by FireSketch

Edit: Goddammit! I was so close!

Posted by scarace360
@FireSketch said:
" FIRST!  Edit: Goddammit! I was so close! "
Posted by FireSketch
@scarace360: You're not last anymore! HA!
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