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It done dropped!

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I don't know if I'm ready for more Ryckert stories this week, I'm still trying to get over last weeks...

*deep breath*

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Now I can actually look forward to my evening commute!

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Wooooooo. It's going to be a good drive home listening to this!

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Was wondering when this would be up!

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All right, Bombcast time! Short one this week, I can actually listen to it tonight!

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Nice, will listen later have to get some sleep.

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Now I want macaroni and cheese.

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Still bummed they didn't talk about how I think Copperhead from GI Joe and Doomguy look waaaaaay to similar. I thought I could get them to go deep into some more GI Joe talk, failed.

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Mmmm, mac and cheese. Wish I kinda hadn't eaten that pizza. Oh well.

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It's Tuesday! Tell the world!

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Oh my God I want dirt-cheap Kraft blue box garbage right now so bad.

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Drew and Danny together? Sounds like a free episode of Alt+F1.

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Someone get me some soap, I still don't feel clean.

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Kraft Dinner.*

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Yay! Now I can do my homework

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Yay, now I can go for my run! Glad to see Danny, even if it's not under the best circumstances.

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Dan Ryckert - "Craft Macaroni and cheese is objectively one of the best foods."

You're goddamn right!

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I hope Jeff is doing okay.

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Oh, Ryckert. Given your diet, insects would be a nutritional upgrade.

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I would just like to point out that I've been craving mac & cheese since last night. Went to the grocery store after work, specifically to buy some. I put the macaroni on the stove when I got home and then opened up giantbomb to find this...


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That image makes me hopeful.

Edit: Nope.

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That is definitely not food.

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So... Pears aren't food?

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Dan Ryckert the Icarus of Mac and Cheese.

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Condolences to Jeff.

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Always down for a Dannycast. But sincerest condolences to Jeff, thinking of you man. Take it easy.

I love every time Danny drops a reference to a GB video or podcast because it's great to see that he's still such a huge fan of the site. And Brad comes up with some of the best names for those advert segments.

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I bought some really bad Kraft dinner a few weeks ago. It's really, really bad. There's a reason they discontinued this particular kind.

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The best cheese comes in powdered form

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Fuck, now I want shitty mac and cheese. Not good mac and cheese, I've had that recently. The shitty kind with bad powder for the cheese. Man.

OK, Figs. Figs come about naturally from a symbiotic relationship with wasps, which burrow into the pre-fruit and lay eggs in there and die, after pollinating the tree. The fruit then will kinda eat the wasp since it's inside it, so there's no wasp parts in a fig even if they're cultivated the way they've been historically. We're also able to trick trees into thinking they've been pollinated, which will then produce the fruit with no wasps involved at all.

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So many D's!

E: Drew has the best impressions/voices.

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The Prune Challenge!!!!

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@hassun: holy shit new album? Am i that out of touch??

Yes :(

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So I went to the naturebox website, just to browse, entirely not planning on buying anything, and the /bombcast page was down. You guys are getting jibbed! They are lying to you. The page doesnt exist. SOILENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!! Anyway, I just felt like letting the bombers know.

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Can the next image be ground beef while it's still alive?

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This bombcast was so diesel.

Pardon, diezel*.

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"You are not the Icarus of mac and cheese." - Danny O'Dwyer

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always awesome to hear from danny the irishman. his latest the point video with andy bauman is one of the best things on gamespot.

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Would have loved to go to back in time to party with Danny at some crazy rave like Helter Skelter or United Dance circa 1996.

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I never had a problem with eating a bunch of prunes. I really like them, so I eat like half of a 500g container once in a while. I never ended up having diarrhea because of it.

Also, figs are green or purple, smooth and delicious. What Brad described are dried figs. Very different in taste and appearance.

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The ad with Danny uncomfortably reminded me of the continuing undercutting and almost continuous devaluing of visual art and how commission prices at minimum wages are considered overpriced.

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The world needs more Danny O'Dwyer