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Yay new podcast!

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Damn it.

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One hell of a description.

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I came here for the sex tents.

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any talk about persona 4 ultimax?

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Nothing like a fine beaver butt. Ohhh yeeaaahhhh.

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Is desert drugs really necessary?

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its timeeeeee

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I will have fun listening to this...tomorrow morning.

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Some days I want to be a woman

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I have a burning desire to listen to this bombcast, man

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lets podcast this bitch up!

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Awwww, yea. Rorie in the podcast house.

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I'm so excited by the last 6 words of this episode's description.

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Saw 3 hours and got really excited.

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New Feature: Dan goes to Gathering.

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Anyone else getting terrible download speed on this?

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Dan is so hilariously sheltered re: drugs (also life in general). Spouting some straight-up Reefer Madness shit here. Keep on keeping on, Dan.

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First sleep, then bombcast.

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They should send Dan to the next Gathering of the Juggalos. Only... he might not make it back.

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Time to party!

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Another episode of the Dan Ryckert show!

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You know what's a surprisingly hot topic with Japanese gamers on twitter? The Assassins Creed: Parity 900p deal.

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This description is amazing. Super excited to listen to it.

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Cigars are great! So are tobacco pipes! You guys just don't get it...

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fucking Dan "NARC" Ryckert.

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The comments here are going to be perfectly civil. no one will be mad at all.

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Iggy Pop once held a girl down in a bathroom and injected her with heroin so Jeff's fears are justified

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@sublime90: It's okay. Everything's going to be okay.

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That's not a picture of food.

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@sublime90: Sublime stylez straight frum long beach

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As someone who is right there with Dan with regard to actually using drugs (ie "eff that ess"), he was saying some of the most naive stuff I've heard on the bombcast. Still love the guy but that was kinda disappointing.

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@t_wester said:

Is desert drugs really necessary?

That's Burning Man for you.

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As someone who goes to Phish shows regularly, the guys(and most people) are getting hippies confused with wookies. Wooks are the lifeless idiots who do nothing but follow around jam bands, panhandling and selling (sometimes good, but usually shitty) food/goods as an attempt to get to the next show/buy drugs. Most Wookies are terrible terrible people who are a scourge to any community they care to infest.

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Dan is a total midwest narc.

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is Destiny going to turn into Titanfall? Good hype leading up to release, flash in the pan, and then a few months later everyone quietly forgets the game even exists.