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Pretty straight forward race; last 10 laps got exciting. Also, poor Massa, still getting told to move over.

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Feed my ears

Outlap: Slow lap coming out of the pits. Heat your tyres, get yourself some space, prep yourself for your hotlap(s).

Hotlap(s): Fast lap(s). Going hot, going live, etc. Time to make it happen.

Inlap: Hotlaps done, not enough fuel for another hotlap, slow down, stay out of the way, probably a million procedures needed, bring it in to the pits.

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You're late, Drew!

Posted by herpes1643

The "Out lap" is the lap coming out of the pits.

A "Hot lap" is a timed lap.

Posted by Salvatron

Oh yEAH!

Posted by sharkeh

Pit-stop lights: Each guy with a wheel gun and I think the two jack men each have a button on their gear that they push to indicate they're finished. For the light to go green every person must push their button. The guy with the front left thought he had finished putting on the nut hence pushed his ready button. I can't remember the exact problem but that's basically how it works.

Posted by dannyodwyer

Thanks for the clarification on the hot-laps folks!

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@dannyodwyer: Hey dude, I still have the 2011 Candian GP on my PC

. Can pop it on my OneDrive for you, if you want?

Posted by cclemon36

Regarding the 5 second stop-go penalty, the 5 seconds gets added to a driver's race time if the team doesn't get rid of it during the race.

Posted by OleMarthin

@dannyodwyer KERS had the same restriction, could only use it when driving faster than 100 km/h which is considered low range and the speed you have at the exit of most corners. using it below 100 km/h would probably result in massive wheel spin with all that power and the limited traction of the tire.

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Once again, a really good episode! I've begun watching F1 again because of this, and it's been good times so far.

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Woop woop, I live for these podcasts

Posted by Dick_Mohawk

The rules have changed with regard to taking the stop/go penalty, they can take it any time during the race including during a pitstop now.

Posted by JamesJeux007

If that was a really boring race according to Danny, then I can't wait for the interesting ones, because I had a BLAST watching that one. Some slow moments, but still really enjoyable.

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Yes, it's here! I'm really enjoying it so far - even though the top of the pack was really set the whole race, I had a great time following the middle and lower positions. Hulkenberg pulled out a great race, that guy seems like a strong driver. And he used less fuel than anyone around him save perhaps Hamilton, for what that's worth.

Posted by gypopotamus

It does beep for DRS in the game btw, just not very loudly.

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@cdon: I was so glad when he didn't. I was screaming at my TV for him not to do it :D

Posted by OleMarthin

I strongly disagree with Danny saying Monaco is an exciting race, it is the most boring race of all to watch if you ask me, the only action is from accidents. Almost no overtaking and cars running at 70% tops, this year it might be different with the cars sliding and less down force, but i doubt it.

Posted by deltaalphabravo

Posted by mrey4957

Awesome show again guys, a few things you sounded unsure about...

The new 5 second penalties for this year can be taken when you like (which is why Magnussen was able to take it at his next pit stop), unlike the 10 second which need to be served within 3 laps

The garage order, I believe, is decided on by the previous year's constructors winner and they can decide for each race if they want to be at the start or end of the pit lane.

And drivers need to leave 1 liter of fuel in the tank so a sample can be given to the FIA at the end of the race.

Posted by makkuwata

I must have watched Canada 2011 live, but have the memory of a goldfish and can't remember the details. Found it on the high seas, so that's my evening sorted.

Posted by Gorm

Drew, when ever the China race is coming up PM me for what you want to say at the start of the podcast

Posted by asantosbr

I have recorded 100% of the races from the last 10 years, and 80% of the races of the last 40 years of F1.

I am uploading the 2011 Canadian race, if you want any other race let me know.

@Drew can you PM me I will send you the link.

Posted by datarez

The license thing is pretty crazy and gets bureaucratic, especially in sports car racing.

There is a super license that you need for F1 but then there are platinum, gold, silver and bronze as well. In sports car racing sometimes a car (team) can only have one platinum and and say two bronze drivers in the car during an endurance race. It becomes a problem if the FIA promotes someone (due to performance, wins, etc) then they can't drive for the same team due to the rules. If they went from bronze to silver and that team can't have a silver, for example. It is also a problem when they rate a driver based on a different discipline. It happened to Michael Waltrip when he stopped racing Nascar full time and did a few endurance sports car races with his Ferrari team. He got rated way higher than he should have because of his Nascar wins and then the team couldn't hire a real fast sports car driver.

Posted by Squiretuck

@squiretuck: You legend. I sent you a private message mate.

No worries man. Have sent you the link.

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oop forgot to comment. awesome show yet again guys. :D I might have said it before, but i love the theme music so much. great cast.


Posted by csl316

That Neverending Nightmares Kickstarter story was NUTS. I remember the completely freaking out thinking his life was ruined, until some Internet stranger went "I got this." It kept coming back to the minimum limit until everything eventually evened out.

The week before, Matt came on the morning show and it looked super bleak, too.

Posted by Asmo917

About the core temperature monitoring pills: Those gained widespread acceptance/usage in the US for pro, college, and even high school football after the death of Korey Stringer, lineman for the NFL's Minnesota Vikings. He died of heat stroke during training camp, and was the first pro death after a few years of assorted college and high school incidents.

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Nice podcast guys.

While you mentioned Kimi Raikkonen videos, here's Kimi crashing out of Monaco. Instead of walking back to the pits, he goes to the harbour and jumps into his yacht and joins his mates boozing it up.

Posted by drewbert

Nice podcast guys.

While you mentioned Kimi Raikkonen videos, here's Kimi crashing out of Monaco. Instead of walking back to the pits, he goes to the harbour and jumps into his yacht and joins his mates boozing it up.


Posted by K0walski

This is my favorite Raikkonen video.

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Hey guys! Don't discount Ferrari's performance here. Räikkönen was fighting Grosjean hard for 11th there at the end, and he overtook Ericsson, Chilton, and Kobayashi to contest with Grosjean.

Even if he wasn't able to catch Ricciardo out of the pit, Alonso was holding well with the lead group (2-5, Hamilton was somewhere else entirely) and took Hulkenberg just when he needed to for that finish. Also, he clocked a 1:44.165 in lap 47 to grab the third fastest lap time of the race, ahead of both Red Bull drivers, in a car he says still needs a lot of work.

Side note: I noticed something interesting when I was looking up lap times. Sebastian Vettel was 24.5 seconds behind Hamilton at the end of the race; Button, Botas, and Massa were all roughly 85 seconds behind; Hamilton's lap time for the final lap was ~105 seconds, so at the checkered flag Hamilton was closer to lapping the group of three than Vettel was to catching up to him. (Of course, if they maintained their average speeds after the final pit it would have taken Hamilton 10 laps to catch them, but Hamilton did have fresher tires.)

Posted by Usernameandemail

Love the podcast, went premium just to keep up and have started LOVING F1. Also the transcripts of the radio are up on F1 fanatic now, a great read.

Posted by TehPickle

I so wish I cared enough about F1 to listen... :(

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Been listening to the free podcast for ages but just heard about the Formula 1 podcast. Instantly went premium as I'm a huge racing fan, so I'm looking forward to hearing the podcast!

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Great cast...keep it up doods

Posted by PancakePatriarchate

I also signed up for premium to keep up with Formula 1 with you guys! It's my first time ever paying attention to the sport and part of what makes it so interesting is from something Danny said in the first podcast; it's not necessarily just about who wins.

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For context on why Massa must have been suffering PTSD last weekend, a highlights package from the 2010 German GP:

As well, for the discussion of tobacco and alcohol liveries: Back in the late '80s/early '90s, lots of countries banned tobacco advertising. This meant that teams could race in the colors but brand names weren't kosher. Through the '90s, this got stricter and stricter. France (and, now, the Muslim countries in the Middle East) also ban alcohol advertisements, so some teams have to do similar things now to their colors.

Here's an example, the 1996 Williams-Renault. They use the word "Racing" instead of the actual sponsor, cigarette brand Rothmans.


Posted by SoloReX

Would love to see a feature where Drew and Danny race head to head in the latest F1 game.

Posted by Ryleknuckles

@solorex: Amazing idea! lets see it boys

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@harperdc: As much as I agree that they should do away with the advertisement of tobacco and such, few things were more iconic than Ayrton Senna in the John Player Special Lotus and Marlboro McLaren-Honda cars, or Nigel Mansell in the Rothmans Williams-Renault.