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also it is "(Shee-ay Shee-ay)" not "(shay shay)," Chinese just talk really fast

Posted by HammondofTexas

Are you a tyre... or a wizard?

Posted by Sykdom

Screw Rosberg and Alonso for taking out Williams!

Posted by WarOnHugs

Sweet I'm really starting to look forward to these podcasts.

Posted by cooljammer00

also it is "(Shee-ay Shee-ay)" not "(shay shay)," Chinese just talk really fast

It's more...shieh shieh.

Posted by theimmortalbum

I'm only about halfway through the race but screw it! Gonna listen anyways.

Also what the heck was the deal with Massa's pit? That was pathetically awful.

Posted by Gyrfal

Quick correction. Pastor Maldonado drove off the road while not paying attention in P1. Then in P2 he actually crashed into a wall and broke his front right business after locking up in a corner.

Posted by gulinotm

Been waiting all day!

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FYI I may have merged Maldonado's wheel-fixing spin and his actual wall crash into a single incident.

Posted by Hamborgini

謝謝 ( pronounced: ㄒㄧㄝˋ ㄒㄧㄝ ) for the podcast, guys! I don't watch F1, but I love the show.

Posted by Nigthguy

A couple of episodes ago I said that I didn't watch F1 but still loved this podcast. I am now happy to say that this got me to start watching and I'm loving it so far.

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@professionlol said:

also it is "(Shee-ay Shee-ay)" not "(shay shay)," Chinese just talk really fast

It's more...shieh shieh.

Tonal languages are hard for us westerners... which gives me the opportunity to plug this episode of RadioLab (the best show on any broadcast meduim anywhere) about Musical Language: Link!

Posted by JamesJeux007

My favorite time of the week !

Posted by murph267

I'm just here for Paul Newman

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Wait, so what's the special surprise? They watched an old race and basically riffed on it?

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Speed Racer is a good racing movie. Maybe not the most accurate, or at all related to F1.

Posted by herpes1643

The front and rear tires are indeed different sizes. Wheel and tire dimensions: http://www.formula1.com/inside_f1/rules_and_regulations/technical_regulations/5277/fia.html

The teams are not allowed to use the left tire on the right or the right tire on the left after last year. Some teams were swapping the tires to help reduce ware. This was seen as one of the possible causes for the tires delaminating and exploding at Silverstone.

Posted by Professionlol

@cooljammer00 said:

@professionlol said:

also it is "(Shee-ay Shee-ay)" not "(shay shay)," Chinese just talk really fast

It's more...shieh shieh.

yeah that's probably a better way of saying it

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"It's bright orange, too! How could I miss it!?"
"You wouldn't miss that in... an avalanche."

Posted by Mister_V

Great podcast guys,

Can't wait for the Canada podcast. That is the best race I have ever watched and I have been following F1 since 1994.

Posted by AMyggen

Love the guy who started watching F1 because he heard there was a real life turbo button in the sport!

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Re: Having slightly different left/right tyres, it's common for teams to inflate tyres on either side slightly differently to help adapt to different circuits and control grip & wear, eg. in China you might inflate the right-hand tyres slightly more to reduce wear on the through the multiple long right-handers.

Posted by edgeCrusher

I just canceled my Netflix subscription because there is nothing to watch on Netflix, and now you jerks give me suggestions of what to watch on Netflix. Damnit!

Posted by Carteret

The Wheels are the important difference, from what I understand. The One-nut wheels have different handed threads, so if you try to put a left on the right you'll just crossthread the buggers. Military trucks are the same deal.

High performance tires are directional as well, and even on your personal car there is a direction of rotation. The problem with that pit stop had to do with the wheel nut threading.

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Grand Prix (1966) is a great older F1 film with James Garner. It has a lot of fast in-car footage that holds up and looks fantastic even today. It has quite a long dramatic story line that may or may not interest viewers but touches on the how the speed, danger and deaths of the "killer years" drew people to the sport.

I agree Senna and Rush are both great recommendations. Le Mans with Steve McQueen, though obviously not about F1, is another great racing movie with some excellent car footage.

Driven with Stalone about Champ Car is horrid. Stay away from that one.

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Movie recommendation: Grand Prix, the 1966 movie directed by John Frankenheimer (who eventually went on to direct Ronin). It was the first and was for a long time the only financially successful racing movie ever made. It's a movie split into three (fictional) interweaving stories: An American driver who loses his drive, a British driver who suffers a serious injury and a world-weary French driver who forms a relationship with a magazine reporter. It's a bit baggy and overlong at nearly 3 hours but it's an essential companion piece for F1 fans interested in the historic aspect of the sport. It's full of high quality footage of F1 races from the time, superb racing sequences shot from F3 cars disguised as F1 cars on classic circuits, and numerous cameos of famous faces from the time (most notably Graham Hill appearing as "Bob") It also includes scenes shot inside the real Ferrari F1 workshop from the time. You should be able to find it on DVD.

The best bits though are the superb race montages produced by movie-title maestro Saul Bass.

Posted by cooljammer00

"It's bright orange, too! How could I miss it!?"

"You wouldn't miss that in... an avalanche."

It's cause they delayed the show a day! Drew's schedule is all wonky now.

Posted by thedrinkinggeek

I enjoyed this weeks race except that fact that Lewis led the entire race by such a huge gap. The fact that he won is fine, I just wish he had to fight for it a bit more. I looked like ht was on cruise control the whole race.

Posted by tourgen

hahahah awesome picture choice for the podcast this week

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Here is the fan car i mentioned in my email, and also the 6 wheeled car they talked about.

The fan car was driven by Niki Lauda actually

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You can find a lot of old FULL races on you tube if you go look for them!

My favorite, Ayrton Senna Monaco 1990:

More F1 documentaries:

More about Ayrton Senna

Posted by StraightGrizzly

I don't know how it relates yet (haven't listened) but anything with Paul Newman's face on it is approved by me . The only way that this podcast could get any better is with a little Cool Hand Luke injected.

Posted by edgeCrusher

@gulinotm: Thanks for those links duder. I just got done watching Senna on that fang-dangled Netflicks the kids are into these days. What a well produced film. I'll spend the rest of the evening watching F1 stuff.

Posted by WillBoWeird

A couple cool documentaries that are on youtube.

"Gentlemen, lift your skirts" about the banning of ground effect side skirts.

And another on the early years of F1 turbos.

Posted by Fooms

Just to answer that question about why Hamilton slowed down so much on the end of the formation lap. He did that in order to cause the rest of the pack of cars to bunch up more. The leader on the formation lap can set the pace and no one is allowed to pass them, so you want to race as hard as you can to build heat in your tyres/brakes and then take the last few turns/straight very slow so everyone else bunches up real close.

If you don't slow down on the formation lap enough you can be sitting in your starting grid for a few minutes and this causes the engine to heat up too much. Engine overheat leads to a slower start.

It's also why they use blowers on all the air intakes when sitting on the starting grid before the race and when retiring or after a race, the cooling ability of the engine relies heavily on air flowing through it, and without it they overheat very easy.

Posted by JonDavis

This has most definitely been asked before, but any chance of this coming to iTunes so it's easier to get to? Loving the content, keep it up.

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@jondavis: The first two episodes were the only free ones, it's premium from now on so iTunes isn't an option. All I do is download it by right clicking the download MP3 button, then add it to iTunes manually.

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Barrichello was probably the best number 2 driver that I remember. Probably because he knew straight out that he was signed as a number 2 and he accepted it for the chance to race in a Ferrari.

The most amicable partnership I remember is the Hakkinen/Coulthard one. Coulthard actually let Hakkinen through to win the race in Melbourne as a part of a gentleman's agreement.

A few laps before the end of the race, Coulthard let Häkkinen past on the front straight. The two had made a pre-race agreement that between the two of them, the driver who led at the first corner would go on to win the race, should he be in the position to do so.


Oh, and the guys forgot to mention Vettel having a cry when Kobayashi unlapped himself. Yeah that was pretty funny.

Posted by GreatDane

Best fomula 1 documentry : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2518788/


All about the danger, crashes and drivers of formula 1.

Gives the best inside to the history of the teams, drivers and race tracks.

Posted by bushlemon

Does anyone have a link to that Candian GP? I found one source but the commentary wasn't english

Posted by burgavo

@willboweird: @gulinotm: Thanks for all the old F1 footage,I don't really activly follow F1 or any other motorsports at the moment but it was great seeing all that classic stuff. I especially enjoyed seeing a young Ross Brawn in the formula 1 turbo documentary at 01:18:42

any way just wanted to say thanx to drew and danny for the entertaining race round-up's really enjoy Drew's enthousiasm at learning new facts about f1.

and if any one else likes motorsport documentaries (this one is not about f1 but rally cars) might I suggest a BBC documentary called madness on wheels


a film documenting the rise and fall of Group-B rally


Posted by rethla

Swedes remember the 78 season when Ronnie Peterson wasnt allowed to pass team mate Mario Andretti. Ronnie went up sideways with mario every lap and then pulled back just to show everybody that he indeed is faster but not allowed to pass. That was some shady teamorders. Lotus also filled up the tank for Ronnie on qualification so he was heavier than Marios car but Ronnie still took the pole.

Posted by nkster

Man, Rush is incredible, it may take liberties, but taken on its own, i thought it was one of the best movies of all last year.

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