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Posted by metalliccookies

Woooh F1 Time :D :D :D

Posted by Reisz

hot damn boys, when your timing is good it's bloody brilliant.

Posted by drewbert

Here's the "F1 car vs other cars" video I mentioned!

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Hope someone else wins this time...

About the "no rules limitation" theoretical fastest car, it has been done:

Red Bull X2010


Race sugestion: donington park 93

The reason for cars having to use both types of tires in the race is also to try to bring more overtakes since different cars with different coumponds will have different performances at some in the race.

Posted by rickyyo

I was looking up if there were any female F1 drivers and apparently there were some around the time Danny mentioned (30 ish years ago). But, it is unclear to me whether they competed in actual races or not cause of how the stuff is worded on the Wikipedia article.

Posted by frytup

An Arsenal fan crying poverty. Good lord.

Posted by T_wester

Yeah. Alt + F1

Posted by xfullboost

Monaco is the "jewel in F1's crown"

Posted by mikey87144

@rickyyo said:

I was looking up if there were any female F1 drivers and apparently there were some around the time Danny mentioned (30 ish years ago). But, it is unclear to me whether they competed in actual races or not cause of how the stuff is worded on the Wikipedia article.

I think Red Bull had a female test driver but she died during testing. (Not sure of the team). As far as I know there haven't been any who competed in an actual race.

Posted by gerrid
Posted by mustardfacial

@rickyyo: Williams have a female test driver. Suzie Wolff. Her Husband is Toto Wolff, the racing director for Mercedes

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Fastest theoretical 4 wheel car? Andrian Neweys RedBull Prototype x2014. Google it, and then play it in GT6. enjoy.

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Female F1 Drivers

ItalyGiovanna Amati1992Brabham3 (0)
ItalyMaria Teresa de Filippis19581959Maserati, Behra-Porsche5 (3)0
United KingdomDivina Galica1976, 1978Surtees, Hesketh3 (0)
ItalyLella Lombardi19741976March, RAM, Williams17 (12)0.5
South AfricaDesiré Wilson1980Williams1 (0)

Just to clarify, the difference between entries and starts is if you compete in at least one practice session you're entered in the race, but to get a start you have to qualify for and obviously start the actual race.

Posted by xfullboost

Simona de Silvestro recently did some testing for the SauberF1 team. She came from Indycar. Popular opinion is that Susie Wolff ain't that great. She was mediocre at best in her DTM career.

Posted by cooljammer00

Hmm, can't seem to find any video of Raikonnen retiring and walking to the boat, but there are videos of him just chilling shirtless on his boat after he retired from the race.

Posted by rickyyo
Posted by asantosbr

F1 only races in Monaco still because of history, glamour and the attetion it brings to the sport and sponsors. A track like that would never be accepted in the calendar following modern safety rules.

It is like doing a bicycle race on your livingroom.

Posted by Sil3n7

Glad you watched Truth in 24 Drew. I posted I & II a few weeks ago. They are awesome.

Posted by mikey87144

@drewbert: If you play GT5 and GT6 Polyphony and Red Bull teamed up to design the ultimate racing car. You weren't allowed to drive it until you got your super license in Gran Turismo. The car is insane. It goes from 0-60 in less than a second. It accelerates like you wouldn't believe and to say it turns on a dime is an understatement. It has the fan thing that you mentioned for better down force so you barely need to break to turn the thing. GT5 had 3 different F1 cars but that Red Bull ultimate car was in a world all it's own.

Posted by gulinotm

Werent they talking last race about one of those girls racing soon? I thought i heard them say that

Posted by Splodge



Posted by BaconGames

Fun pronunciation tip: if it was indeed "Mircea" on that email, then it's pronounced "Meer-cha." With a roll of the r's preferably. Romanian is weird!

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@drewbert My pride and joy is I have a piece of carbon fiber from Hakkinen's Mclaren from a crash that happened in 2001 in Melbourne. His suspension broke right in front of me and he went into the wall. As soon as the race was over my brother and I ran to the tire wall to retrieve some chunks of the beautiful silver arrow that were left lodged in it. Its about the size of a palm and clearly Mclaren silver.

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Posted by Daaan

I wouldn't say any racing car is better than another, they each 'evolved' in a different environment. F1 cars race on very specific tracks and aren't allowed to touch each other. They would be destroyed by the other cars in a NASCAR race, and I'd be surprised if either of those could finish the Dakar Rally.

Plus signs work in emails sometimes, GMail handles them by ignoring everything after them in an address. Mail sent to myemail+whatever@gmail.com or myemail+blahblahblah@gmail.com would get directed to myemail@gmail.com.

Posted by mtfikhan

Danny I would love a Soccer/Football podcast.

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For Drew wondering about what could be built if there were no rules you do have this thing:


But your so far at the limits of what a human body can just withstand for G forces and your reaction times would need to be insane that if it was actually built there would way too many crashes in a real race.

Posted by lsmjd

anyone know where to watch the full races online?

Posted by WarOnHugs

Awesome, I can't wait to listen to this at work. My inner monologue will probably have an Irish accent again.

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Danny mentioned all the cranes around Monaco. This is a great example of how good the marshalls and cleanup crew is at Monaco.

Monaco 2011. Nearing the end of the race, Maldonado and Hamilton tangle, causing Maldonado to crash out. There is concern that the crash will affect the race at the front (Alonso trying to catch Vettel), but they manage to clean up the track and return it to green like nothing ever happened by the time they went through the corner again. I remember watching on TV and going "how did they do that?" since you couldn't see it on the broadcast.

Then I found this:

Posted by DeadPanJazMan

GP2 and GP3 take place during some of the Grand Prix weekends. They were created in order to provide a way for drivers to transition from other lower levels of racing to F1. A couple of the F1 teams have their own teams in GP2 and GP3 too.

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Covered wheels are faster than open wheels but le mans cars are slower than f1 cars in total for other reasons. Its all about regulations though, both F1 and Le mans engineers could easily build cars thats to fast to handle for a non jedi and pulls enough Gs to blackout an figter pilot.

Posted by JAVK

There are bits at the start of the intro music where it sounds like someone is eating/chewing.

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Here is another great speed comparison.

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For some reason, I love the Lotus livery. I also like Force India, because it's so easy to pick out from other cars. I always get Williams and McLaren mixed up in the aerial shots.

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@mtfikhan said:

Danny I would love a Soccer/Football podcast.

The European seasons are almost all over so it's probably not the best time to start a football podcast, but I'd definitely be into a World Cup one.

If you need a good football podcast to listen to, I highly recommend The Guardian's Football Weekly.

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@dannyodwyer "... apex predator ..."

I see what you did there.

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Another Race Suggestion:

The 1982 South African Grand Prix was a highly contentious race and it very nearly didn’t take place, the entire field of drivers commandeered a bus and left the circuit in the days leading up to the race, protesting the plans by FISA (The Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile) to change the terms of the driver’s super licenses so that they would be forced to stay with a team for a minimum of 3 years, they would be banned from criticising FISA and they’d have to disclose all of their personal financial details.

The strike was led by Niki Lauda and Didier Pironi, the two men scored a resounding victory over the FISA management and the race went ahead as planned – much to the relief of the fans around the world. It was also to be Lauda’s first race back after his retirement and he was to line up on the grid in the new McLaren MP4/1 – the first Formula 1 car to make use of a carbon fibre composite monocoque – a design now used in all forms of high-speed open-wheel racing.

All in all, it’s a fascinating little piece of F1 history and is well worth watching – even for a casual fan.

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LMP1 cars are pretty tiny and only weight 850-870kg the 911 next to the LMP car itself is quite small for a sports car.

Also regarding how fast you could make things, we're pretty close to the limit now with the ~5g they were pulling in eau rouge in 2011. If anyone knows how a dry sump system works, I can't wait till we start dry sumping drivers :D

Posted by Monosukoi

Aw yeah. I love Monaco. My favourite circuit to race on in games alongside Suzuka and I always find it breathtaking to watch.

Watching Thursday practice is actually really fun at this race since the extremely low levels of grip they have during the middle of the week means the cars are squirrelling around on a track about as wide as a matchstick. It's awesome.

Posted by RedSquirrelBrown

Race recommendation: Valencia last year was pretty good.

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Posted by ColdsnapBryan

Yay! It's time for some racin' talk.

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I went to the Monaco GP once in the mid 90's. We sat on the hill the old town is built on above the Rascasse turn, with great views off the starting grid, half way to turn 3,and all the way back to the line after the exit of the tunnel.

Because it's a city circuit in the centre of a very small city, they have to open it back to traffic when not in use. Back then, qualifying took place on Friday for the Monaco GP instead of Saturday like everywhere else, and the circuit was open to regular traffic all day Saturday.

The best part of the weekend was walking that circuit that Saturday, seeing all these famous landmarks in person and realising that I knew parts of this city like the back of my hand just from watching F1 since I was a little kid. The hill from turn 1 to turn 3 is so much steeper than I expected from watching the TV.

Posted by Crashews

@drewbert Teams have test drivers and "third" drivers take part in these pre-season and in-season tests because with the limits on testing these are some of the only opportunities up and coming drivers have to drive a real F1 car on a real F1 circuit. During previous seasons (and perhaps we'll see some of it later this season) you will also see "third drivers" or "reserve drivers" taking part in Free Practices (usually FP1) again to get that experience. Sometimes they'll throw a driver into FP1 for promotional purposes - Caterham will be putting Alexander Rossi (the only American reserve driver in Formula 1) in their car for FP1 in Austin and Montreal this year.

If someone wants to see the trajectory drivers take from Hot Wheels to Formula One all they need to do is take a look at that driver's Wikipedia page. Alexander Rossi started in Karting, got into the Skip Barber Racing School, and won the Skip Barber National Championship at age 14 before moving to Formula BMW at age 16. Rossi crossed the pond to compete in Europe for the first time in the "International Formula Master" series at age 18, moved up to GP3, then to World Series by Renault (Also called Formula Renault 3.5), and then GP2. Now Rossi races for Caterham's GP2 team while also serving as their Test/Reserve driver.

Vettel's career was Karting > Formula BMW > Formula 3 > Formula Renault 3.5 > Formula 1 (effectively skipping GP3 and GP2).

Regarding "fastest" cars - there isn't much overlap in terms of circuits for LMP and F1 but two notable tracks which they share are Silverstone and Circuit of the Americas:

2013 Silverstone F1 = 1:33:401 (301km/h peak)

2013 Silverstone LMP = 1:42:767 (272km/h peak)

2013 COTA F1 = 1:39.347 (308km/h peak)

2013 COTA LMP = 1:47.868 (??? peak)

Older F1 cars were pushing 233 MPH. LMP cars push 200MPH. NASCARs have been clocked at 216MPH during a race.

Unrelated - this is a great video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEbLDcQG-Eo) of some of the craziness that can happen even in the top tier of "Sports Car Racing". The wheel fell off of this guy's car, he runs back and puts the wheel in the passenger side and then gets back in and drives his now-three-wheeled Porsche back to the pits (the suspension is stiff enough to keep the corner of the car from dragging) so that he can keep racing. ALMS merged with Grand-Am recently to form the new "United Sports Car Racing".

Posted by Megasoum


2 fun tidbit of info about the Monaco GP

1- They do the practice on Thursday instead of the usual Friday because the Prince like to shop on friday morning (I kid you not)

2-They have the weld shut the manholes covers around the track during the race week-end because the cars create enough force to throw those huge and heavy covers 20-30 feets up in the air.

Posted by rethla

@crashews said:


Regarding "fastest" cars - there isn't much overlap in terms of circuits for LMP and F1 but two notable tracks which they share are Silverstone and Circuit of the Americas:

2013 Silverstone F1 = 1:33:401 (301km/h peak)

2013 Silverstone LMP = 1:42:767 (272km/h peak)

2013 COTA F1 = 1:39.347 (308km/h peak)

2013 COTA LMP = 1:47.868 (??? peak)

Older F1 cars were pushing 233 MPH. LMP cars push 200MPH. NASCARs have been clocked at 216MPH during a race.

In other words LMP cars are GP2 touring cars

Posted by Crashews

@rethla: It's easy to be reductive. The regulations of each series so dramatically effect the designs of the cars that they're not very comparable but each series is enjoyable in it's own right - especially the more I understand about each of them.

Audi's R18 had a closed cockpit, was not open wheel, 915kg, 3.7L V6 Turbo Diesel (+Hybrid) All Wheel Drive.

The RB9 had an open cockpit, was open wheel, 691kg, 2.4L NA V8 (+Hybrid) Rear Wheel Drive.

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