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Actually watched this for the first time a couple of weeks ago (got into F1 because of this podcast after many years without much interest), and hoooooly shit!

edit: As a true internet detective I found out that this was recorded on 8. April.

Posted by BaconGames


Posted by Graham_Nix

I don't watch F1 so someone get me some youtube clips, stat!

Posted by Mijati

I'd love to get a full copy of the BBC coverage of this, was fantastic to watch.

Posted by noizy

I have not seen this GP. I'm thinking I need to find a copy of that race to watch before listening to this podcast. I checked YouTube and other places but didn't strike gold.

Posted by HammondofTexas

To anyone interested, you can watch a lot of this race, if not the entire race, on YouTube. Not posting any links because I don't know if it's considered piracy or not.

Posted by bigsmoke77

This guy has has the race on vimeo but it has russia commentary http://vimeo.com/53280085

Posted by Mister_V

@mijati said:

I'd love to get a full copy of the BBC coverage of this, was fantastic to watch.

Yeah that was great, The part where Brundle and DC get bored and start talking about the wildlife is great.

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Man kinda bummed I didn't get to see this race before hand, I didn't want to watch it with russian comentary and the torrent of the bbc broadcast was a bit on the large side at 8.3 gigs and only has a few seeders. If anyone is interested I found it on the piratebay, just google for: bbc canadian gp 2011 torrent and you'll find it pretty quick.As Hammond said not sure on the legality of posting these type of links so just look for it yourselves

oh and don't pirate stuff it's aigainst the law.

If anyone knows of any more cool racing documentaries please post the names, I really enjoyed the ones put up last week.Anyone know what the name of the documentary about the Isle of man TT that danny mentioned last week was?


Posted by csl316

Bonus soda!

Posted by pyrodactyl

Alt F1's intro music might be my favorite podcast theme of all time.

Posted by smellylettuce

Ice-T and Coco were in the pits as well during the stoppage. I originally thought they were the easter egg reason to watch the race. Great race though, was very entertaining. Thank you file-sharing networks.

Posted by BraggyBRFC

@graham_nix: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/13744893 (if you're outside the UK I don't know if it will work)

Posted by skip124


TT closer to the edge I believe, was on Netflix, but not sure if its still up

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This is a link to the highlights on the BBC website BBC Classic F1 - 2011 Canadian GP. I will try and record it and do something if it doesn't work for you folks in the US. I remember watching the race live including the rain delay and It is one of the best.


@graham_nix: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/13744893 (if you're outside the UK I don't know if it will work)

Beat me to it

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@skip124: Netflix probably won't have it in my region (which is ussually the case with anything good)

but at least I have the name now, so thanx dude!

Edit: just saw the trailer for this and now I remember I already saw it A year or so ago, thought it would be an older doc. from the 70's or 80's. Still a good film to watch though!

Posted by xfullboost

rewatched this race a couple days ago just for this podcast. I expect great things from you two....

Posted by realkman

It's a complete circuit, but you can ride your bike on it and use it as an access road to some of the park facilities.

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Next classic race should be Donington Park 1993 or Japan 1988.

Posted by BrunoSardine

Someone in the stands was lucky enough to capture the moment that Vettel ran wide and Button slipped through. Crowd in the stands started going absolutely fucking nuts: http://youtu.be/Gfi2gDsaa3I

Posted by herpes1643

Essential viewing for staying excited between race weekends.

Posted by DrPotato

@xfullboost: Same here. Also I like that avatar, it's one of my favorite parts of a race weekend.

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Is there a way to get either this via the Podcast app for iOS, I've tried plugging the premium feed into itunes but Alt+F1 doesn't show up there. Also I haven't regularly synced my phone with my computer since the advent of the podcasts subscription grabbing model. If there is a way for me to enjoy this without having to sit at the computer to listen to it or manually download it I'm pretty sure you would have a listener for most future episodes if not in a timely manner they would all get listened to eventually. It's not rally but I've found F1 interesting from afar and personalities such as Kimi Raikonen(sp?) quite interesting racing without the danger of the craziness of Dakar (you might get held hostage or other weirdness) or Pikes Peak and all its inherent weirdness which has dropped off quite dramatically since the entire road has been paved.

Loved Drews abbreviated coverage of the last season via the Bombcast.

Posted by JCHenderson

@piltdownman: You can subscribe then enter your login info through some podcast apps. I am currently though having trouble with it and are listening to these through the site. Not ideal but don't want to miss them.

Posted by DeadPanJazMan

Ever since Danny mentioned a race that Drew had to see from a few years ago I knew it was gunna be this :-D

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Here's the clip of the steward falling over trying to clear debris off the track.

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I remember this race as one of the craziest I've ever seen. Button's incredible racing, crashes in the rain. This'll be an interesting podcast!

Posted by Tofford

I remember my housemate running into my room for the last 10 or so laps and at the point where Vettel went wide we both jumped up and down going absolutely mental. The irony is he now works at Red Bull

Edited by WooDooUK

Ah the memories!

In 2011 this race weekend coincided with the that years Le Mans 24hr race. After making the annual pilgrimage to Le Mans and watching a fantastic race (See Truth in 24 II: Clicky!). We then went in to Le Mans to have food and then find a bar, just assuming the F1 was done and dusted.

Only to walk into the bar at the back end of the 2 hour stoppage!

As you can imagine a Bar in the middle of France at the home of one of the greatest races in Motorsport, full of fellow UK fans, all rooting for Button, the atmosphere was awesome!

Posted by Rebel_Scum

This was definitely the best race of 2011. First time Sebastian Vettel showed everyone that he is human and makes mistakes.

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It's a shame that Kubica's F1 career was ended by that rally accident. He had been really impressive the previous season.

It sounded pretty terrifying when I read the report of him suffering multiple arm and leg fractures and a partially severed hand, the multiple surgeries to rebuild his arm, shoulder and foot; but when I saw the picture of his car on the BBC, I'm just amazed and relieved he wasn't even more badly hurt.


I'm glad he's still able to race somewhere.

Posted by skip124


bit long winded and if uve already tried it sorry, but if you open giant bomb from ipod/phone and select the alt+f1 podcast and then select RSS feed, it should throw you into the podcast app, there you can subscribe to it, enter your GB details and it should show up, may need to keep selecting the option to log in for the app to update, but that's how I got it, and haven't had any issues with it

Posted by gypopotamus

You guys should watch Abu Dhabi 2012 next, followed by Brazil 2012!!!

Posted by jayc4life

@craymen_edge: Holy crap, I never knew that happened as I don't follow F1 extremely closely, but just seeing that image, thinking that it's amazing that nobody was killed. Cripes.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

The intro to Alt F1 is the best intro ever

Posted by ColdsnapBryan

Thanks for letting me know about this race. I was pretty watching in awe at how messed up this race was. When the steward nearly gets ran over I almost turned it off, I was so shocked and thought I was about to watch some dude die flopping around like a bozo. I was cheering for J Button like crazy too, it was great to see him win.

Posted by 71Ranchero

This was a great podcast guys. I went and re-watched the race last night and had forgotten about most of what had gone down. Im not sure if I am as enthusiastic about the race as everyone else but to be fair, I've been watching F1 for almost 20 years and even the most exciting races can feel pretty stale these days. Perhaps I have been spoiled by the overtaking and excitement in GT/Touring cars and endurance racing.

I am however getting more enjoyment out of this season just because of this podcast and because of the forum discussion so maybe by the end of the season I will get back the interest that I used to have.

Posted by DystopiaX

@piltdownman: On the latest version of iTunes there should be a refresh button.

Go to the podcasts tab, then click premiu podcasts, and under the title of the cast there should be a refresh button. Click on that and it should grab the latest podcasts from the feed.

Posted by Shrekeh

I'm not much of a betting man, but I threw a tenner down on Vettel to win, (forsaking my Button man crush) knowing he'd been dominant all weekend. That was the most bittersweet pass I've ever experienced watching F1.

tldr; Button won because the universe wanted to screw me out of 20 quid..

Posted by Megasoum

@drewbert@dannyodwyer FYI guys, officially the whole Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is considered a Montréal street, this is why the GP is known as a "Street circuit" like Monaco or Melbourne. In reality only a small portion of the track is used by "normal" cars the rest of the year and it's always only for local transportation (for example if you want to drive to the beach near the pit lane). During summer it's mostly used as an open bike track where anybody can go ride around on his bike to enjoy the park and the river.

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Well, I finally broke down and actually watched an F1 race. Turns out races are pretty rad! I guess I have to watch the rest from now on...

The long intermission was oddly one of my favorite parts. It was pretty entertaining to have on in the background while doing stuff around the house. I nominate the Red-Winged Blackbird as the official bird of Alt+F1.

Edited by kyledej

Here's the official race edit.


Posted by cooljammer00

Having once watched "futbol" in a European pub once, and been in France when Algeria won some soccer thing once and the streets were filled with honking Algerian expatriot cab drivers, F1 sounds like something I might want to start getting up early and catching, or watching with a bunch of other people in an eatery of some sort. I might have to find some sort of F1 fan meetup group in NYC.

Also, the same goes for World Cup soccer, and Eurovision.

Posted by Fattony12000


Posted by ThomasCro


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