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Posted by divergence

first? sorry couldn't resist

Posted by Grimdaddy

Shame that the missing audio is still absent. I would have liked to hear the reasoning behind that unfortunate EDF review she left over on Eurogamer. It told me next to nothing about the game, which seems to make it more of an editorial than a review. I would have perhaps enjoyed it if it had been framed that way, but as a review it was lacking pretty much everything I could ask for in one. Disappointing.

Posted by DopeSkill

Oh man, I thought she said "in bed with" dot tumbler dot com.

That site is definitely not about games.

Posted by rmanthorp
Edited by Grimdaddy

@rmanthorp: You are right, this is a conspiracy on the level of the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Release the secret audio, the people have a right to know about opinions on bug killing while screaming EDF.

Posted by refoom

How many times did she say "like"...

Posted by gschmidl

Anyone catch the name of the bullet hell game she was talking about?