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Thanks for continuing to bring more women into the room in 2014. Inclusion is good.

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Hey y'all, and thanks to the max for having me. I've long refused to do the podcast thing, but I adore my longtime colleague PK, and I love Giant Bomb so much. I was friends with Ryan, and getting to be on the Morning Show meant so much to me. You have such a great crowd here, and I can't say enough great things. Thanks again for having me around today -- as your friend and colleague, it's the highlight of my career. Thanks so much.

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great guest this week. interesting stuff.

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@jennatar: You were an awesome guest, and your voice brought back memories of joy and terror. Nice to have you!

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@jennatar: Jenn Frank you are the coolest. This has been my favorite episode of the show yet. I hope you lighten your podcast restrictions a little because you're great at it, as any longtime Retronauts fan can attest. Thanks for doing it!

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Really enjoying the AM show with this podcast feed. Thanks for that.

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Great podcast, you guys should have Jenn on again.

I've always thought the survivalist mentality, or maybe the bunker mentality? was something more universal to all humans than an american thing. But then I didn't grow up in a part of america that its really prevalent, so don't have first hand experience.

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Remember Me was almost my game of the year too, close to it. And I enjoyed the combat, but more importantly I enjoyed the setting a whole lot.

On the other hand, the issue of Nilin's race or whatever didn't even cross my mind, maybe that's just me.

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Wow, listened to this today, but that Phillip Seymour Hoffman comment rings super weird with the news today.