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Posted by PandaBear

Half the time I hate this guy, half the time I agree with him. Still, I guess that makes him more interesting than 80% of people writing about games.

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Jim's awesome, and he's always fun to listen to (I think so, anyway). When I heard him say "clearly Rita Repulsa" I nearly laughed my way off the highway.

Good show, as usual.

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@patrickklepek At the end Jim waxes pretty political concerning refund policies. The UK's consumer's rights has seen many players returning digital content that they did not like for a refund. Of course, in the US, such policies are not enforced but complementary.

this topic seems to come up in the latest podcast as well. except in that instance, it is Australia, and I assume, according to sensible economics, the lost profits resulting from that sort of refund policy enforcement is averaged out and considered when pricing, to mitigate the cost. So that may be another potential reason why game prices in the UK and in AUS are higher.

I figured that this was information that you and the bombcast mightve been aware of, but wanted to let you know anyway.

Posted by CharAznable

Good to hear ol' Jimmles. I haven't kept up with his stuff since he left Destructoid.