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Posted by patrickklepek

Apologies for lower audio quality. Had to rip the video audio for today's show.

Posted by TheMasterDS

I'd like to offer a criticism of the guest episodes by laying out the basic structure of this episode. I'm using very rough estimations.

  • first 10 minutes: Introduce the show, introduce the guest, bit of random talk (e.g. football)
  • 10-40: Guest talks about what he's been doing
  • 40-63: Patrick asks guest what he thinks about other parts of industry
  • 63-67: Patrick has guest pimp his Twitter, games, etc
  • -The last two minutes: "What are you up to this week Alex?"

I won't deny that it's interesting but it just feels like a 2 person Interview Dumptruck. Like whenever Patrick and Alex get a dev in the call with them they forget to talk about news, what they've been up to, etc and go right into interviewing mode. It's cool but I also want to know what games they've been playing, whether anything happened in news over the weekend, etc. I'd rather Dumptrucks be about the people being Dumptrucked and AMs be more about what's going on right now in games in a broad sense.

Posted by csl316

Another good show, another cool guest.

I get why MasterDS might not be into the format, but I actually like how the two days have a different focus. Keeps topics from overlapping with the Bombcast since the Friday show is half a week apart.

Posted by monkeystick

I didn't notice this came in mp3 as well, thanks!

Posted by oobs

maybe do a podcast themaster and show us how its meant to be done

Posted by TruthTellah

Mike Bithell was an absolute pleasure with some quality insight! Thanks to him for being a part of the cast, and I look forward to checking out his new game. :)

Posted by tomobedlam

Good show! Thank you!