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I realize the quest is gone but still...

Posted by danielheard

I want that Banner Saga QL. I can't be the only one can I?

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Posted by pyrodactyl

@patrickklepek I'm not sure La Mulana would make for a great video feature. The thing that isn't super apparent about that game is that it's half chalenging (sometimes really hard but not most of the time) metroidvania game, half HORRIBLE puzzle game. I swear, past the half way point it's almost impossible to progress without a walkthrough. You just can't know which of the 12 dead ends you've encountered leads to the next area and, to progress, you'll need to strike a specific wall in a specific part of those giant ruins. There's a part where you need to press down to sink through a specific floor to get to the next part of a level and there is no hint anywhere pointing you in that direction. You can get by in the first half of the game with the hints or brute force your way through certain puzzles but the second half is just bullshit wall waking and other ''fun exploration puzzles''.

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@patrickklepek Is there any chance you'd be able to do an interview with the young horses guys? Theyre based out of Chicago