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Posted by Spunkrake

I'm beginning to like this 'Friday podcast' thing a lot. Even if I miss some of the visual jokes. Also, I wonder if he'll talk about the 'Mailbag Mayhem' game. That looked amazing, and like it affected him a lot.

Posted by csl316

Thanks to this, I now know that Robert Patrick shares a birthday with me on November 5th.

Fuck. Yes.

Edited by tourgen

Eve on the Rift! We are living in the future people.

You only have to render two scenes if you want to produce a stereoscopic "3D" illusion. Just like standard stereoscopic 3D gaming that Sony was pushing ... on the PS3. You can achieve a non-stereoscopic result by simply copying the framebuffer over to the other eye's view.

I think good Rift experiences could drive PC hardware sales. If they're good. We could have a situation similar to Doom for early PCs.