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Posted by DrSwank

Enjoying this show!

Posted by TheMasterDS

Fantastic another nice and prompt upload of the podcast. Wonderful.

Posted by bobabrowncoat

Patrick, buy a ControllerMAX. I've been using a PS4 controller on my PS3, 360, and PC. IT'S WONDERFUL. No lag. Programmable if you want to move the buttons around.

Posted by lartax

I would love to listen to these, but the volume changes seem to be all over the place basically all the time.

I would really appreciate some proper audio leveling in the future.

Edited by TheMasterDS

By the way I'm one of the people who still likes Yoshi Story and I must say I have replayed it recently and had fun doing so. That said I've done the same with Glover which is awful so I dunno.

I do think there's a lot of merit to what Yoshi's Story does. Where Yoshi's Island is just a mediocre platformer with a poorly implemented collectathon on top of it Yoshi's Story is an amazing hybrid of a mediocre platformer and a collectathon where the two disparate parts actually complement each other. You have open non linear levels put into a branching campaign structure. You can also try to collect melons for higher scores. Or replay the two Tower levels 1-4 and 3-2 over and over again because they're the best levels.

I don't think you can go back to it and even then it was more of a novelty, one of the less good games you played between Rare releases that you knew wasn't as good as Rare's work but was worth playing regardless. I think that makes it better than Yoshi's Island though which is a mediocre game with no merits.

Posted by csl316

I assume Patrick's exploits with Lord Gamblor are basically what This Is Vegas would've been like.

Posted by Hassun

Came here specifically to hear the musical intro.

Posted by ep_driver


You can find the woodland critters in the lost forest. There's an invitation to a blood orgy on the floor of Stan's room that includes directions through the forest. Then you can friend them all on Facebook, of course.

Posted by PandaBear

I think what I like about this show is how small and focussed it is without being rigid. I love the Bombcast, but the two guys chatting about games is a more relaxing listen sometimes. Keep it up.