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There was a weekend where I probably played Hearthstone nonstop. It was kinda fun but it was just kinda a pain in the ass when I played ~50 games to actually start winning consistently. Maybe I just suck at card games but I felt like the bigger issue was that I would do well against an opponent, next round I'm going to win, and then they'd use some shit like a 10 damage fireball to finish me off. The annoying part is that person just played longer than I did to get those fireball cards that I didn't have right away. So it wasn't about skill as much as it was about having the right cards. Of course, there is skill enough to be competent but just having the cards gives you a huge advantage I think. It would be nice to have it work more like Netrunner or something and pay a subscription. That wouldn't work most likely since people are more willing to spend their time instead of money but it would base the game way more around skill. You'd still have the random factor from drawing cards but its very difficult to work that randomness out of a draw game.

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I'm sorry Alex, but the Trials Fusion's song is awesome.

Look at those lyrics.

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7 million PS4s sold through to consumers in 5 of months?

Wow. PS4 is curb stomping Xbone bad...

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@matatat: Oh man, but that's a lot of the fun from the other perspective! Imagine being the guy, one turn away from certain death, top decking just the right card to give you lethal exactly when it was do or die. It feels sooo good. I imagine that's what a perfect game of DOTA HOTS feels like.

Also you don't have to worry about Pyroblast (the 10 damage fireball) since they nerfed it to cost 10 mana instead of 8 so no one runs it anymore. The biggest card these days is Unleash The Hounds which a Hunter card that summons as many 1 1 beasts with charge as your enemy has minions. So you combine that with a Scavenging Vulture (2 1 draw a card every time a beast is summoned) and a Timber Wolf (1 1 +1 attack for each beast) and you're doing a lot of damage and drawing a lot of cards. There's a lot of hunters these days and every one of them runs this combo if not for game ending damage than for card draw. The other big deck right now is Zoo which works because Warlocks can draw as many cards as they like rather than due to any specific card.