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The topic of stock dilution came up in the Bombcast.

Dilution is when the % share of equity that an owner has is decreased by the issuance of new shares of stock or stock options, without the existing owners participating in that issuance.

For instance, if Oculus had 100 shares of stock, and gave 5 of them to Bethesda, Bethesda would have a 5% equity interest in Oculus. However, every time Oculus went to a VC firm, those new VC investors would also want equity shares.

To continue the example, a new VC invests in Oculus, in return they receive 100 shares. Without any additional compensating action, Bethesda's interest has now declined to only 2.5%, while the new VC has 50% of the equity in Oculus. Bethesda's share in the future sale of the company, their claims on assets if the company dissolves, and also their voting power has significantly declined in this situation.

What Bethesda wanted was to ensure that if other companies/firms invested in Oculus, Bethesda would still have 5% (or whatever percentage). In this example, the way that would happen would be that as the new VC received shares, Bethesda would also receive new shares that would ensure its participation remained at 5% instead of being diluted by the issuance of new shares. In this case that would mean Bethesda would automatically receive 5 1/4 new shares when the new VC investment happened (then they would have 10.25 shares out of 205.25 shares which is basically 5%).

Dilution is often a key component in what are referred to as "poison pill" plans, when a company is trying to avoid a hostile takeover attempt. As the hostile investor purchases more and more shares of the company on the open market, the company will begin issuing new shares to investors aligned with the existing management of the company (sometimes called "White Knights", although that can also mean that the "White Knight" is required to purchase the company if certain contractual terms indicative of a hostile takeover occur), to reduce the total % of the voting power that that equity stake acquired by the hostile investor is able to accumulate.

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You guys are killing me! Double Dash is the only strategic Mario Kart in the series as it allows players to manipulate player positions and punishes players for blindly driving into first. Like a fighting game, a great Double Dash player will know when to be offensive (head to first) and when to play defensively (stay back and hold items.) Until a Mario Kart features double items like DD, no other Mario Kart will ever be as strategic.

I could go on and on, but yes, you guys are waaaaaay wrong. I love you guys, so you're forgiven.

Yes, I know, I'm so merciful, you're welcome. <3

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That baby is so goddamn smug about how cute it is.

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Thank you for not saying "spoilers" and ruining the last Walking Dead Game Season One. It might have been a year but spoiling it was not needed. Hopefully you don't spoil other games in future episodes. I would have gone Premium but not after this remorseless filled spoiler, I will stick to the other Podcast from now on. At least they added "Warning: some Walking Dead season one spoilers" two days after, it still should have been there from the beginning before you ruined the game.

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@gormatop: Talk about overreacting, Jesus. And no, that spoiler didn't "ruin the game". Also, I really doubt you were gonna go Premium but decided not to for some reason because of a spoiler.

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@amyggen: I don't think this is an over reaction and I was but the smug attitude they had about spoiling large moments in the game did not help.

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The last episode of the first season of the Walking Dead came out in November 2012. I think anyone who hasn't played a game within a year of it's release doesn't have any legitimate interest in ensuring that it isn't spoiled. If you intended to play it, you would have done so by now. Also that little snippet is a tiny moment out of a ten to fifteen hour experience, with little relevance to the ending, except adding a little more melodrama to the parent/child relationship, one that's reinforced in a dozen other scenarios in the game.