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Gimme all the scoops! Woof!

What am I even doing??

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@karatetron: Now I want to see a Rick Flair wolf call. Wooooarooowooow!

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I'm only getting the first 24 seconds from this. Is anyone else getting that too?

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I enjoy the navel gazing actually. When the whole dorito gate thing happened I really liked the whole Giant Bomb crew getting introspective about their jobs during a podcast.

It's good to hear Patrick acknowledge the fact that getting all these games for free does give game journalists a different perspective. I mean, I don't think that it's a huge intuitive leap to put yourself in the shoes of people paying 60 bucks or whatever, and I'm certainly not saying you guys aren't capable of that... anyway it was refreshing to hear...

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Even if you listen to the audio version, be sure to tune in at least briefly to the video archive to experience Patrick's wonderful facial reactions to Alex's tales of Ric Flair.

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Amazing show. This is great content. Much loves for Alex and Patty.

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Awww yeaaah, I enjoyed this Morning Dump.

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Alex and Patrick are the worst part of this website.

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Its good having something that updates on a Monday for a change keep it you guys

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Get this shit on Itunes yo

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One thing I'd like to throw out there is that, speaking as someone who does react strongly to the praise that experience driven games like Gone Home gets, I can't speak on behalf of everyone, but for myself, there's this growing fear that the kinds of games that I love and have loved all my life are becoming a less and less relevant part of the bigger conversation about games.

For me, gaming isn't a medium, it's an activity, and that's how it's always been. There's nothing wrong with changing up the nature of the activity, or using it to tell a personal story, but for me, a game is something to do and not something to experience. There was an immediacy to it, there was a sense that success or failure came from skill and practice, and maybe you never succeeded, but you had a blast trying.

As critics review games as subjective experiences, and pay more and more attention to those aspects, to the point where a game is just an interactive story, it worries me that this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of an ongoing trend towards games designed around a carefully scripted interactive experience, and that in doing so, we're unwittingly diminishing the relevance of games that don't aspire to those same goals.

Uncharted and The Walking Dead are fantastic, I won't dispute that, but I worry that if games keep moving down the path they forged, we might be abandoning a lot more than we realize in the name of so-called evolution.

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Bombing the A.M. has been a great addition to Giant Bomb. It's filling out gaps in my podcast listening work week. :)

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hey guys love the new show and also the title. It's a little long so.. I would have just gone all out and made is ridiculously long like: Giant Bomb Chicago & New York Present: Bombin' In the AM with Scoops and the Wolf. A GiantBomb Production.

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Alright, here's the concept for a logo/cover art for this feature that's been in my head. If I could manage to draw stick figures decently, I would post a mockup, but I can't, so alas. Anyway:

The POV is facing a large bomber, or perhaps a modern 747, in mid flight, partially tilted, as if in mid manuever. We see in the co-pilot seat, @patrickklepek, in full Spookin' With Scoops freakout because in the pilot seat is: @alex, or perhaps Nic Cage as a full-on werewolf. Howling.

The bottom of the plane is visible, so we see the bomb bay doors open, Giant Bomb logos being dumped out. Above the plane, and probably very tiny, is an upside down plane in mid-eject, as it looks like these madmen disrupted a perfectly good Flight Club already in progress. So there ya go. Somebody go out and make it into A Thing.

No onto the normal feedback: I like this show as it manages to cover ground that can sometimes get missed or hijacked by delightful tangents in the Bombcast. I certainly feel more than a vague sense of keeping up with the weird world of gaming news.

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Still really loving this! Wish I had time to watch the video, but thank goodness for the podcast version.

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Alex and Patrick are the worst part of this website.


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@melodiousj: As long as there are individuals thinking the way that you are now, or worried about the way games are going, I don't think you should worry much. Because of that worry where the industry or games may go will keep it in check, as long as there is passion the will to fulfill that passion will be there.

Edit: Plus you cannot tell me that this gen has not been a huge awesome freaking release of games developed by guys and gals that played the same damn games I did growing up. I would bet that the crazy awesome strange games released nowadays get even more exposure.

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Any chance you guys could start adding an episode number or the date to the end of the file "title" in metadata? The filename's got the date, but because of the title there's no difference when you bring it in to most music players. Pretty easy to fix, just helps out for organization. Thanks!

Edit: I picked up X-Com for the same reason Scoops was interested in it. I was able to get a good deal on it, so it was worth it just to see what that game ends up being after all of the changes it went through, and whether I think it's any fun. The description sounds great, the QLEX made it look fun, so here's hopin'!

As for the big three releasing today, I feel like Splinter Cell is getting the short end of the stick more than the Bureau. I know you guys were getting tons of PR emails on it, but I've managed to effectively hear nothing about it, and I even liked the past Splinter Cells. The Bureau at least had the big release advertisements on sites like Green Man Gaming and had the great pre-order bonuses. As for Lost Planet 3, that definitely feels like it's being dropped slyly to die. The week after three or four big releases, basically no advertising, the same week as Madden, and not too long following at this point is GTA V so it doesn't even necessarily fit as "I'll get around to it after X-Com and Saints Row".

Really enjoying the morning shows, and it's great to get to hear more from the both of you. Also, thanks Patrick!


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@winsord said:

Any chance you guys could start adding an episode number or the date to the end of the file "title" in metadata? The filename's got the date, but because of the title there's no difference when you bring it in to most music players. Pretty easy to fix, just helps out for organization. Thanks!

You got it.

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Alex and Patrick are the worst part of this website.


Proof that the internet is never wrong. Stop being the worst, Scoops/Wolf.

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I finished listening to this this morning and started X-COM tonight. I really hope it is not overshadowed too badly by the other releases this week. It is fantastic a few hours in.

A minor aside.. The title of the show is a little odd, I kind of think something like, "A.M. Bombing Run...", sounds a little better. But, the content has been great, so, a rose by any other name... Keep it up guys!

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Nice show

Except for the Lords of Shadow part of course. That game is great and you're both very wrong. Many people love this game which is the reason why there is so much excitement for the sequel. ;)

Actually, it's one of my favorite games of this generation, along with Red Dead Redemption and Dark Souls.