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This thing has an intro music?!

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Yay, I guess...

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Richard Christie loves October and Halloween season far more than Patrick.

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Hope you guys see this! I really enjoy the cast :)

On the topic of Gran Turismo, I get that you don't know or really care and treat like I dunno soccer/fifa... but since you did talk about it. Thought I'd let you guys know a bit about the film. For petrol heads and car culture folks GT is a big deal still. I can trace my passion for cars and auto racing back to games like Gran Turismo and Driver.

This information concerning the the film, comes from the Gran Turismo 6 info session at Gamescom 2013:

  • Polyphony Digital has received requests for over 7 years from movie companies interested in creating a film about the Gran Turismo franchise.
  • Kazunori finally agreed to this film project because it wasn’t just a “car action movie”, and instead placed a focus on a youth’s “growth and maturity”.
  • Kazunori hinted the movie could start with a mother, worried about her son playing video games, and tells the story of how he goes on to become a successful racing driver.

The other thing I heard is that it might just be based off the successful stories that have come out of the GT Academy program (this driver program is ran by PD in conjunction with Nissan). Though I mean they already have a reality tv show. The winners have gone on to take podiums and do well in endurance racing.

Lastly a documentary is coming out titled: KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide.

I only write all of this in hopes to get you guys to change your perspective on GT a litte. The opinion that you guys have for GT, just feels stale. It's boring to listen too, heard it for years.