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Yo, what's up?


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Wait, wrong podcast.

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I've been summoned three times for jury duty already and I'm only 28. Never got past the waiting for 8 hours stage though.

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@patrickklepekI have only once been taken from the Jury room into a court room. It was an interesting experience. The judge has everyone fill out a little questionairre for the lawyers with your age, highest amt of education (no HS, HS degree, AA, some college, BS, MS, PhD, etc), your occupation (or unemployed or stay at home parent) and whether you know anyone in law enforcement or the legal profession.

After that they called up 20ish people and the judge went through their questionairre and the lawyers took turns removing people from the 20. After a certain number had been removed they added more and repeated the process. I wasn't really aware of all the reasons the two lawyers were using to remove jurors, but it seemed like anyone with a higher education degree (or this one dude with like 4 degrees) (BS, 2 MSes, and a PhD) was often removed. Though it seems like age didn't matter too much. The people in the box when I was called up were just about as random an assortment of people as you could ask for. Some older (40+), some elderly (60+), a few young workers like me (late 20-30s), and one college student (early 20s), both men and women and pretty much a mixed bag of races and professions.

I was at one point sitting in the actual jury box as one of the 12 who would be used, until the defense lawyer asked for me to be dismissed. After that (it was after lunch and maybe 3pm-ish), I went home and my service was complete. I haven't been called since. That was over 4 years ago. Not a terrible way to spend an afternoon all things considered. I even got to ditch a silly meeting at my office that day! Win-win!