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I think "the bullshit machine" is the perfect term for what's going on right now concerning the PS4/XBO. I'm stealing that.

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This episode of Monday Morning RAW ends with a shocking screwjob from Patrick's ISP!

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Just got Puppeteer for $2.11. Hope it's worth it!

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Great thumbnail

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I'm listening to the show right now (yes, I'm late) and I don't even know what controversy they are talking about.

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Me neither, I wish they'd made it a little clearer. As they themselves admitted, they're feeding into the bullshit machine with the way they talked about it so cryptically. Patrick in particular prides himself as a real video game journalist, (rightly so) so I was a little disappointed with the way things were discussed.

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Yeah, I understand that, but all the dancing around did was make google console news from the last week. I appreciate that they don't want to feed the machine but I think they just shouldn't have even mentioned it (which I believe they acknowledged) because it piqued my interest. I thought Patrick mentioned Tearaway but then they started talking about consoles.

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The Stanley Parable fix might not be censorship, but it's patent bullshit.

If he didn't change it, it might become an issue, which is the scary part.