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Posted by meekodraf

Ack, Waiting for it to show on iTunes so my Friday can officially begin!

Posted by DarkShaper

It is really fun being able to sit back and watch people bitch at each other over the new consoles since I'm not getting either until next year at the earliest.

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Typical Bombin' in the AM intro:

"Is this working? Can you hear me Alex?"

"Yeah, sort of"


"Google Hangouts is broken"

"Oh no, I can hear you."


"Yeah, yeah, the chat says they can hear us."

"Hang on you..." "What, oh sorry."


"...no you go"

"Ok, sorry, my connection isn't working well today"

"Fucking internet"

"Yeah.... yeah... I'm in a hotel. Internet here is pretty sketchy"

"Ok, I think this recording."

"So who was your weekend anyway?"

"Good, yeah good. Ok it's working now I think"


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I love this feature! Its fun to hear Patrick and Alex discuss. About anything. ANYTHING! ( but mostly games )

Posted by JermainJuniorMartinez

@darkshaper: I am in the same boat as you, being in college does not allow for much casual spending, and rocking a decent size back log of games, I truly see no reason for the early adoption of any of the consoles, but just like you I do get a morbid sense of enjoyment watching the fan boys duke it out, kinda reminds me of the Idiots at work that throw down over NFL teams none of the idiots own lol such idiots.