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Aww yiss. Ready for dem podcats.

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Re: Alex's point about Destiny being repetitious - I'm not certain that's the problem per se. After all, every MMO is fundamentally based around repetition. However, the best MMOs are the ones that disguise the sense of repetition from the player most effectively, which Destiny definitely does not do.

Take WoW for example. In that game, there is always "something else" to do. If I get bored questing, I can go craft. If I get bored crafting, I can battle monsters. If I get bored doing that, there is almost always some daily/weekly/monthly festival going on. Individually, all of these systems are still repetitious; when I'm crafting, I'm still performing the same tasks over and over toward some incremental goal. However, they still feel fundamentally different or involve different types of gameplay.

Compare that to Destiny. There is no crafting. There are no festivals. There are no alternate activities like Sparrow racing. There are only four zones (vanilla WoW launched with 40+). There are daily/weekly events, but those are just harder versions of already available content. What's left is the shooting, which, although solid, is really not enough to carry the game long term. If I get bored with shooting, all I have to move onto is . . . more shooting.

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God Bless you Alex, for laying down truths re: "doing it for the hits."

I for one have been super-interested in Destiny for example, and watched just about all the content I could for it (I didn't watch the whole four hour streams that Jeff and Brad did, but I watched a good chunk of 'em), even after buying the game. To some extent, hearing what Jeff and co. have thought about Destiny has helped me articulate my own feelings about Destiny (namely that it feels pretty awfully hollow).

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I always enjoy the show, but something about this one was particularly engaging. Alex killing it with the real talk.


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there was plenty of coverage done i felt with the quick looks unfinished from before and the servers are up yet...how much video do you need? its an FPS shooter basically

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All about the hits, baby.