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"He is doof personified."

I don't know why, but this broke me.

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It's unfortunate that GG is being painted with a singular brush, one of the most recent examples of someone threatening Anita was identified and the authorities were clued in by the GG community. I don't mind people not caring about GG but it's a little unfair to paint everyone in it as doxxing misogynists when there has been plenty of that going both ways (Boogie2988 for example).

edit: https://twitter.com/sanc/status/521211260017606656

It's whatever. You're welcome Anita.

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@sylect: Dude, this is not the hill you want to make your stand on. The community is spoiled, and whether it be the work of a few rotten apples or not, putting yourself on the side of GG is putting yourself in the company of misogynists, harassers, and yes, actual NeoNazis. If you have legitimate concerns about corruption in journalism (which is what GamerGate claims to be all about, in spite of its origins and public actions), find another name for your cause, because like it or not there's nobody who will take GG's complaints seriously anymore. I hate journalistic corruption (like publishers paying YouTubers who have styled themselves cultural tastemakers to say how great their games are, for example) as much as the next guy, but I'll be damned if I'm going to use the GG hashtag to express my concerns, because that hashtag is now synonymous with death threats.

@patrickklepek, your work is great and honestly some of my favorite stuff here (especially the articles). Keep it up.

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Things get real at about 39 minutes in (good on you, Patrick and especially Alex).

Then things get surreal at about 56 minutes in (oh god. Whhyyyyyy).

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This type of harassment (internet harassment) is not something typical of gamers. Neither is it typical of feminists.

There have been beautiful levelheaded responses from the gaming community and from outside the gaming community, that explain that there are some serious issues with the integrity of gaming journalism and that the extremist feminist movement is (finally) meeting the first industry that dares push back. I won't let some kind of sexist cult ruin our hobby, nor some people who do horrible things through the internet.

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I almost made a Twitter account just to tell Swery that D4 is half the reason I'm buying an Xbox. But Twitter is a horrible place.

And @alex, it doesn't solve the world's problems, but know that for every crappy internet person there are 1,000 that love and appreciate what you guys do. Ebert was my favorite movie writer, Sam Smith of the Bulls is my favorite sports writer, and I'm not even joking that you're in that company on the video games side.

But alas, it's easy to get bogged down in negativity due to its frequency in recent months. And yes, it fucking sucks that you try to stick up for others but the trolls just keep on coming. My friend got harassed for retweeting a Sarkisian thing and she's not even in the industry. This thing knows no bounds.

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In my tiny defense of Mordor's ending (also thought it was a bad ending), I hate QTE's, but I also hate when the final boss of a game is just the same kind of fighting as the rest of the game. For this game specifically, the player would have just hacked at the boss, dodged, countered, etc. for a longer health bar. That to me also adds nothing to an ending sequence. I want games to do something else also, but at least it wasn't dragged out.

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Well with any luck Sony can jump on the opportunity and pickup SWERY for his next game. Seems like most of the hardcore who would appreciate his games have definitely gone that way and Sony seem to really "get it" at the moment.

Man what the fuck Microsoft. This dumping of Kinect is just such a poor response to the bad will they already accrued in the past few years. The image of the company in regards to the "xbox team" couldn't be any more piss poor at the moment as far as i'm concerned. I feel like there was a fair bit of this movement of company attitude towards the tail end of the 360 which basically culminated in the hubris of the xbone launch, at some point all ears to the ground talent get's chased out of that sort of a culture.