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Wolfie & Scoops!

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Those nachos look so boring...

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Tacos obviously.

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Great way to start the day.

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can't start the week without Bombin' the AM!

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The default black bars are a huge hindrance to playing Evil Within. Given how the game struggles to maintain 30fps with 1/3 of the screens pixels not being rendered, there is no doubt in my mind that it was done to improve stability with the terrible IDTech engine Bethesda forced Tango to use.

Patrick speaks about the console command on PC that eliminates the black bars by simply zooming in the picture. This is true, and it IS actually worse than playing with the default black bars. However, a fix has come out called "Flawless Widescreen" that gets rid of the bars AND provides a traditional FOV that makes things perfect.

With this fix, I found the game VERY enjoyable. I eventually elected to keep the 30fps lock because uncapped to 60fps has huge swings in fps (often even when no lighting effects or enemies on screen) it is too stuttery using this setting. I get drops into the high 30s anyway with a 780Ti ($730 graphics card a couple of months ago) so I settled on 30fps locked with no deviation.This is not ideal, and it is totally understandable to wait for a price drop for a 30fps PC experience.

The textures are flat out ugly. Lighting/shadows is pretty good, but not top notch.The character design is excellent, and animation (outside of the main character's run animation) are all well done. IMO the sum of the parts add up to a good looking game overall.

I really enjoyed my completed playthrough of the Evil Within, but I would only play it on PC. The severe letterboxing forced on consoles ruins the game.

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I could absolutely murder some nachos right now.

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@dayoneadvantage: Personally I don't think it's the fault of the new Id tech since it is cousin to whatever those Cod developers use, Tango's lack of experience in PC game development might be the real reason.

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Mmmm, corn chips and molten plastic....

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Is the social media experiment over??

Seems like more and more people are finding out how inane or negative Twitter has become. While I spend my time on Facebook, that's a cesspool of baby pictures, talking bad about exes, and posting Marilyn Monroe philosophy quotes.

Seems like the experiment was a failure. Pack it up!

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@PatrickKlepek thinks my username is pretty good and @Alex half-heartedly agrees. I'm set for this week. Thanks, duders.

See the video comments for my reasoning on why both answers are fine, but the best answer is nachos.