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You're not friends with that red pyramid thing, are you?

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The funny thing is, I realized it was Silent Hill due to the red lights after sirens, bells, or beeps go off, and the ghosts creating static on the radio. I just hope the full game isn't in first person, otherwise the setting seemed correct for the game. Did anyone else think the voice on the radio felt a lot like the gameshow in the elevator in SH2?

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My wife walked in while I was watching Patrick play the teaser. She sat down and couldn't stop watching, in spite of hating every moment of it and watching through her hands half the time. I think they have something here.

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@patrickklepek: If you're not to burnt out from Divinity you should definitely dip a toe into DA:Origins sometime before Inquisition comes out. You don't have to finish it but it's worth it just to familiarize yourself with the world.