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Yeah! Scoops!

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House of Leaves is good, but for my money Only Revolutions tried to do more. Both are well worth reading, but OR made me quit and it was not until later that I came back to read it and everything clicked. One of my favorite books, and one I can natter on about at great length if not stopped.

Danielewski has been teasing the release of his new book The Familiar for the last couple of years, presumably because the book(s) is(are?) set to release sometime next year. I think in the spring (Amazon claims May 2015 (and that's where my pre-order is)), but WHO KNOWS FOR SURE.

Other neat books in that vein include the Raw Shark Texts, which is pretty great in its own right.

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Pardon me, Patrick, but VC games on the WiiU do actually have additions as far as being able to play on the gamepad, and being able to remap controls. Slightly beyond 'ROM dumps'

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Oh dang. Alex's voice is even deeper than usual.

Just gotta... loosen this tie. Oh, dear.

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So I googled House of Leaves quickly and it seems to be a lite-version of Infinite Jest with some added horror. Is that anyhow accurate? If it is, I might need to read it.

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hey guys, keep doing game of the year stuff the way you have been doing it. This isn't a scientific process. It's all opinion and tastes anyway. You can't let numbers dictate how stuff shuffle out.

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Good answers to my console gaming history question. Thanks guys! I looked into it and Joy2Key might actually work on more older games than I thought, so I'm gonna test a bunch of stuff.