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Taking an example of the Bombcast and doing a three hour one! Awesome!

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Thanks for recording this, you guys.

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Finally, a podcast I can listen to without worrying about spoilers this week. Thanks!

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When 5 GOTY podcast isn't enough then 8-4 has got you covered.

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You guys actually got a shout out from Patrick during the day 5 GOTY deliberation as being the place to go for monster hunter.

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8-4 Play is my favorite podcast this year. Great group of people just talking about games and the excellent retrospectives.

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This is probably the best 8-4 cast I've heard so far this year. The Gregg Tavares stories are awesome.

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Great!!! a Long One! Awesome! I Love You All! R'nR'

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Thanks for a fantastic episode.

Merry X-mas and a happy new year to you all, looking forward to some new poddies next year ^_^

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Started listening to these podcasts yesterday. Really loving them!

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i love the special guest episodes. industry stories are great.

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I've never quite understood the hate for all caps, but since this podcast started naming their episodes in all caps, I may just be starting to get it.

But I'm here, so I'll download it before the caps send me away.

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Happy holidays to you, 8-4 folks. I look forward to hearing what you folks think of Soul Sacrifice.

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Great podcast!

Enjoyed hearing about Crusader Kings II at the end there. I still haven't "completed" a single game, but I've thrown nearly a hundred hours at it. Absolutely fantastic once you get passed the obscenely complex systems in place.

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Happy to listen

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Why do Mark MCdonald hate me? When GB post, it's 3am. When 8-4 post, it's 3am. Wouldn't you be ahead of me Mark? C'mon Mark, I know you're in control of all the strings here.

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Please make that Dreamcast retrospective happen. Preferably, by having multiple guests from SEGA Japan/USA talk about their perspective of the system over a number of episodes similar to the SNES retrospective.

Any insight from Smilebit or AM2 would make my heart sing.

Also, big credit for putting out a podcast so close to New Years! Fantastic!

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8-4 is the best. Happy new year to you guys

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This was their best podcast yet.

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I'm hoping that one day, Jeff and GIantbomb get to do that stupid/amazing Japanese games shopping spree.. and live stream the experience with the 8-4 crew.

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@Christoffer: Actually, Patrick posts the podcast on the GB site.

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Something to accompany me in the harsh dungeons of Legend of Grimrock. Thanks!

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Podcast happiness is my pleasure to rain.

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This episode was really, really awesome.

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Samurai Shodown! Damn I miss that franchise.

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What an excellent episode!

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All that girl does is laugh and giggle. It's annoying.

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The developer stories were pretty amazing. Japanese development sounded so inefficient back then. The Zombie Revenge stuff was pretty cool because I remember that arcade was set up right next to House of the Dead so my mind was blown when you get to the stage that literally takes place at the House of the Dead with the game's mansion and enemies.

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Great episode. Maybe one of the best podcast episodes ever!

I loved hearing about the behind the scenes stuff and learning about how programmers performed certain tricks with the hardware they had. The level of detail Gregg Tavares went into was amazing. Normally when podcasts get people in they get producers or game designers this was really interesting to hear what it was like for a programmer.

An awesome way to end the year!

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Great episode! I love the wackiness of the normal team's game conversation, and the in-depth looks at development really help the podcast standout. I love it.

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I have next to no programming experience, but it's absolutely fascinating to hear Gregg reminisce about how old consoles and games got to work their magic and have it all make sense to a plebeian like myself. Astounded to hear how stuff like the dragon in Mega Man worked; those developers did a superb job covering their tracks in how they got that sort of stuff to work.

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"En, Två, Tre, Fyr!"

Oh Loco Roco..

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That was a very entertaining listen. I played the hell out of the Commodore 64 version of Centipede!

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Being a programmer myself, this was a lot of fun to listen to. Thanks guys!

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Great podcast episode, guys (and gal)!

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Just gotta say this is one of my favorite ones so far.

I can't believe I've been button mashing in Samurai Showdown all those years FOR NOTHING!