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Posted by Matthew

movies yes please....

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Thanks Rorie!

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What an awkward weekend release. Still, hell yeah!

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Hi Alex and Rorie!

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I want to listen to this very badly but I have yet to see either of the movies! : /

I am glad you put a new one of these out, Power-Bomb Cast and Alt-F1 are good but this is my favorite.

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Posted by Aegon

That was unexpected.

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Behind the Bomb door is ready for take off. Alex is always riding dirty

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The Toast Is Coast is some vintage Matt Rorie.

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Posted by Jackist

Can someone post the time when they finish talking about X-Men? I just don't want to spoil that yet.

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Sweet :D been waiting for this

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But... I loved riddick

oh and btw. Edge of Tomorrow is pretty neat

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Rorie, I take back all the things I thought about your taste in movies (I forget why I was mad at you, probably some Marvel movie) you had the perfect take on Godzilla. Meh humans, a shame about Watanabe, but when you know who does you know what to you know who, it's all worth it.

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@jackist: They start around 13:50 and end at 29:30

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Bombin in the AM with Rorie and Alex.

@rorie I actually found it telling that Wolverine was not the star of the show as much as before. It really felt like they were handing the torch to the new hot and hip actress Jennifer Lawrence.

X-Men Last Stand did happen, though that horrible X-Men Origins Wolverine film was pretty much completely ignored.

@alex Preach! The Transformers films have 0 redeeming qualities.

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Box Office Boooo-omb!!

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Posted by Scotto
@hiczok said:

But... I loved riddick

oh and btw. Edge of Tomorrow is pretty neat

You're not alone. Riddick was a cool movie.

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This made me more interested to see Edge Of Tomorrow than it's trailer.

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X-Men: DOFP was X-Mazing !

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Aw yeah!

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Street dicks? Where?!

I mean, that new X-Men movie and Godzilla sure were great movies!

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I'm not sure I can relate to your opinion on Inside Llewyn Davis and honestly comparing it to Intolerable Cruelty seems gross. The movie isn't about a character growing he turns down every single opportunity he has because he is unwilling to compromise what he believes he is an artist. So much of this movie is about who he is and how his job (being a folk singer) controls every aspect of him. If anything comes between that like lets say being referred to as someones 'son' or having to change the way you sing he looks down upon it with disdain. The music is so well done, but you have Llewyn looking at music done by other artists and the world he lives in with such utter disdain and because of that you second guess your ability to trust him as your window to the world. The scene with the woman, you both thought was cringe worthy was supposed to be cringe worthy, it was one of the only scenes not from his point of view to show you that he's an utterly miserable human being.

Also the fact that his partners death hangs over the whole film, is a question of mortality and what you're here to do and accomplish. There are very subtle hints of it and not so subtle hints of it. But it always present if its not him playing the record, its his mother singing his part while they more or less make him sing for his supper. He is plagued by this and its obviously affected him dearly. His disdain and anguish seem like they come from this pain. I'm glad you both agreed that it was beautifully shot because it was. It almost felt like it was filmed in purgatory with a bleak dull tone over it all.

I'd urge you to go back and just listen to every little scene, when he's traveling with John Goodman the Cars that scream by don't sound like cars they sound like demons. This character is followed by his demons non stop, which was actually showed in one of the first scenes where a character dressed in black with no face scorned him for "using my mouth" which would be his job :)

I don't know, love the show and you both but I think you should rewatch the movie. Thanks for the podcast and I can't wait to watch Under the Skin it sounds amazing.

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Posted by Eaxis

I came her when I saw Riddick mentioned. I love Riddick. I think you meant to write Radness!

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Posted by WarOnHugs

Yay a movie podcast!

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Nice podcast, you mentioned Wolverine conveniently falling asleep whenever the plot demands it, really, with X-men you can always tell they have to write around certain characters, because there's a bunch of mutants that are just too powerful/useful, so they're always conveniently de-powered/knocked out/unavailable etc.

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@rorie i assumed that it was inception rules Like 1 min in the future been a couple hours in the past

i also don't agree with the wolverine show he was not the main focus at all he was just bridge for the past and the future most of the focus is either on Prof X or Magneto

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Under The Skin looks/sounds really interesting.

Any further recommendations for recent good non-explodey Sci-fi?

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Oh man, looks I have to watch Riddick before listening.

That lore!!

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I've been meaning to watch Inside Inside Llewyn Davis. Not sure if I will now.

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Fucking Riddick, Space Ninja.

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Posted by ChrisTaran

Love this podcast guys!

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As someone who actively disliked the Screened-podcast (and still listened to all the episodes, ahh), I still find myself oddly gravitating towards any potential discussion of street dicks.

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I came away from Godzilla and Xmen with fairly opposite opinions to Rorie. Godzilla, for me, was pretty bad. Some fun stuff and awesome moments, but overall I was left feeling pretty empty by the end. Xmen, on the other hand, I put on the level of Avengers if not above it. I was absolutely floored by this movie throughout the entire thing. Sure, some of the time travel and continuity stuff is a little wonky, but I really didn't care. People are hung up on it not lining up completely with X-3 and X-men: Origins. Guess what, those movies were complete garbage. Anything they can do to take some of the good stuff and completely side step the trash from those things I'm completely fine with. All the action and the set pieces were interesting and fantastic. That quicksilver sequence has entered the pantheon of great cinema action sequences in my opinion. This movie really perfectly straddled the line between the fun, quirky tone of X-men: First Class and the more serious stuff in X-1 and X-2. I really can't recommend it enough. I had a blast with the entire movie. Felt like I was only sitting in the theater for 15 minutes by the time the credits started to roll. With Godzilla I wished I could fast forward through a lot of it.

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Posted by baka_shinji17

GiantBomb ridin' dirtay.

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Man, not sure if it was this or the last podcast (just listened to both on the train up north) but Welcome to Collinwood is well worth a watch. It's a nice little caper movie, kind of the sort of middle tier film that is so rare these days.

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Ken Watanabe was totally wasted in Godzilla. Every time he was on screen, I knew exactly what he would do. Say nothing/very little and look shocked and in awe of everything. It was pretty fun actually.

X-Men was great. I totally forgot X3 and Origins Wolverine because I watched them once and absolutely didn't like them.

Edge of Tomorrow was pretty great. It certainly has some plot problems if you think about it too hard. I enjoyed the humor and action. Definitely recommend seeing it in 3D because it really does add a lot of depth to the scenes. Bill Paxton was a bit of a hoot in it as well.

Agree completely with your thoughts on Llewyn Davis. Kind of the same problem that I have with Mad Men. I just don't like the character and he never seems to grow or get better. Really liked the music but don't really care to watch the movie again.

I've had no interest in the previous Transformers but this new one actually looks pretty cool. I'm going to see it in IMAX 3D.

Definitely looking forward to Guardians. I think Rocket and Groot look great and it has some good humor to it.

I've seen nothing of this new Hercules movie starring The Rock but I like him so I may give it a shot when it's out.

I agree with you guys about movie trailers. They show way too much anymore. You can tell me who's directing or starring in it, and that's usually enough to get me interested or not. The trailer for Transcendence totally made me decide to wait and rent it though despite me liking a lot of the cast. Maleficent and the most recent Spider-Man movie showed all the best parts in the trailers and the rest of the movies weren't that great. Felt like I could have just watched the trailer and gotten everything good out of it. I've been enjoying this season of movies so far.

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Posted by CitizenJP

#thetoastiscoast #confirmed

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Posted by todomachi

The toast is coast is a phrase we can all live by.

Excellent podcast.

Can't wait for more.

Thanks Dudes.

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Posted by tumblinghippo

Thank you, Alex, for the Source Code comment about ending 5 minutes sooner.

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Posted by Gold_Skulltulla

Agree with the thoughts on Inside Llewyn Davis; thought it was a pretty big letdown. I don't care if the character grows or not so long as the more I get to know the character, the more interesting his/her life becomes. Not the case here. Llewyn felt like an archetype in a movie that seemed to require an aptitude for folk music or a nostalgia for that era of New York. Nothing hit hard enough, and to top it off, it's an uphill battle to get an audience to care about a self-loathing asshole. The music doesn't make up for it either. It's not bad, but I'm astonished by its critical acclaim.

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Posted by jmood88

Rorie's struggle to pronounce Edgar has never made sense to me. It's not like it's an exotic name.

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Posted by bkbroiler

I love Rorie and Alex, and love the podcast, and agree with their taste in games, but I continue to fervently disagree with their taste in movies. Just the complete opposite of every opinion I have. Way too nit-picky about X-Men, the Source Code love I don't understand, and I thought Inside Llewyn Davis was great.

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Posted by Jensonb

I really don't understand why so few people seem willing to give Marvel the benefit of the doubt on the Edgar Wright thing. I know he's made great movies (some of my favourites), but so has Marvel Studios without him. And I mean I saw The World's End and...Yeahhhhh...I dunno about The World's End. That is a less than brilliant movie to say the least.

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Posted by cooljammer00

David Strathairn was doing that Alphas show. Was pretty good.

Shit, that guy in Inside Llewyn Davis ISN'T David Krumholtz?!

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Posted by StrayConfusion

Does anyone know, is there anyway to subscribe to the premium feed in a mobile podcast app?

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Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

Finally watched Beyond the Black Rainbow thanks to this podcast. Such a weird movie.

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@strayconfusion: You need to add the RSS feed. If your app has built in authentification you can put your username and password there. Otherwise you have to add "http://username:password@www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/premium/".