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Posted by Korosuzo

R.I.P. Robin Williams.

Posted by Dingler

What a guy.

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Alex must have never actually read The Infinity Gauntlet. It's arguably the best Marvel event. Definitely the most insane. Thanos is so god damn amazing and menacing in that series, I cannot wait for Avengers 3. It will straight up be the craziest movie ever fucking made.

Oh, unbreakable shield? Fuck your unbreakable shield!

Rorie, Starlord's father is the king of the Spartax. He's not actually super important.

This has been your regular nerdy-ass comic update!

Posted by Nakirendral

I still can't believe he is gone. Suicide or not, RIP Robin Williams.

Posted by csl316

Hurrah, an episode where I'm actually caught up on movies!

But less hurrah about Robin Williams. I've never heard anyone I know say something bad about the guy. A truly gifted actor that could embody any character he played. RIP

Posted by Stimpack

He was definitely an icon, and the type of actor that can never be replaced. When I think of unique individuals, he's definitely at the top of the list. It hurts to think of the pain he must have been in, and I hope he's in a better place. We all miss you, duder.

Posted by myketuna

Awesome that this came out, but man. Robin Williams. A great loss, for sure.

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God willing, we'll all meet up again in the sequel. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: The Search for More Money.

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Oh, Alex. You're so cynical sometimes haha

That's kind of why I am a fan of yours, though. I love hearing the other side of the coin (from my own opinions).

Edit: I do agree, though, that some stuff in the movie feels rushed (like often it felt like they are forcing drama into a scene). I had my own problems with it, but ultimately I think it's a fun film so it's no biggie.

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Yeah Behind the Screened Door, tell me about a movie I enjoyed!
Also, in honor of another Behind the Bomb Door this is for you @rorie:

Posted by AlKusanagi

@bunkerbuster05: It's looking like the movie may do something different with his father. They describe him as something ancient and powerful and rarely encountered, whereas the people of Spartax are just regular-ass space humans. My money is on his father being an Eternal, which would also tie them in with Thanos even more.

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Nanu nanu :'(

Posted by Insertcoins

The Dragon Ball Z movie was released last year in Japan and is the first Dragon Ball project creator Akira Toriyama has been involved since DBZ ended. For DBZ fans it's nice to have something new to watch but overall nothing special, however because it has been well received many people are hoping for a new series with Akira Toriyama involved.

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Still waiting on that Planet of the Apes song to be featured in one of these movies.

"I escaped and went down by the sea, and I saw a half buried statue of liberty. That's when it suddenly occurred to me. It's our planet occupied by monkeys."

Posted by Criven

I did not know until very late in the cast that this is Alex and Rorie. Really great co-host Rorie. I hope you jump in on some other stuff around the traps. You are great.

Posted by BabyChooChoo

Yuuup, Tales From Earthsea was the first film Miyazaki's son directed and it was a bucket of hot, steaming garbage. I feel the need to recommend it to everyone simply because of how bad it is. I mean, to be fair, it's far from the worst thing ever made, but it's just soooooo shit especially when you put it up against any other Ghibli film.

To his credit though, he knocked it out the park with From Up on Poppy Hill. Ended up being one of my favorite Ghibli movies. My all time favorite though is probably a tie between Princess Mononoke and Kiki's Delivery Service.

I feel like everyone more or less agrees on Mononoke being one of the best Ghibli films, but I thought KDS was just so incredibly goddamn heartwarming. Maybe there's a little bit of nostalgia there since that was the first Ghibli I saw and the only one I saw while I was a child, but it still puts a smile on my face to this day.

But I digress. Ghibli's current status bums me out. Honestly, aside from Earthsea, I feel like they've pretty consistent over the years. Well...it's been a while since they've had something I would call "magical," but it's all been really good, solid work in my opinion. meh, oh well

Edited by huser

I thought how the art dealer info dumped regarding Ronin was pretty clunky, but otherwise a commendable amount of info got chewed through in this movie.

I do wonder if this movie was greenlit partially as a dry run for Disney in the setup of a Star Wars franchise.

EDIT - I've always liked Marvel space. It's completely removed from Earth...where I keep all my stuff, so I can understand the disconnect in interest. But because it is separate, you can get completely insane. God I'm hoping for a Squadron Supreme by way of Eternals.

Posted by Stimpack

@criven: Alex and Rorie worked together at Screened, ya know. They had a podcast. This was basically it.

Posted by FinalDasa

@bunkerbuster05: I bought and read through the story just a few months ago actually. I enjoyed the story and it had some great moments but overall there were a lot of points that left me feeling underwhelmed. I think the premise just filled my head with a lot of expectations, and getting practically every hero and villain together, and was ready for something truly unique and epic. It didn't disappoint but I was left wanting more.

Do you think some of the supporting material would help?

Posted by TheHT

@bunkerbuster05: I only had the first issue of The Infinity Gauntlet when I was a kid, and it was the coolest, most amazing thing I'd ever read. And boy did I read it over, and over, and over again. I didn't know of any comic shops around me, and when I got older and did start frequenting one I had forgotten about it. Only 5 or 6 years ago did I think back on it and realize "wait a minute, I'm grown now, I can just go get the rest!"

So I did, and I finally read the whole thing, and it was great, and I was happy.

The end.

Posted by l4wd0g

Is the objectification of women the same thing as misogyny?

Posted by dvdwalker8

TMNT was ok. You can definitely tell Michael Bay was involved with it though. The whole Mikey and April stuff seems very much him. I still prefer the original film though.

Really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. Thought some of the jokes would have been better without characters in the world pointing them out to me. I can tell when some things are weird or funny. I don't need Rocket to tell me what's weird. I like Michael Rooker but the magic arrow thing was a bit much for me despite all the other fantastical things in that world.

I'll probably see Expendables 3 despite being quite disappointed by the first two films. Definitely going to see Sin City 2 just because I'm so curious to see how it turns out like 9 years after the first film. Very much looking forward to Interstellar. I'll definitely see Hobbit pt. 3 despite thinking they aren't as good as the LOTR trilogy.

A theater chain around me has classic movies that they show twice a week before rotating to a new one. They actually just had The Big Lebowski about a week ago. I saw The Shining there at some point last year. I'm thinking about seeing The Matrix when they play it in a couple weeks. I own the Blu-ray but I never saw that on a big screen and it's one of my all time favorite movies so I might go check it out.

Posted by Aegon

Digimon Hounsou.

Posted by hollitz

Alex and Rory are such a god tier pairing. Love hearing them talk about anything related to narrative.

Really wish that True Detective podcast hadn't gone missing.

Posted by simian

Snowpiercer is my nomination for most overrated film of 2014. If @rorie was complaining about how overt the message was in The Host OH MAN prepared to get slapped in the face with the class-based society analogy of Snowpiercer.

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As a person that worked in movie theatres and was there for the transition between 35mm and digital let me tell you it can be KINDA easy to mistakingly play the wrong movie on Sony 4K digital projectors, but not 3 times in a row. You basically have a small touch screen mounted on a giant rectangle that is the projector itself. On this touch screen you have a playlist from which you choose what to play and then press a giant PLAY button like on an iPhone. The titles are sometimes truncated so the filename could have simply been Guardians.scope or something. The projector itself is locally linked to a main server where all the movie files reside. The movies themselves come on hard-drives that you connect to main server and "ingest" or copy basically. When you build a playlist with all the trailers and whatnot you then send that playlist to all the projectors that you want the movie to play on and the server begins to upload the appropriate files to each and every projector. Ingesting a movie into a projector can take up to 3 hours so it's something that has to be planned ahead and can't be really done on the fly. It's possible their projector didn't have the file which is a common enough mistake to make, but it's also possible they forgot to upload the movie to the main server which is a huge blunder.

@l4wd0g said:

Is the objectification of women the same thing as misogyny?

Not at all.

Posted by RVonE

@rorie Wait, when you looked up the box office figures for HTTYD and HTTYD2 it sounded way off. So I went and looked and came to entirely different figures:

How to train your dragon: USD 494 million

How to train you dragon 2: USD 487 million

These figures are more than double what you claimed them to be. Am I missing something?

Posted by Winternet

@rvone: You're missing the point that fact checking is the doom of us all.

Posted by RVonE

@rvone: You're missing the point that fact checking is the doom of us all.

Hahaha! So true and I'm sorry.

Posted by MusiM

There are TONS of Marvel cosmic villains. And if they're smart they'll stick to Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's run on Marvel cosmic from a decade ago.

My prediction is Ultron is the villain of Guardians II a la Annihilation Conquest.

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Gorō Miyazaki did pretty good with From Up on Poppy Hill.

Hayao Miyazaki is 73 years old.

Posted by Robsamuel

Digimon Honsou.

Posted by coloursheep

@rvone: World wide vs US grosses

Posted by NicksCorner

My podcast device is an iPod. Does anyone know how to get this and Alt+F1 on iTunes?

Posted by RVonE

@rvone: World wide vs US grosses

I see. But is there any rationale for only looking at US figures?

Edited by Ford_Dent

The Sin City discussion at the end is on point--it is precisely how I feel about Sin City. It was very interesting to me in college, but I've reached the point where I don't think I care about it anymore. I will probably see Sin City 2, but I also will probably not pay to seen Sin City 2 (i.e. I will use my friend's associate pass to get in for free).

Posted by NPfeifer

I'm disappointed neither of you guys have seen Boyhood. Great flick!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

What's up with the Expendables 2 hate? I loved that movie! Way better than the first one.

Posted by blacklab

Dance off bro! You and me, let's go!

Posted by mrsmiley

What's up with the Expendables 2 hate? I loved that movie! Way better than the first one.

It is, in almost every way, and intensely more stupid movie than the first one. That said, I also love it, and I'm stoked about the final act! But yeah, some people just can't see through the "dumbness."

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@mrsmiley said:

@mooseymcman said:

What's up with the Expendables 2 hate? I loved that movie! Way better than the first one.

It is, in almost every way, and intensely more stupid movie than the first one. That said, I also love it, and I'm stoked about the final act! But yeah, some people just can't see through the "dumbness."

See, when I see someone say "more stupid," I see that as a positive for these types of movies.

Edited by LackingSaint

Kinda bummed by the indifference to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I thought it was a really intelligently done story of the development of a society, and I really appreciate how most of the time it lead more on a political angle than a "rah rah action movie" thing. It was very controlled compared to most summer tentpole releases, and considering what they COULD'VE done with the source material I thought they did a fantastic job. You almost never get summer blockbusters where both sides of a major conflict are completely reasonable, and it's commendable that they nailed that here.

Posted by mattoncybertron

I dig these alot, thanks for scraping out some time for a new one duders!

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Great to have another Box Office Bomb podcast! Thanks for the great sound quality on both voices.

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@criven: Rorie does a ton of back-end stuff for the site, so he can't appear in features a whole lot. I see him all the time on UPF, though.

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One day people will hopefully realise that Isao Takahata should not be overlooked and also made the -in my opinion- best Studio Ghibli film ever.

Posted by jackburtonme

This is the first Box Office Bomb that I have listened to. Typically, I listen to Tom Chick's podcast at Quarter to Three for my movie fix, but I really enjoyed this. There was some very good commentary and you guys have a nice rapport without agreeing on everything. I will have to add this to my list of podcasts and begin going through the back episodes. Thank you, guys!

Posted by tennesseemcvay

@rorie i think you guys missed idris elba as a potential blade which would be great

Posted by Rorie

@rorie i think you guys missed idris elba as a potential blade which would be great

Oh yeah, he'd be pretty great.

Posted by derek_davis

This is one of my favorite site features, love your insights into cinema.

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