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Edited by cyraxible

Woo! Hopefully these 2 week gestation periods result in prime podcasts.

Posted by Demoskinos

They had me at "bacon-loving twitter bots"

Posted by countinhallways

I shall listen to this and my brain will be content.

For now... D:

Posted by yoshimitz707

Woo! My new fourth favourite podcast is up!

Posted by ascholzk

2 1/2 hour 8-4 Play!! Aaaand my Friday just became more awesome.

Posted by GalacticPunt

Fuck yes, Ryan Payton. Once upon a time, the Kojima Productions Report was actually one of the most entertaining podcasts around, when he was running it.

McDonald reunited with Payton + Jesse Jackson = Victory.

Posted by jennoa

Started listening to this on the train ride to work this morning. Some great conversation about Kickstarter in there.

Posted by RetroVirus

Yay podcast!

Posted by UsbCable

Imma listen to this podcast so good....

Posted by Matterless

I am going to listen to whatever this is now.

Posted by Phatmac

damn I thought this was the bombcast when the new ticker came up. :(

Posted by kyrieee

Hardcore mode in Diablo is great. It makes the whole experience feel so much more meaningful. Yes it sucks when you die, but you will remember that death. I can still remember how all my lvl 80+ characters died in D2. At least it leaves an impression. It also gets your pulse going =)

Posted by Vexxan

It's only been a few weeks but I am already loving this podcast to the death, keep up the good work!

Posted by psylah

Looked up that Eli Hodapp guy, and he's a complete cunt.

Fuck him, and grats to Camouflaj and the Republique team.

Posted by Goblin

Oh god, that intro music! I had to look it up to confirm what it was, but damn, it's like every tone were already imprinted in my brain.

Looking forward to more Dragon's Dogma talk. After playing the demo and watching this preview stream, I am totally pumped for that game. I somehow doubt it will get much mentions on the Bombcast, and certainly not by someone who is familiar enough with Demon's/Dark Souls, White Knight Chronicles and the other games Dogma seem to take inspiration from.

Posted by Scodiac

It was great to hear Ryan Payton's follow up to the Republique kickstarter. Excited to see that game come to fruition.

Edited by Brackynews

The background pattern on this page makes me happy.

@GalacticPunt said:

Fuck yes, Ryan Payton. Once upon a time, the Kojima Productions Report was actually one of the most entertaining podcasts around, when he was running it.

Pleased to say I was actually present for one of them. ;)

Posted by Pepsiman

My god, 8-4, the only way to accurately describe the very last bit of this week's podcast is "haunting." My dreams as a native English speaker will be forever tainted.

Posted by bluefoxxy

I'm gonna listen to the shit out of this podcast

Posted by Monk

What are 8-4 staff username's on Giantbomb? would they ever post here?

Posted by MeatSim

Naturally Diablo 3 talk isn't gonna stop for nothing this week.

Posted by FlareFrenzY

there is actually a webshow where they try to tech you how to play Dota 2....you can check their video archive on the following link http://www.twitch.tv/thegdstudio the thing is the show follows 4 games; Starcraft 2, Dota 2, Blood Line Champions and Quake live......so there are not a lot of Learn to Play (the name of the segment where they try to teach the games they are following) episodes regarding Dota 2.....but the show is ongoing and new content is created on a weekly basis. Somethimes the guys tend to have a little too much fun rather than actually teach....but I haven't seen any show like this that tries to teach you how to actually play and not present to you stuff like builds for different heroes and simmilar stuff...

Posted by Sterling

"I'm a Wizard."

Posted by Slurpelve


Posted by murisan

HAHAH oh my god what the fuck is at the very end of the podcast? Oh my god, WHAT IS THIS FROM.

Posted by Encephalon

Mad Men represent

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This is probably like my 3rd favorite podcast now.

Posted by Pepsiman

@murisan said:

HAHAH oh my god what the fuck is at the very end of the podcast? Oh my god, WHAT IS THIS FROM.

Ask and you shall receive!

Posted by murisan


Posted by RaidenMitsuru

What the hell is going on? Why is this...? What?

Posted by dropabombonit

Ryan Patton is on, even more reason to listen

Posted by emem

You guys are a perfect fit for GB, keep it up.

Posted by Bamsen

@Demoskinos said:

They had me at "bacon-loving twitter bots"

They had me at Bacon :D

Edited by ludorverr

This podcast is all sorts of awesome but the lack of comments (below 100? this is much more interesting than most of the shitty Quick Looks right now) makes me wonder if people already decided to drop this podcast, hope not.

Posted by Rexicon

This has quickly become one of the more interesting podcasts I've listened to. Good job giant bomb for showing me to these guys and good job on 8-4 for being a company full of 'sweet dudes'.

Posted by pmurph

@ludorverr: I wouldn't worry too much about that, a lot of us were listening to 8-4 before GB picked them up after all, i actually made a crack about how it would be funny if giantbomb picked them up when they anounced they wouldn't be on 1up anymore. As you can probably imagine i was convinced i could read the future when the news hit.

Posted by Y2Ken

Haven't actually started listening to 8-4 yet but might have to, it comes well-recommended by a lot of people.

Posted by neato

just throwing this out there: 8-4 is better than the bombcast right now.

Posted by Enns

I've been enjoying the backlog, had no Idea Mark was still pod casting.

The gatcha stuff is interesting, a ton of free online games work with a similar model. In a majority of those cases in order to stay competitive one has to invest in it too. Pangya, S4 League, and Ragnarok Online for example all have gatcha type systems or items to gamble your real money on. I wonder if the outcome in Japan will influence companies outside of it. Probably not I guess.

Edited by Brackynews

[1:06:00] Holy crap, have they really forgotten that no you didn't download the entire Wolfenstein 3D? That no Apogee didn't mail you an unlock code? First-episode shareware couldn't be cracked, the whole thing had to be pirated off a purchased copy. That's why the model worked as well as it did, until as Payton notes, the hubris of encryption seeped into the industry. Which has proven no more difficult than black print on dark purple paper.

Also the model was due to the technical issues of distribution. I have my four Double Density Wolf 3D diskettes, and the first episode fits on one floppy. 600 kilobytes took approximately half a day to download for me in 1992, so my BBS SysOp just gave me a disk of the demo. :)

Fair enough that Mark felt embarrassed for not being certain, but... I am sometimes flabbergasted at the fundamental "trivia" professionals forget. I say forget because these guys aren't all younger than me. And 20 years wasn't that long ago. ;) Sad to compare the history of this industry to trivia.

@Monk: They do look at Giant Bomb a lot but seem to spend most of their forum time on NeoGAF.

Posted by Robot_Sneakers

I only just started listening to the podcast last week but I really like it and guess I'll start going through the backlog. Great podcast

Posted by rjayb89

Zoobie Zoo, bitches.

Posted by Zero_

Only just started listening to this now, great that GB has picked up an actual good podcast. Reminds me of 1UP years.

Posted by Zero_

Great talk on DOTA2. Interesting to hear the impression from a new DOTA player to non-DOTA players. For the most part, what he was saying was pretty spot on. The rush of the game, the struggle, the synergy of hero combinations etc. is what makes it one of the most popular games in the world (Dota1 + League of Legends + HoN + Dota2).

The Blizzard "All-Stars" moniker may seem weird to those from the outside, but in the world of DOTA it totally makes sense because the main DOTA1 map in Warcraft 3 is actually called Defence of the Ancients All-Stars (All-Stars because it combined a bunch of previous versions of DotA). Blizzard "All-Stars" was the best route for Blizzard to take to keep it being a DotA game and at the same time making more sense for the direction they're heading with the game (More casual, characters from all around the Blizzard universe).

The legal battle between Blizzard and Valve may seem like it all went to Valve and it definitely did, but an important distinction is that the original DotA game on Warcraft 3 engine is called Defence of the Ancient and its abbreviation was "DoTA". Valve side-stepped this when making Dota2 by trademarking Dota as a word and not as an abbreviation. As such, you'll see Valve market Dota2 as Dota2 or DOTA2 and never DotA.

Posted by Hef

Dotacinema and purge gamers are very good resources for learning dota. Or like starcraft I find watching well commentated pro games is probably one of the best ways you can learn the game.

Posted by MiniPato

@Pepsiman said:

@murisan said:

HAHAH oh my god what the fuck is at the very end of the podcast? Oh my god, WHAT IS THIS FROM.

Ask and you shall receive!

Goddamn! Reminds me of the RPG Maker trailer, except less enthusiasm.

Posted by Nephrahim

Man, what the heck is going on at the end?

Posted by Pepsiman

@MiniPato: "Generate your own dungeons automatically! It's almost like cheating!" I'm betting Enterbrain just found the only foreigner they have working at the company and, being unable to check whether he was actually good at English narration because that would require a second foreigner in the building, just figured he was good enough since his natural accent alone would allow him to be taken more seriously by an English speaking audience or something. And then they were kind enough to forget the part where they should have advertised the program using English version footage. It's a classy video all around and you have my thanks for the enlightenment.

@SamDrugbringer: In case you haven't done so already, look exactly one post below you and click on the first video. Your questions and then some will be answered.

Posted by Twinblade34

Awesome podcast guys, wouldn't have been aware of your existence if not for GB.

Posted by Orange_Pork

This episode should be titled "It's different when it's a game I like."

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