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Posted by OriginalYellow

I have no awareness of this game whatsoever.

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I was standing right next to Patrick while this dumptruck was being recorded. This game is really awesome, im sort of a masochist.

Posted by patrickklepek

I have no awareness of this game whatsoever.

That's what I'm here for. :)

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You're straight up dumpin'.

Posted by danlongman

Thanks for all the dumptrucks Patrick, this one (like the rest) is great!

Posted by Deusoma

This game is the exact opposite of an experience that would appeal to me, but the idea of a level generator of that complexity is intriguing to me.

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this some sort of strawberry shortcake spinoff?

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Not to sound crass, but this guy basically uses some "blaming the victim" kinda rhetoric at 01:20, that irked me the wrong way. I know the context was totally lighthearted and he otherwise sounds like a nice enough guy, pouring his heart into the game. Didn't like that so much, though. Probably unintentional.

Posted by Suits

You don't have to worry about replayability at least

Posted by Megasheep

@deadfish: I listened to what you were talking about, and I just didn't hear that at all. He was talking about how serialized video games have you do things over and over again with each new game. Breaking the cycle of doing the thing that gets you into trouble.

Posted by melodiousj

I want this game soooo badly. I've wanted it since I first heard about it, and the more I hear about it, the more I want it!

Posted by Mabui

No part of me wants this game. Part of me does though want technology like this in a non-insane setting.

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@patrickklepek: This Couldberry interview got me to put this on my radar. And now that I'm playing I'm glad this was posted. Thanks!