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Posted by Ehker

Woo woo!

Posted by alternate

Nice. Hope John makes it on to one of the GB E3 shit-fest drunkcasts :D

Posted by patrickklepek

@alternate said:

Nice. Hope John makes it on to one of the GB E3 shit-fest drunkcasts :D

Oh, he will.

Posted by Marz

look forward to some Dragon's Dogma talk.

Posted by Linkster7


Posted by crispys345


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Whoa Ben Judd? I definetly have no OBJECTION!s to that! I hope he's well.

Edit: I used to listen to Top Secret: the Bionic Commando Podcast, it was pretty great, at times.

Posted by MjHealy

I thought Ben Judd was dead! Finally we can re-live that interview the GB crew cut with him in that shower or whatever it was

Posted by Welding

I friggin' love your guys' podcast!

Great stuff!

Posted by coheno


Posted by MildMolasses

Worth listening to for all the Quad City Djs

Posted by Bishna

Opening song perfectly encapsulates my feelings.

Posted by Oginam

I love this podcast. Really unique perspectives on games and the industry. Can't believe I didn't run across them before the move to GB but I'm so glad I know of them now.

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I hope they read these comments, because I'd just like to tell them:

I've only heard the first one[your 8-4podcast], and I come back to Cpt. Horse Dick and the god damn HPYE#TR♦IN!!!

Ya'll gone and damn lost yer minds. I like.


Posted by bigsmoke77

Was it just me or did everybody do the Dance Central C'mon N ride it dance move every time they did hype train?

Posted by Robaota

I'm so glad this podcast moved here, I probably wouldn't have found out about it otherwise. My alternate universe self is worse off because of it.

Posted by TournamentOfHate


Posted by Kowalo


Posted by cloudyimpulse

Best start to a podcast ever.

Posted by big_jon

@Oginam said:

I love this podcast. Really unique perspectives on games and the industry. Can't believe I didn't run across them before the move to GB but I'm so glad I know of them now.

Alright, now the Giantbomb cast is going to have to rise up and crush them.

Posted by Nekroskop

My(now second favorite after GBC) podcast is finally here. Keep up the good work, guys.

Posted by ItBeStefYo

Can anyone timestamp Dragon's Dogma chat?

Posted by Winternet

Ben Judd is in it? I may just listen to this.

Posted by YapaPanda

Amazing podcast. E3 HYPE TRAIN!!!!

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@ItBeStefYo said:

Can anyone timestamp Dragon's Dogma chat?

from 8-4.jp

Time – Topic Discussed:

06:31 – Nintendo

23:22 – Sony

54:22 – Microsoft and News: Yakuza 5, Megaten4

1:44:35 – Games: Dragons’ Dogma, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2, Crimson Shroud

2:30:01 – Closing Comments

Very entertaining episode. Judd's demeanor throughout was pretty hilarious. You all have great guests.

Posted by HubrisRanger

This world needs more Ben Judd.

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i love this podcast now. thanks for putting it here


Posted by ThatIndianGuy7116

E3 HYPE TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by DeF

that NeoGAF hypetrain pic is just too epic :D

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That thumbnail is brilliant.


Posted by Bucketdeth

I'm glad I now have something other than Giantbomb and Joe Rogan to listen to.

E3 HYPE TRAINNNNNNNNNNN!!@@24ruj8rhuio3rhy!

Posted by Parsnip

Hey guys, FF13-2 is out everywhere already, not just Japan.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Just conquered the Civ5 world with Japan and the power of Bushido and now this. Hopefully it will be a little more laid back than that horrific final naval landing in India. Those fuckers lit up two of my embarked infantry before they even made it to the shore. It matters not, death before shame and all that.

Posted by Anwar

Saying that nobody cares about Star Wars is just ignorant and what's wrong with showing that to your kids? Weird comments all around and I'm not even a Star Wars fan.

Posted by TrafalgarLaw


Posted by D_train_lives

I'm Ridding the hell out of that train

Posted by cyraxible

This doesn't fill all of my locomotive podcasting needs but I can't wait to listen to this while clickin on stuff in D3.

Posted by countinhallways

Podcast was fantastic once again, but that ending ... truly haunting. I desperately require some mouthwash for my ears now.

And that isn't even a thing. D:

Posted by RudeCubes

mobile and social will take over gaming and literally eat your dog

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hyyyyyyyyyppppppppee trraaaaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

how could there possibly be a 3ds redesign? they have lost sooo much money on those damn things.

Posted by ChaosTony

XD @ the Paul Deen part at the end. The shit of nightmares.

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What song is that, toot toot!!!

Posted by AngelN7

First time hearing this podcast ... pretty cool totally different vibe from the Bombcast and I like it.

Posted by Oscar__Explosion


Posted by Capt_Ventris


Posted by Feikken

No thanks


Hypin for E3. Loving this podcast.

Posted by johncallahan


Posted by jonano

First time listening to this and me likey, me likey alot subbed .

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