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I'm liking the increase of interviews and their variety.

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Did they ever get to putting their logo on clothing?

Guess I will listen to find out...

Posted by AMyggen

Cool cool cool. Really liked Skulls of the Shogun, so looking forward to whatever this new game is.

Posted by soupbones

Awesome dump Patrick.


Anyway - this is easily one of my most anticipated games for next gen - huge fan of shooters, and excited to see the direction they take on the genre.

It sort of reminds me of an obscure shooter on the Dreamcast called Armada - it had the same free-roaming, open world sense - though not nearly as cool as this.

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Posted by csl316

Definitely looking forward to hearing more.

Posted by gravitypenguin

This should be interesting. I'm all for experimentation with the genre. That said I feel like "dragging into 2013" implies something being broken about the more conventional shooter formula. They may not sell gangbusters (or even get localized in many cases), but I feel games like CAVE's 360 offerings, re-releases of classic SHMUPs, etc. have all been great.

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@gravitypenguin: Yeah the title of this interview does raise eyebrows. Afterall I doubt many people would have played anything past Ikaruga in terms of modern shmups despite there being plenty of innovation in the field over the past 10 years or so.

For example it was kind of embarrassing that many gaming critics thought that Sine Mora had an "revolutionary" idea when they added a time attack style life system to a shmup despite indie Japanese shmups like Warning Forever and various ABA games (these are very well known games and not just in Shmup fan circles but in freeware/indie gaming too) doing that years before. Heck you could argue that Sanvien (for PS1) came up with that mechanic if you would lump that game with the other more traditional shooters.

That said as a big fan of the genre I am looking forward to seeing how this game turns out, I hope it's good because I do like Skulls.

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Thanks for taking the time to put this all together, Patrick. Glad this didn't go under my radar, as Far Cry with spaceships is all I could ever want. And damn, that branding really is superb...

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Didn't particularly like Skulls of the Shogun, but I can see how it would be the most perfect stepping stone for anyone who wants to get into TBS. Masterfully made, just a bit too simplistic for me (not that I'm a huge tbs player or anything, I just needed "more")

Looking forward to playing this. The devs have proven that they can dish out high quality stuff.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

"Dragging the SHMUP in front of people who haven't played on since Ikaruga"

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Jake comes across as a respectable fellow, and hard-working as hell. Thanks for the chat Patrick!

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Galak-Z looks pretty fucking good, watched gameplay for the entirety of this interview.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

You know, I didn't know much about this guy going into the interview. I had seen Skulls of the Shogun before and thought it looked great, but never did get around to playing it.
However, after listening to the interview, I now have the utmost respect for Mr. Kazdal. His design philosophies echo what I always subconsciously love about games... especially all of those classic games.

He seems to not only want to bring the graphical styles of those games back, but also those design philosophies, which I find to be much more exciting than basically all of the other so-called "old school" stylized games on the market. I don't think I could BE much more pumped for Galak-Z.

Also, as soon as I saw that screenshot, it reminded me of Turrican on the Genesis.
This is a good thing.

Posted by development

Well this certainly sounds promising.

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Saw some video from PAX, so it's nice to see the stuff he describes in action. Looks very cool.

Posted by AddyMac

According to the developer, it's not a shmup, but a one-stick shooter, like Asteroids or Altitude.

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