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That image on the podcast...is magic!

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Is that the eleventh Doctor riding a Monster Hunter thingie?

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Great ending.

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Aw yiss!

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Gaijin hunter is amazing. Props!

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"Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Persona 5, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin,"

Sign me up!

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I approve of this podcast image

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Great way to end my work day thanks!

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Great cast! Had no idea about Gaijin Hunter! New subscriber for ya. Great ep as always.

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Yay, Persona 5 talk :D

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What's the Google they use in Japan? Dorito I can't make it out every time I hear them say it

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@cky4890 said:

What's the Google they use in Japan? Dorito I can't make it out every time I hear them say it

It's just a running joke calling back to Dorito Pope.

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@cky4890: dorito it: https://twitter.com/ryanodonnell/status/289932490993434624

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Grabbed this episode because of monster hunter + gaijinhunter, looking forward to it after seeing the tutorials on charge blade and the subsequent linked video on the real power of the charge blade.

edit: hooked, great podcast

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Great episode, guys. Also, that is a fantastic real life photograph of Matt Smith.

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Dammit, you're getting me interested in Monster Hunter.

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God damn it Tyrone.

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I'm ready for some more Gaijinhinter next week.

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Goodluck in Japan anime lover!

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MH4U is really dope.

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The 8-4 bi-weekly goodness is everything a podcast should be, high energy, interesting guests, a good length, a foreign perspective and a great crew.