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Posted by Hassun

Still unsure about Tri Force Heroes.

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Posted by eddiephlash

The demo was more fun than I expected. I just don't know if the full version has enough content to be worth it.

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Posted by AMyggen
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Edited by The_Spaz_Rises

Man, news has been slim all over. Also I always sold my games after I was done with them. PC is a different story.

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Posted by ArbitraryWater

I feel like this podcast needs a "Time to Mark shoehorning in Destiny talk" statistic for every episode.

I don't mean this as a slight against Destiny (which I like well enough), but more that Mark essentially monologues about a game no one else in the room cares about for 5 to 10 minutes every episode and there's something slightly depressing about that.

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Posted by datarez

@arbitrarywater: Haha, I love the "NO NO NO NO" when he tried to start with the microtransaction news. I get bored Destiny talk as well but I enjoy him putting it in every podcast as a running joke more now.

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Posted by Naoiko

I'm going to wait on Tri force heroes.

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Posted by Chicken008
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Posted by Chango

Woo hoo!

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Posted by OnionKnight14

You guys are awesome! Keep up the great podcasts.

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Posted by squidracerX

I really always wanted to play Captain Rainbow, i cant read Japanese though....

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Posted by Mr_Creeper

I've been trying to catch up on these, but for some reason they keep abruptly stopping for me at random times.