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Giant Bomb: Website of the Year 2013

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Who made the funky tunes for the intro/outro?

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2:17:48 of amazing about to happen

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Luchadeer has some cool 80's glasses.

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I love that logo!

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Anyone know when the Best Story talk ends? Trying to finish Last of Us before the final GOTY discussion, but it probably won't happen!

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Happy Christmas Eve!

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I second the request to avoid Last of Us spoilers. Could some give the gift of a post- Best Story timestamp today?

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That logo!!!!

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every year I try to listen to best story discussion while being terrified of spoilers, I think Ill skip this one, (unless someone nice makes spoiler timestamps).

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I just started playing Far Cry: Blood Dragon. That logo is hella Blood Dragon.

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Been counting the hours until Day Two podcast would pop up and it's finally here.

Looking forward to listen to it.

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logo is too swag

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Vinny, the big softie, returning to his Bombcast defense of game stories. I liked that Brad got to the heart of it, as I didn't understand that defense the first time. Recontextualized, it makes a lot more sense, though ultimately I agree with Brad and Jeff on the matter. Games have the potential to connect more, just like say visual media vs the written word, but ultimately being an older, more traveled one provides a maturity that has yet to be consistently reached otherwise.

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Oh Patrick...

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@ch3burashka: I played through it last week, hell of a fun S Rank!

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Man, it blows my mind sometimes how much I disagree with Patrick.

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"You expected a suicide and didn't get it" - Brad Shoemaker

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@erhard: I've been there many times. I love Patrick...but sometimes, not particularly this time, how he argues with people and responds sometimes would make my blood boil lol. Brad can do that at times when he's tired near the end of the podcast.

I would say that Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs was one of my big disappointments of 2013. Not only was it subpar in every way to the original but Outlast did everything better.

Battlefield is not really that broken, at least in terms of being on a disappointment list. Dead Space 3, at certain points, can BREAK because of the save system and how it handles checkpoints. I am not sure why some people...especially two in general...are so anti-Battlefield. After comments on the last podcast and now this one I feel as if there is some odd anti-Battlefield sentiments on the podcast. I am 50 hours into Battlefield 4...the problems are smaller and don't effect most people.

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smooth jazz intro of the year 2013.

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Real shame you guys didn't get into Etrian Odyssey 4… that game had absolutely fantastic music.

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no Rising on best music what is this

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every year I try to listen to best story discussion while being terrified of spoilers, I think Ill skip this one, (unless someone nice makes spoiler timestamps).

For those who care, they transition to Best Music at ~45:00.

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Jesus Patrick...

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I love how Patrick blasts Infinite for having a rote sci-fi story he's 'seen a million times', and then in the next breath praises Last of Us. That total lack of self-reflexivity is one of Patrick's most hilarious traits though, so I can't fault him *to* much. :D

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Does the podcast like kinda skip for anyone else a little before the 24min mark? Or is that just some awkward edit?

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What is happening? In the middle of the music talk it starts the story stuff over. Is this happening to anyone else?

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no Rising on best music what is this

I know right?!

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It sucks that Payday 2 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon weren't even mentioned for best music:

It's not surprising that Payday 2 wasn't mentioned considering Jeff shitted on it but Blood Dragon? Man, it really deserved some recognition.

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From the comments I have a feeling I'm gonna be angry at Patrick.

Bioshock Infinite should have gotten best story.

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"Best Character" is where Stanley Parable fits, not best story. Disembodied narrator for character of the year.

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Michael Bay Presents Bioshock Infinite.

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From the comments I have a feeling I'm gonna be angry at Patrick.

Bioshock Infinite should have gotten best story.

What he says isnt even that controversial. Jeff's assessments of game stories as a whole, which I agree with entirely, is the only provocative thing out of that discussion I thought.

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Disappointed Risk of Rain didn't get at least runner-up in best music. That is my favorite soundtrack of the year! So, so, so good, even if you don't even play the game.

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I kinda enjoyed the music in Remember Me:

I feel I'm bringing that game up too much, but it don't want it to be forgotten.

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Oh wow i REALLY need to finish Dead Space 3.

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Not even a mention of Blood Dragon in best music?

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Thanks to all who noted the end of best story discussion.

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I don't like the cutoff that happened at the end of the argument between Jeff and Vinny about how game stories compare to other stories. I felt like they were really getting somewhere in terms of defining their specific feelings on the debate and then it just kind of stopped

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HOLY SHIT, they dismissed the hell out of Last of Us' soundtrack. That score is AMAZING, easily #1 and 2 are that and Bioshock with GTA in 3rd (don't own Nintendo products).