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I am not sure why I enjoy these.

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Jeff's radio voice makes me happier than it probably should. He should spend a whole Bombcast talking like that.

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this is pretty cool

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Hey this is a pretty neat little thing Jeff. Keep up your awesome work.

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More proof that Jeff Gerstmann is an actual CBS employee and not just a Letterman groupie.

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Has anyone told Jeff that he should try a career in radio?

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This is going right after my 60-second science, earth , mind and tech podcast line up. Thanks Jeff!

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Jeff's Gaming Minute is sort of making me want to listen to radio. I do mean "sort of".

Great stuff.

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Jeff needs his own podcast, combine the jars with this = awesome.

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How have I managed to completely miss these?

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This is probably one of the most Professional sounding features I've seen from the site and it is only a minute long. Great Stuff Jeff!

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How have I managed to completely miss these?


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Wait wait wait! Is this used on an actual radio?

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@namesonkel: I don't know, but I have missed them also. This is the first I've seen. When I usually cursor over the podcasts tab I've never noticed that this and the Interview one were there until now.

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@zevvion: They haven't been posted previously. They needed the site redesign to do multiple podcasts like this.

Jeff's talked about it on the Bombcast since pretty much right after the CBS acquisition, though, and I believe they've been posted wherever the rest of the CBS radio stuff exists.

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Jeff's domination of radio airwaves continues.

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Jeff's radio voice brings a smile to my face :)

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Surprisingly well produced.